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Montenegrin American

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Title: Montenegrin American  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Croatian American, Montenegrin Australian, Yugoslav American, Montenegrin Canadian, Montenegrin diaspora
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Montenegrin American

Montenegrin American
Црногорски Американци
Crnogorski Amerikanci
Total population


80,000 Americans (est.)
Regions with significant populations
Alaska, Illinois, New York
American English, Montenegrin
Montenegrin Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Islam
Related ethnic groups
other South Slavs

Montenegrin Americans are Americans who are of Montenegrin ancestry. Also, the term "Yugoslavian American" may be preferred by people who identify with the former nation of Yugoslavia before its breakup during the early 1990s, and in 2006, Montenegro became independent from the State Union with Serbia.


Today, these Montenegrins mainly live in the central and eastern United States, much of which is concentrated in New York City and Chicago, and to a lesser extent in Detroit, and recent arrivals from former Yugoslavia in the Los Angeles area.

Montenegrin Americans are found throughout the state of Alaska. About a quarter of all known Montenegrin Americans live in Anchorage. Their presence in Alaska dates back to the gold rushes of the early 20th century. A short-lived newspaper entitled Servian Montenegrin was established at the beginning of 1905 in the town of Douglas, near Juneau.[1]

An estimated 80,000 Americans are of Montenegrin ancestry.

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Famous Montenegrin Americans







  • Marina Abramovic, conceptual artist
  • Peter Miscovich (born Pero Miscovic, 1885-1950), founder of the world's longest-operating family-owned gold mine still in operation[4]

In fiction

Rex Stout's well-known fictional detective Nero Wolfe is a Montenegrin American, and his antecedents play a major role in several books of the series, notably Over My Dead Body and The Black Mountain (the second of these titles is indeed an English translation of the name "Montenegro").

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