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Title: Momna  
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Subject: Muslim Kamboh (Uttar Pradesh), Chundrigar, Pathans of Rajasthan, Turk Jamat, Mughal tribe
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The Momin or sometimes referred to as Momna are a Muslim community found in the state of Gujarat in India.[1]

History and origin

The term momin in Arabic means someone who is a true follower of Islam, and this term was given to Hindu converts from a number of Hindu castes who adopted the Shia faith. They were converted by a number of Shia preachers, the most prominent by naran bapa from virani (kutch). A number of Momna were later converted to the Sunni sect, thereby creating a division within the community.[2]

Present circumstances

The Momna are now divided into three endogamous groups, the Shia Momna found in Mehsana District, Ahmedabad city, and the talukas of Dholka and Dhandhuka of Ahmadabad District, the Sunni Momna who re concentrated in fifty four villages of Wankaner and Morbi talukas of Rajkot District and the Wahabi Momna of Mehsana and Banaskantha Districts. Their mother tongue is Gujarati. In addition to the three divisions, the Momna community are also divided into a number of clans, the main ones being the kadivar, Shersia, Khorzia, Wankaneri, Paradha, Badi, Serasia, Vakalya, Dholkhawalia, Godhrawalia, Kapadia and Chaudhary, all of equal status. Their main occupation is farming, while many urban Momna are involved with weaving. Like other Gujarati Muslims, the Momna have a caste association, the Momin Jamat.[3]

There are Other Momna also call "Mumana" still residing in twenty villages villages near sidhpur, they are follower of Agakhan and their religion is Shia Imami Ismaili Nizari sect. Nowadays they spread in Pakistan, USA, New Zealand, Canada, England and other countries.

Pioneer Muslim Federal Credit Union (PMFCU) was founded in 1981 by the Momin community of Sidhpur, Gujarat, India. They are headquartered in Houston, Texas with a satellite office in Austin, Texas 1521 Lake Pointe Parkway Sugar Land, TX 77478 Phone: (281) 566-8000 Fax: (281) 566-8001 we page: Field of Membership Any person representing Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim belong to Momin Community from India, Gujarat Sidhpur district Asset Size: Over $58.4 Million, Membership 5,986 (As of April 30, 2012)


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