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Ministry of National Education (Romania)

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Title: Ministry of National Education (Romania)  
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Subject: Government of Romania, Agora University, Ministry of National Education
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Ministry of National Education (Romania)

Ministry of National Education
Coat of arms of Romania
Remus Pricopie (PSD)

since 21 December 2012
First holder Spiru Haret

The Ministry of National Education (Romanian: Ministerul Educației Naționale) is one of the ministries of the Government of Romania.

On May 7, 2012, Ioan Mang, Senator of the PSD was appointed Minister of Education. On 10 May 2012 he was accused of plagiarism on many of his academic papers[1] and he resigned on 15 May 2012[2] due to those plagiarism allegations. Liviu Marian Pop, the current Minister Delegate for Social Dialog, was appointed as temporary minister.

Former names of the Ministry

Over the years the Ministry changed its title. Initially it was called Ministry of Religion and Public Instruction (Romanian: Ministerul Religiei și Instrucțiunii Publice), then Ministry of Public Instruction (Romanian: Ministerul Instrucţiunii Publice), then it changed to Ministry of Teaching (Romanian: Ministerul Învǎțǎmântului), Ministry of Teaching and Science (Romanian: Ministerul Învǎțǎmântului și Științei), than changed back to Ministry of Teaching (Romanian: Ministerul Învǎțǎmântului). When Andrei Marga became Minister, it introduced the largest reform measures, starting with the name of the institution: Ministry of National Education (Romanian: Ministerul Educației Naționale). In 2000 the name was changed to Ministry of Education and Research (Romanian: Ministerul Educației și Cercetǎrii). This title was kept until April 2007, when it changed to Ministry of Education, Research and Youth (Romanian: Ministerul Educației, Cercetǎrii și Tineretului). Since December 2012 the title is Ministry of National Education (Romanian: Ministerul Educației Naționale).


Since 1989

Minister Title No. Name Term start Term end Party Cabinet
Minister of Teaching 1 Mihai Șora December 1989 June 1990 none Roman I
Minister of Teaching and Science 2 Gheorghe Ştefan June 1990 October 1991 FSN Roman II
Roman III
3 Mihail Golu October 1991 November 1992 FSN Stolojan I
Minister of Teaching 4 Liviu Maior November 1992 December 1996 PDSR Văcăroiu
5 Virgil Petrescu December 1996 December 1997 PNȚ-CD Ciorbea I
Minister of National Education 6 Andrei Marga December 1997 December 2000 PNȚ-CD Ciorbea I
Vasile I
Isărescu I
Minister of Education and Research 8 Ecaterina Andronescu December 2000 June 2003 PDSR/PSD Năstase I
9 Alexandru Athanasiu June 2003 December 2004 PSD
10 Mircea Miclea December 2004 August 22, 2005 PD Tăriceanu I
11 Mihail Hărdău August 22, 2005 April 2007 PD
Ministry of Education, Research and Youth 12 Cristian Adomniței 5 April 2007 8 October 2008 PNL Tăriceanu II
13 Anton Anton 8 October 2008 22 December 2008 PNL
Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation (8) Ecaterina Andronescu 22 December 2008 1 October 2009 PSD Boc I
- Emil Boc 1 October 2009 23 December 2009 PD-L
Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport 14 Daniel Funeriu 23 December 2009 9 February 2012 PD-L Boc II
15 Cătălin Baba 9 February 2012 7 May 2012 PD-L Ungureanu I
16 Ioan Mang 7 May 2012 15 May 2012 PSD Ponta I
- Liviu Pop 15 May 2012 2 June 2012 Ind.
(8) Ecaterina Andronescu 2 June 2012 21 December 2012 PSD
Minister of National Education 17 Remus Pricopie 21 December 2012 PSD Ponta II

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