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Monster Allergy (TV series)

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Title: Monster Allergy (TV series)  
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Language: English
Subject: List of programs broadcast by Kids' WB, Stéphane Roux (actor), Rai Fiction, Rai Gulp, Iginio Straffi
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Monster Allergy (TV series)

Monster Allergy
Genre Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Created by Katja Centomo
Francesco Artibani
Alessandro Barbucci
Barbara Canepa
Written by Francesco Artibani
Bruno Enna
Earl Kress
Anne-Marie Perrotta
Tean Schultz
Kurt Weldon
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Creative director(s) Marco Storani
Michel Rodrigues
Voices of (Zick, Elena, Bombo and Timothy-Moth)
(Italian version)
Monica Ward (Both Zick and Elena)
Pietro Ubaldi
Oliviero Dinelli
(French version)
Olivier Martret
Caroline Combes
Michel Elias (Both Bombo and Timothy-Moth)
(German version)
(English version produced for Rainbow S.p.A.)
Holly Gauthier-Frankel
Annie Bovaird
Rick Jones
Michel Perron
(U.S. English dub)
David Kaufman
Kaley Cuoco
Samuel Vincent
Composer(s) Roberto Belelli
Francesco Sardella
Country of origin Italy
Original language(s) Italian
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Joanne Lee (Rainbow S.p.A.)
Philippe Delarue (Futurikon)
Annita Romanelli (Rai)
Natalie Altmann (M6)
Nicole Keeb (ZDF)
Producer(s) Iginio Straffi
Editor(s) Beatrice Latini
Giorgia Tranquilli
Running time Approximately 30 minutes
Production company(s) Rainbow S.p.A.
RAI Fiction
Original channel Rai Due (Italy)
ZDF (Germany)
M6 - M6 Kid (France)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Audio format Stereophonic Sound
First shown in Italy
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Monster Allergy is a 2005 animated television series, jointly produced by Rainbow S.p.A., Futurikon, RAI Fiction and ZDF.[1]


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  • Characters 2
  • Tamer 3
    • Dom Items 3.1
  • Episodes 4
  • Broadcast 5
  • Reception 6
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Monster Allergy is based on the international best-selling comic book series of the same name. The series follows 12-year-old Ezekiel Zick (called Zick) who suffers from all sorts of allergies (though people call that an excuse) and discovers that he has the ability to see the invisible monsters that live among us. Along with help of his best friend Elena Potato and his talking cat, Timothy, Zick hopes to hone his powers to one day become a Monster Tamer just like his dad, Zob Zick.[2][3]



The Tamer are Human Beings with very special powers; their main characteristic is The Dom, an energy that is passed from parent to child. With the passing of the generations, powers and knowledge are passed on which lead to real dynasties of Monster Tamers.

The five Dom powers are:

  • Sight Dom - the ability to see monsters and ghosts that are invisible to ordinary people.[4][5]
  • Voice Dom - the ability of tamers to force monsters and phantoms to do what they say.[5][6]
  • Gesture Dom - the power to control monsters by gesture, and to capture them in a Dombox.[5][7]
  • Enviro Dom - ability to create an environment to be able to survive in an unfamiliar environment, and which also functions as a force field.[5][8]
  • Energy Dom - ability to release an energy ray that affects monsters, dark phantoms and even ordinary things, but not witches.[5][9]

Dom Items

The Dom Items are valuable items for the Tamers that are given by the Tutors due to the experience of the Tamers.

  • Universal Dombox - A gun-like container that being use by the Tamer, it can capture any monster and more than one. Once the monsters are captured, it will specified the name, the species, the danger level, and the status of the monster.[10] However, this Dombox can only hold a monster for two hours, and then must be transfer to its specific Dombox or else the monster will escape.[11] This item has the ability of capture a Dark phantom but only to dissolve it body and not trap it because Dark Phantoms are untrappable.[12] It also have the ability to analyze any liquid substance that it's invisible to the naked eye.[13][14][15]
  • Zick's Sunglasses - This item is a gift for Zick from Elena. At first, it was used to help cover Zick's eyes when they turn red, but it helps him intensify his power for the Energy Dom (which helps the DomBeam work).[10]
  • Dom Glove - This item will improve the power levels of a Tamer by capturing every four monsters by giving the Gems of Power. The Red Gem is the basic first level, while Yellow Gem is at second level. At the third level, earning the Green Gem has the ability disintegrate Dark Phantoms, and while the fourth level is the Blue Gem. It is unknown to how to earn the White Gem, the fifth and final level.[5][16][17][18]
  • Regular Dombox - This are special boxes that use to a captured monster and mostly for the Monster-Skas. They are different types of Dom Boxes for each monster.[9]
  • Teleskates - This item will be earned along with the Green Gem.[13] It has the ability to allow the carrier to teleport anywhere to its destination of their choose.[17] It can also be upgraded to teleport along with someone else.[19]
  • Dom Staff - This Dom weapon can amplify the Tamers Energy Dom that fires a strong ray that is effective against large and multiple enemies.[20]
  • Hypno-Disk - This device is used to erase and alter peoples memories if they see too much, and threaten to reveal the secrets of the world of monsters.[21]
  • Crystallizator - This item can only be use if there is no available Dombox, and can fire a freeze ray that can be adjust depending of the temperature level.[22]
  • Radio-Worm - This anti-escape wristband will make a loud screech when the monster tries to take it off. The trick of removing the bracelet is not to tweak it. It also has tracking device to trace the bracelet even in long distance.[23]
  • Disco-Monster - A gun-like device that when the ray hits a monster, it will unwilling dance on what type of dance the controller sets by the user and to make the monster exhausted to be captured easily.[24]
  • Densifier - This item can alter body of a person by adjusting it to allow the body pass through any attack, walls and objective. It can also make the user body too heavy or can be use to weaken a monsters power.[19][25] It's also has to ability to make the user look like a Dark Phantom.[26]
  • Scepter Dom - A wand shape item has the ability to control any monsters at will, and consider to be the strongest Dom weapon. However if it is use too much and can't be controlled, the user itself will become a small monsters as a side effect.[27]


Season Number of episodes First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1 26 September 16, 2006 February 5, 2007
Season 2 26 December 27, 2008 August 18, 2009


Despite RAI's involvement, Monster Allergy was premiered on 19 December 2005 in Italy on Toon Disney. It landed on Italian terrestrial television on 6 February 2006 when it was premiered on Rai Due.

In France, the series was premiered on 18 October 2006 on M6 in its M6 Kid strand.

In Germany, the series was premiered on 23 October 2006 on KiKa, a joint operation of ZDF and ARD. In the United States, the series was premiered on 23 September 2006 on Kids' WB television block broadcast on the affiliates of then-newly formed The CW network.[28] It was shown with a separate English dub produced in the U.S..

With the exception of the aforementioned case in the United States, most broadcasters purchased the English version, which was produced for Rainbow S.p.A., for English language broadcasts. Being based on the comic series published by Disney in most countries, Monster Allergy is broadcast on Disney Channel (and/or its sister channels) in pay television market in most countries, with exceptions being the aforementioned Kids' WB In the United States, and Nickelodeon in the Netherlands and Flanders.



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