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Montachusett Regional Transit Authority


Montachusett Regional Transit Authority

Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART)
Slogan Proudly Serving the Montachusett Community Since 1978
Parent Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation
Founded August 1978

MART Office Building,

1427R Water Street,

Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 01420
Service area Montachusett Regional Area
Service type fixed-route bus service, shuttle service, and paratransit service
Routes 16 fixed routes,[1][2] 2 shuttle services [3]
Fleet 26 buses, 177 vans and 2 Trolley-replica buses [4]

The Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART) is a public, nonprofit organization established under Chapter 161B of the Massachusetts General Laws to provide public transportation to the Montachusett Region. MART is one of 15 Massachusetts' regional transit authorities[5] and provides public transportation to 21 communities[6] within the Montachusett region consisting of the cities of Fitchburg, Leominster and Gardner, and the towns of Athol, Ashburnham, Ashby, Ayer, Bolton, Boxborough, Hardwick, Harvard, Hubbardston, Lancaster, Littleton, Lunenburg, Royalston, Shirley, Sterling, Stow, Templeton, Westminster, and Winchendon.

MART provides 16 fixed-route bus services,[7][8] 2 shuttle services,[9] and paratransit services[10] to the Montachusett Region. MART currently operates two connections to the MBTA Commuter Rail line, they are the Fitchburg Intermodal Transportation Center and the North Leominster Station. MART, in collaboration with the MBTA, is constructing the new Wachusett Intermodal Transportation Center which will be the final stop on the MBTA Fitchburg Line.[11] The North Leominster Commuter Rail Parking Facility is currently under construction and will be opened in early 2013.[12]

MART has a working collaboration with Fitchburg State University to offer faculty, staff, and students free rides on the Fitchburg/Leominster fixed-route bus line.[13]

MART uses MBTA's Charlie Card smart card fare system.[14] MART provides Monthly Passes, 14-Consecutive Day passes, and Stored Value good for use on any of MART’s fixed-route buses in the region. Stored Value can be used throughout Massachusetts, where the Charlie Card is accepted.

Fixed-Route Schedules

Fitchburg/Leominster Routes[15]

  • 1: Intermodal Transportation Center - Monument Square - The Mall at Whitney Field- Kings Corner
  • 2: Intermodal Transportation Center - Monument Square via Route 12
  • 3: Intermodal Transportation Center - Kings Corner - The Mall at Whitney Field - Monument Square
  • 4: Intermodal Transportation Center - Fitchburg State University
  • 5: Intermodal Transportation Center - Montachusett Industrial Park - Central Plaza
  • 6: Intermodal Transportation Center - Burbank Hospital
  • 7: Intermodal Transportation Center - John Fitch - Lunenburg Crossing
  • 8: Monument Square - Mall at Whitney Field - Orchard Hill Park
  • 9: Monument Square - Jytek Industrial Park - Appleseed Plaza
  • 10: Monument Square - Watertower Plaza - Leominster Hospital
  • 11: Central Plaza - Montachusett Industrial Park - Waites Corner

Gardner Routes[16]

  • 1: Mount Wachusett Community College - City Hall - WalMart Plaza - Dunn Pond
  • 2: Mount Wachusett Community College - Gardner Plaza - WalMart Plaza - Henry Heywood Hospital

Intercity Routes[17]

  • 1: MART Maintenance Facility (Gardner) - Intermodal Transportation Center (Fitchburg) - Routes 12 and 2/Friendly’s (Leominster) - City Hall (Gardner)

Trolley Routes[18]

  • 1: Intermodal Transportation Center - Monument Park - Riverside Park - Wallace Plaza
  • 2: Intermodal Transportation Center - Bellwood Plaza - Fitchburg State University/Ross Street Parking Lot - Upper Common/Church

GLink Fixed-Route Schdules

GLink: Orange Routes[19]

  • 1 GLink: Gardner to Orange - Mount Wachusett CC (Main Entrance) - Templeton Center - Orange Center/Memorial Park
  • 2 GLink: Orange to Gardner - Orange Center/Memorial Park - Uptown Common - Mount Wachusett CC (Main Entrance)

GLink: Winchendon Routes[20]

  • 1 GLink: Gardner to Winchendon - City Hall Avenue/Connors Street - Baldwinville (Route 68 and 202) - Town Hall
  • 2 GLink: Winchendon to Gardner - Winchendon Town Hall - Otter River - Fitchburg Intermodal Transportation Center

Shuttle Service Schedules

Boston Shuttle Service Route[21]

  • 1: Boston Service - Fitchburg ITC - Metro Boston/Major Hospitals - Concord/Emerson Hospital

Worcester Shuttle Service Route[22]

  • 1: Worcester Service - Fitchburg ITC - UMass Medical - Reliant Gold Star Boulevard



External links

  • MRTA official website

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