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Miaoli City

County-controlled city
Taiwan National United University in Miaoli
Taiwan National United University in Miaoli
Location of Miaoli
Country  Republic of China
County Miaoli County
 • Mayor Chiu Ping-kun (邱炳坤)
 • Total 37.8872 km2 (14.6283 sq mi)
Population (December 2014)
 • Total 90,963
Miaoli City
Chinese 苗栗市

Miaoli City (Chinese: 苗栗市) is a county-controlled city and the county seat of Miaoli County, Taiwan. Its name Miaoli was coined using two Hakka words, cat (貓) and city (裡), which phonetically approximate Pali (Bari) from the Taokas language. Miaoli has a relatively high percentage of Hakka people. It had the second highest residential price and the highest commercial price for land in Miaoli County as of 2004, at NT$28,601 per square meter and NT$63,317 per square meter, respectively.[1]


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Empire of Japan

Miaoli Hsien was at first eliminated under Japanese rule. Bioritsu/Byōritsu Cho (苗栗廳) was established in 1901. It was then divided over Shinchiku Chō (新竹廳) and Taichū Chō (臺中廳) in 1909. From 1920 to 1945, Byōritsu Town (苗栗街), Enri Town (苑裡街) and six villages were under the jurisdiction of Byōritsu District (苗栗郡), under Shinchiku Prefecture.

Republic of China

On 16 August 1950, Miaoli City (then Miaoli Township) was designed as the county seat of the newly established Miaoli County. On 25 December 1981, Miaoli Township was upgraded from township to a county-controlled city as Miaoli City.


As of 2014, the population of Miaoli City is 90,963.

Administrative divisions

Zhongmiao Village, Jingmiao Village, Weixiang Village, Weixin Village, Yuqing Village, Yuhua Village, Lumiao Village, Gaomiao Village, Xinmiao Village, Yumiao Village, Datong Village, Gongjing Village, Shuiyuan Village, Shengli Village, Qinghua Village, Shangmiao Village, Beimiao Village, Jiacheng Village, Fuxing Village, Fuan Village, Jiaxin Village, Jiangong Village, Fuli Village, Wenshan Village, Wensheng Village, Xinchuan Village, Nanshi Village and Xinying Village.[2]

Government institutions


Tourist attractions


See also


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External links

  • Miaoli City Office
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