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Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Afghanistan)

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Title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Afghanistan)  
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Subject: Zalmai Rassoul, Hafizullah Amin, Abdullah Abdullah, Babrak Karmal, Rangin Dadfar Spanta
Collection: Foreign Affairs Ministries, Foreign Relations of Afghanistan, Government Ministries of Afghanistan
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Afghanistan)

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Ahmad Moqbel Zarar

since 29 October 2013
Appointer President of Afghanistan
Term length Five years, renewable
Website Official Website Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MFA - (Persian: وزارت خارجه افغانستانPashto: د افغانستان د بهرنیو چارو وزارت‎) is the Government of Afghanistan Cabinet officer responsible for managing the Foreign relations of Afghanistan.[1]


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Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan

Date Name Notes
1907 - 1917 Mirza Ghulam Mohammad Mir Munsi (died after 1929)
1917 - 1919 Sardar Mohammed Aziz Khan (* 1875 in Dehradu; assassinated June 6, 1933 in Berlin), 1930 Minister to Moscow 1932 Minister to Berlin.
1919 - 1922 Tarzi, MahmudMahmud Tarzi (1st time) (b. 1865 - d. 1933)
1922 - 1924 Mohammad Wali Khan Darwazi (1st time) (died 1933)
1924 Sardar Shir Ahmad (acting) (b. 1885)
1924 - 1927 Tarzi, MahmudMahmud Tarzi (2nd time)
1927 Ghulam Siddiq Khan Charkhi (1st time) (acting) (b. 1894 - d. 1962)
1927 - 1928 Mohammad Wali Khan Darwazi (2nd time) (acting)
1928 - 1929 Ghulam Siddiq Khan Charkhi (2nd time)
1929 Ata al-Haq
1929 Mohammad Wali Khan Darwazi (3rd time) (acting)
1929 Ali Mohammad Khan (1st time) (acting) (b. 1891 - d. 1977)
1929-1938 Zikeria, Faiz Muhammad KhanFaiz Muhammad Khan Zikeria
1938-1953 Ali Mohammed Khan, Afghan politician, born 1891 educated Habibia College in Kabul, 1922: Inspector of Schools, 1924: Viceminister of Education, 1926-1927: Minister to Rome, 1928 Minister of Commerce, 1929 Minister of Education and Acting Foreign Minister, 1947-1953: Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1953-1963: Deputy Prime minister 1963: Minister of Court.
1953-1953 Sultan Ahmed Sherzai
1953-1963 Mohammed Naim Khan Sardar Muhammad Naim Khan (born 1911 in Kabul at the Presidential Palace; died 27 April 1978, bur. De Sabz), youngest son of Khurshid Begum and Sardar Mohammed Aziz Khan. Mohammed Naim Khan was a brother of Mohammed Daoud Khan.
1962-1962 Ali Mohammed Khan Acting Foreign Minister during an absence of Mohammed Naim Khan
1963-1965 Yusuf (prime minister), MohammadMohammad Yusuf (prime minister) While simultaneously serving as Prime Minister of Afghanistan
1965-1967 Etemadi, Mohammad Nur AhmadMohammad Nur Ahmad Etemadi
1967-1971 Etemadi, Mohammad Nur AhmadMohammad Nur Ahmad Etemadi While simultaneously serving as Prime Minister of Afghanistan
1971-1972 Musa Shafiq, MohammadMohammad Musa Shafiq
1972-1972 Musa Shafiq, MohammadMohammad Musa Shafiq While simultaneously serving as Prime Minister of Afghanistan
1972-1978 Daoud Khan, MohammedMohammed Daoud Khan While simultaneously serving as President of Afghanistan
1978–1979 Hafizullah Amin
1979 Shah Wali
1979–1986 Shah Mohamad Dost
1986–1992 Mohammad Abdul Wakil
1992–1994 Hidayat Amin Arsala
1994-1996 Najibullah Lafraie
1996-1997 Abdul Rahim Ghafoorzai Islamic State of Afghanistan - Northern Alliance
1996-1997 Mullah Mohammad Ghous Taliban
1997-1998 Mullah Abdul Jalil
1998-1999 Mullah Mohammad Hassan
1999-October 2001 Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil Last Taliban Foreign Minister. Reported to have tried to warn the U.S. government of the upcoming al Qaeda September 11 attacks in 2001.
October 2001-March 22, 2005 Abdullah Abdullah Appointed by President Hamid Karzai
April 20, 2005–January 18, 2010 Rangin Dadfar Spanta Appointed by President Hamid Karzai.[1]
January 18, 2010–October 28, 2013 Zalmai Rassoul Appointed by President Hamid Karzai.
October 28, 2013 – present Ahmad Moqbel Zarar Appointed by President Hamid Karzai.

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  1. ^ a b The current ministry was created in 2005. "Official site".  

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  • Official Website Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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