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Minor government agents in 24

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Title: Minor government agents in 24  
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Subject: The Rookie (web series), Allison Taylor, Tom Lennox, Mandy (24 character), Audrey Raines
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Minor government agents in 24

Minor characters (government agents) in 24 is a list of employees of the United States government organization called CTU and FBI on the fictional television series 24. The entries below are characters who have had an arguably minor impact or short duration of exposure during the series' run.

24: Season 1

  • Scott Baylor (portrayed by Scott Denny) is an analyst who investigates a plot to assassinate Senator David Palmer. Fearing for his life and family, he is initially reluctant to continue working but he decides to stay. He is killed by an assassin's bullet shortly after.
  • Jamey Farrell (portrayed by Karina Arroyave) is a CTU analyst trusted by Jack Bauer but is actually a spy working for Ira Gaines. She betrays Teri Bauer, allowing Gaines' men to capture her. When Tony Almeida learns that she is a mole, she is arrested and Bauer instructs them to use her son, Kyle as leverage. It is revealed via a video feed that she was killed by Nina Myers who made it look like a suicide. She is survived by her son and mother.
  • George Mason (portrayed by Xander Berkeley) is the second director of CTU. His role is mainly an administrative role, but he is blackmailed by Jack Bauer (for his involvement in having illegal money in a previous case). Mason is responsible for arresting Bauer and discovering Alan York's body. Mason is responsible for the operations to try and rescue Bauer's family and prevent the plot against David Palmer.
  • Teddy Hanlin (portrayed by Kirk Baltz) is a sniper working for CTU. He holds a grudge against Jack Bauer after he arrested his partner, Seth Campbell, for taking bribes.
  • Ted Paulson (portrayed by Kevin Ramsey) protects Teri and Kim Bauer while they are at a CTU safe house. When he notices that one of the other agents was not at his position, Paulson becomes wary and looks around. He then sees an intruder, Jovan Myovic. However, it's a trap; when Paulson aims his weapon at Myovic, another shooter, named Mishko Suba, comes at him from behind and stabs him. Following the stabbing, Paulson makes a last stand and kills Suba, although it is later revealed that he died several hours later from gunshot wounds by Myovic.
  • Richard Walsh (portrayed by Michael O'Neill) is the Regional District Manager of CTU. When he learns of the threat to Senator David Palmer, he briefs the Los Angeles CTU and then pulls Jack Bauer aside to explain that he believes a mole has infiltrated the agency. Walsh goes downtown to meet Scott Baylor, who gives him a key card containing information about the CTU mole. Shortly afterwards, Walsh and Baylor are ambushed and shot. Baylor is killed, and Walsh is seriously injured. Walsh then calls Bauer for help. The two manage to almost escape before being stopped by a sniper when Walsh is hit. He tells Jack to give the card to Jamey and tosses it to him before he is shot dead. Jack is blamed for it as he was present during that time and later on it was clarified.

24: Season 2

  • Brad Hammond (portrayed by Randle Mell) comes to CTU after it suffers from a bombing. He accuses Tony Almeida of helping Jack Bauer against Division orders and during Day 3, he returns to arrest Tony for helping Stephen Saunders escape.
  • Paula Schaeffer (portrayed by Sara Gilbert) is a computer programmer who performs several data processing and file alterations during the first hours of the day, assisting Jack Bauer in undercover work. She encrypts all of CTU's intelligence on a nuclear threat. She eventually dies from injuries sustained when CTU was bombed.
  • Carrie Turner (portrayed by Lourdes Benedicto) is Michelle Dessler's former friend, whose involvement with Michelle's brother Danny contributed to the end of his marriage. She comes to CTU to replace Paula Schaeffer, and attempts to blackmail Tony Almeida into a promotion.
  • George Mason (portrayed by Xander Berkeley) During Hour 2, Mason originally tries to escape to an area outside of a potential attack site, but during a gun fight is exposed to lethal levels of plutonium and is told that he has little more than a day to live. He kept his condition secret and managed to continue to function as head of CTU for a while, but after he started to have seizures, Mason was forced to step down. When Jack Bauer volunteered to pilot a plane containing a nuclear bomb so it could detonate safely over the Mojave Desert, Mason surreptitiously boarded the plane and was able to convince Jack to let him crash the plane by reminding Jack that he still has a life to live. Mason tells Jack that to be a real hero, he needs to fix the estrangement between him and Kim and continue to serve his country. He and Jack say goodbye before Jack parachutes out of the plane. Mason crashes the plane shortly after, detonating the bomb safely.

24: The Game

  • Chase Edmunds (portrayed by James Badge Dale) Edmunds originally appears as a field agent of the Washington D.C branch of CTU and is a playable character throughout the game. Afterwards he is transferred to CTU Los Angeles. During Season 3 Edmunds is Bauer's partner and is in a relationship with Bauer's daughter Kim. It is also revealed that Edmunds has a daughter from a previous relationship. During the final episode Edmunds attaches a dispersion device to his arm to prevent Arthur Rabens from escaping with it. At Edmunds' insistence, Bauer severs Edmunds hand with an axe and places the device inside a fridge, sealing the chemical inside. During the final scenes Edmunds is shown having the hand surgically re-attached. In later seasons it is mentioned that he and Kim left CTU to start a new life together, although they split up after Jack was presumed to have died.
  • Sean Walker (voiced by Danny Cooksey) is a character in 24: The Game. Other than being personally trained by Michelle Dessler, no extensive background is given for Walker. During the course of the game, Walker helps Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida provide a last known address for Robert Daniels, performing satellite scans for snipers, and decrypting a PDA found by Bauer. Walker is executed while CTU is held hostage by Peter Madsen.

24: Season 3

  • Adam Kaufman, played by Zachary Quinto, first appears in 24: The Game when he is brought into CTU as an analyst. He assists CTU by cracking several codes, extracting files, and locating the site where terrorists have planted a bomb. He develops an adversarial relationship with Chloe O'Brian in the third season because Chloe thinks he cannot work with women due to his abrasive personality. He is personally shaken when he learns that his sister is infected by the Cordilla virus, which kills anyone who contracts it.
  • Gael Ortega, played by Jesse Borrego, is an experienced intelligence agent. Though at one point thought to be an enemy mole, he was revealed to have been working with Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida to coordinate an elaborate sting operation in which Jack would infiltrate the Salazar's operation and gain their trust by breaking Ramon out of prison. Their goal is to locate the deadly Cordilla virus. Although that mission partly succeeds, the virus is released in a hotel, despite Ortega being seconds from disabling the device. Ortega, along with most of the hotel's occupants, is infected and dies within hours. While Gael's wife Theresa was collecting his personal belongings at CTU she spotted Stephen Saunders, the man responsible for unleashing the virus, and shot him dead.
  • Eric Richards (portrayed by Butch Klein) is an interrogator who interrogates Nina Myers and Audrey Raines's brother Richard Heller. In season 4, he uses a taser on Sarah Gavin when Marianne Taylor frames her as a mole.

24: Season 4

  • Erin Driscoll (portrayed by Alberta Watson) is the new Director of CTU Los Angeles at the start of Day 4. She first appears in the Prequel to Season 4 when she takes over as CTU Director and fires Jack Bauer from his position as Director of Field Operations, due to his heroin addiction. She offers to help Jack find another job, but he turns her down. She reinstates Jack on a temporary basis during Day 4 after the new head of Field Ops is killed by a terrorist. She has a mentally ill daughter named Maya, who suffers from schizophrenia. Driscoll brings Maya in to the CTU clinic to be treated after an incident involving her neighbor. While Driscoll is managing the crisis of the nuclear reactors, Maya commits suicide by slitting her wrists. Following Maya's death, Driscoll tries to carry on working, but is distracted, nearly fainting at one point. Secretary Heller persuades her to go home and rest, which she does, after handing command of CTU over to Tony Almeida.
  • Howard Bern (portrayed by Robert Cicchini) is a field agent who is part of a covert operation led by Jack Bauer to extract Lee Jong, an associate of the terrorist Habib Marwan. Bern's face is identified on camera, and he is apprehended by the Chinese. Faced with the possibility of spending the rest of his life in a Chinese labor camp, Bern reluctantly implicates Bauer as the leader of the operation.
  • Lee Castle (portrayed by Cameron Bancroft) is a field agent during Day 4. He is first seen after former agent Tony Almeida returns to work at CTU on a temporary basis. He is depicted as a competent agent throughout the day and is present when CTU raids a nightclub holding Habib Marwan. Castle is shot and killed by Mandy, a villain from Days 1 and 2.
  • Sarah Gavin (portrayed by Lana Parrilla) is an analyst at CTU, working closely with Chloe O'Brian and Edgar Stiles. Colleague Marianne Taylor fabricates evidence suggesting Sarah is a mole. Sarah is accused and tortured. When the truth emerges Sarah demands promotion and that the record of her detention be removed from her file. When Driscoll resigns after her daughter's suicide, Sarah makes the same demand to Michelle Dessler. Michelle decides that Sarah is more concerned with her personal disputes than her job during a national crisis and relieves her of her duties.
  • Ronnie Lobell (portrayed by Shawn Doyle) is the Director of Field Operations at the start of Day 4. He is killed after being shot by Kalil Hasan.
  • Edgar Stiles (portrayed by Louis Lombardi) was a CTU computer analyst. Stiles was the main person responsible for preventing the nuclear meltdown across the United States from occurring in Season 4, despite knowing that his mother had been killed during one of the meltdowns. Afterwards he is promoted to head of CTU analysis after Chloe is demoted. During Season 5 Stiles is killed in a nerve gas attack on CTU by Bierko. He was given a silent clock at the end of the episode in which he died.
  • Marianne Taylor (played by Aisha Tyler) is a CTU consultant who is involved in a terrorist plot. Marianne had been in relationship with Curtis Manning, who ended the relationship after learning that she is using the relationship for her career. She blackmails her co-workers after learning that they are helping Jack to gain information. After a plot to kill Jack and Audrey fails, she plants false evidence to scapegoat other agents. However, Edgar Stiles intercepts information on her computer. In exchange for her life, she agrees to retrieve data from the terrorists, but she is shot dead when the perpetrators attack the office where the data is located.

24: Season 5

  • Lynn McGill (portrayed by Sean Astin) is sent by division to become the new Director of CTU-LA, arriving during the fourth hour of the season. Though his support proves crucial in helping deter CTU forces from rushing into an ambush, he quickly begins to assert authority over the department, causing ill will amongst his forces. After he arrests Buchanan, he is removed from command by Curtis Manning on grounds of being mentally unfit for duty. Shortly before these events, he was contacted by his sister, who is in drug rehab and needs financial support. Her boyfriend takes the opportunity to mug Lynn, stealing his key card, which is thereafter used by the Dawn Brigade terrorist Ostroff to break into CTU for an attack with Sentox nerve gas. Though McGill and CTU guard Harry Swinton are protected from the gas in an isolated holding cell, they agree to risk death by leaving the cell and turning on the ventilation system in the hopes of saving all remaining personnel. They succeed, but at the cost of their lives.
  • Carrie Bendis (portrayed by Danielle Burgio) is an agent who has a verbal spat with McGill shortly after he takes control of CTU. She discovers a breach in the ventilation system software during a system check. Reporting her findings to Edgar Stiles, he instructs her to investigate the anomaly. Once she enters the ventilation control room, a Dawn Brigade terrorist named Ostroff murders her.
  • Spenser Wolff (portrayed by Jonah Lotan) is an analyst and covert government operative who has an affair with Chloe O'Brian. He secretly works for the White House under Walt Cummings, but his role is exposed after accessing sensitive files.
  • Miles Papazian (played by Stephen Spinella) works for the Department of Homeland Security who sends him to CTU to smoothly transition new workers to replace the remaining staff following a terrorist attack. Working with Karen Hayes, the two quickly usurp control of CTU from Bill Buchanan. Miles unquestioningly follows orders from Charles Logan, who wants Jack Bauer arrested. Miles is responsible for wiping the recording implicating Logan for his involvement in the terrorist activities that day and as such is offered a White House job by Logan. However, Logan was arrested and forced to resign from office before Papazian could take up his position.
  • Shari Rothenberg (portrayed by Kate Mara) is an analyst. During an attack using dispersion of Sentox nerve agent through natural gas, she prevents the gas from escaping into 90,000 homes because she knows that the pressure within the pipes would have to be lowered before releasing the Sentox into the supply. She is later detained for allowing Chloe O'Brian to escape from CTU custody. In a previous posting, she accused Miles Papazian of sexual harassment, although it is revealed that she has a habit of overreacting to interactions with her male colleagues.
  • Harry Swinton (portrayed by Peter Asle Holden) is a security officer who is trapped in a holding cell with Lynn McGill. During the Sentox nerve gas attack, Swinton and McGill are protected in an enclosed room. They decide to sacrifice their lives to disable a program interfering with the ventilation system, which requires them to expose themselves to the gas.

24: Season 6

  • Hal Turner (portrayed by James C. Victor) is a field agent working for CTU Los Angeles during Day 6. He was trained by Bill Buchanan and works with Jack Bauer, Mike Doyle and Agent Ryan over the course of the day.
  • Agent Ryan (portrayed by Alexis Cassar) is a field agent who worked with CTU Los Angeles during the events of Day 6. He works closely with Jack Bauer, Mike Doyle and Hal Turner over the course of the day. Ryan is in charge of his own TAC unit.
  • Mike Doyle (Portrayed by Rick Schroder) Doyle is portrayed as by-the-book, rigid, and "consumed by his work". Doyle is brought in to replace Curtis Manning as Director of Field Operations; like many Field Ops directors before him, he clashes with Jack early on but gradually learns to trust him. He is sent to exchange Josh Bauer for the Russian circuit board possessed by Phillip Bauer, but it turns out to be a double cross and the component explodes in his face, allowing Phillip's men to seize Josh without giving up the real one. Jack reports that Doyle has sustained damage to his eyes, although the season closes without mentioning him again.

24: Season 7

In Season 7 due to CTU being disbanded, the FBI instead takes on the task of dealing with the terrorists.

  • Larry Moss, played by Jeffrey Nordling, is the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI's Washington Field Office during Day 7. Larry Moss and his subordinates, including Agent Renee Walker, investigate a string of technology thefts carried out by an underground group. Agent Moss has doubts that Agent Walker's desire to bring in Jack Bauer for questioning will produce results. He doesn't like Jack's methods and constantly criticizes him, but ultimately comes to understand him. He leads the team that retakes the White House, and later captures members of Starkwood. He and Tony follow a terrorist who has the last canister of a biological weapon, where they are engaged in a firefight. He is shot in the ribcage twice before he is suffocated to death by Tony Almeida.
  • Sean Hillinger, played by Rhys Coiro, is an FBI analyst secretly working for Dubaku. He has a rapport with co-worker Janis, who unintentionally cleans his slate between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM, and he assists her in spying on Chloe. Between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM he and co-conspirator and fellow FBI agent Erika plan to crash the FBI servers to erase Dubaku's traitor list on which they will both be named. Erika successfully restarts the server, however Sean kills her and shoots himself in the shoulder to maintain his cover and frame Erika as the only traitor. However Chloe had another copy of the data which reveals Sean as a traitor, and he is quickly arrested by Larry Moss.
  • Erika, played by Ever Carradine, is an FBI agent. She works with Sean Hillinger, with whom she is conducting an affair. Like Sean she is secretly assisting Ik√© Dubaku. She is shot and killed by Sean.
  • Janis Gold, played by Janeane Garofalo, is a government agent working for the FBI during the events of Day 7, working as technical analyst. She played a role in many minor events, including exposing Sean Hillinger as a mole in the department. She had a romantic relationship with agent Larry Moss and did not work well with former CTU analyst, Chloe O'Brian.

24: Season 8

  • Arlo Glass played by John Boyd. Arlo is a CTU Analyst. He works with Chloe and Dana during the first part of the day and helps Chloe with finding Jack towards the end of the Day.
  • Brian Hastings played by Mykelti Williamson. Hastings is the director of CTU New York in season 8. He is shown to have an uneasy relationship with Chloe O'Brian, rejecting her belief arrested journalist Meredith Reed was innocent, though when she was proved right, he admitted his mistake in not trusting her. Hastings also authorized Renee Walker to go back undercover in the Russian mob in the hopes of locating the missing nuclear rods, despite Jack's protests. In the shake-up of CTU which followed the numerous mistakes made during the day, in particular the failure to prevent the murder of President Omar Hassan and his recruitment of Dana Walsh, who turned out to be a Russian spy, he was demoted and replaced by O'Brian.
  • Cole Ortiz - played by Freddie Prinze, Jr.. Cole was the Director of Field Operations for CTU New York . Cole was in a relationship with CTU chief data analyst Dana Walsh and the two were engaged to be married. He headed several field operations for the agency, but also covered up the shootings of two criminals in an effort to protect Dana. When he discovered that Dana was a mole, he was devastated by her betrayal.
  • Dana Walsh played by Katee Sackhoff. Dana is introduced as a competent and highly regarded analyst at CTU New York, and the fiancee of Cole Ortiz. As the season unfolds it emerges she has a hidden criminal past, which her ex-boyfriend Kevin is using to blackmail her. He and his criminal friend force her to help them steal $120,000 from a police lock-up by providing security clearance and codes. When the two men were later killed in a shoot-out, Ortiz helped her cover it up. Kevin's parole officer later appeared asking awkward questions and she suspected he knew of her involvement in the robbery. Using the cover of the EMP detonation at CTU, Dana strangled the officer and hid his body in a vent before making a call on her cell-phone revealing her
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