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Modern pentathlon at the 1960 Summer Olympics


Modern pentathlon at the 1960 Summer Olympics

Men's modern pentathlon
at the Games of the XVII Olympiad
Dates August 26 - 31
Competitors 60 from 23 nations
Gold medal    Hungary
Silver medal    Hungary
Bronze medal    United States

At the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, two events in modern pentathlon were contested.[1]


  • Medal summary 1
  • Medal table 2
  • Participating nations 3
  • Results 4
    • Individual 4.1
    • Team 4.2
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Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
 Ferenc Németh
Hungary (HUN)
 Imre Nagy
Hungary (HUN)
 Robert Beck
United States (USA)
 Hungary (HUN)
Imre Nagy
András Balczó
Ferenc Németh
 Soviet Union (URS)
Nikolai Tatarinov
Hanno Selg
Igor Novikov
 United States (USA)
Robert Beck
Jack Daniels
George Lambert

Medal table

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Hungary (HUN) 2 1 0 3
2  Soviet Union (URS) 0 1 0 1
3  United States (USA) 0 0 2 2

Participating nations

A total of 60 athletes from 23 nations competed at the Rome Games:[1]



1 Ferenc Németh Hungary
2 Imre Nagy Hungary
3 Bob Beck United States
4 András Balczó Hungary
5 Igor Novikov Soviet Union
6 Nikolay Tatarinov Soviet Union
7 Stanisław Przybylski Poland
8 Jack Daniels United States
9 Kurt Lindeman Finland
10 Hanno Selg Soviet Union
11 Patrick Harvey Great Britain
12 Berndt Katter Finland
13 Luis Ribera Argentina
14 Kazimierz Paszkiewicz Poland
15 Per-Erik Ritzén Sweden
16 Eero Lohi Finland
17 Antonio Almada Mexico
18 George Lambert United States
19 Erhard Minder Switzerland
20 Kazimierz Mazur Poland
21 Sture Ericson Sweden
22 Sergio Escobedo Mexico
23 Adriano Facchini Italy
24 Donald Cobley Great Britain
25 Peter Lichtner-Hoyer Austria
26 Peter Little Great Britain
27 Justo Botelho Brazil
28 Wolfgang Gödicke Germany
29 Gaetano Scala Italy
30 Björn Thofelt Sweden
31 Neville Sayers Australia
32 Wenceslau Malta Brazil
33 Werner Vetterli Switzerland
34 Hugh Doherty Australia
35 Kazuhiro Tanaka Japan
36 Carlos Stricker Argentina
37 Udo Birnbaum Austria
38 Shigeaki Uchino Japan
39 Frank Battig Austria
40 Raúl Bauza Argentina
41 Giulio Giunta Italy
42 André Bernard France
43 José Pérez Mexico
44 Joaquín Villalba Spain
45 Christian Beauvalet France
46 Peter Macken Australia
47 Benny Schmidt Denmark
48 Dieter Krickow Germany
49 Rolf Weber Switzerland
50 José Wilson Brazil
51 Fernando Irayzoz Spain
53 Étienne Jalenques France
54 Arsène Pint Belgium
55 Ralf Berckhan Germany
56 Lakdar Bouzid Tunisia
57 Habib Ben Azzabi Tunisia
58 Ahmed Ennachi Tunisia
AC Mohamed Ben Checkroun Morocco
AC Naji El-Mekki Morocco


1 Hungary
2 Soviet Union
3 United States
4 Finland
5 Poland
6 Sweden
7 Great Britain
8 Mexico
9 Italy
10 Argentina
11 Switzerland
12 Austria
13 Brazil
14 Australia
15 France
16 Germany
17 Tunisia


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