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Morituri (1948 film)

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Title: Morituri (1948 film)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: 1948 in film, Klaus Kinski, List of World War II films, Artur Brauner, Morituri, Eugen York, Gustav Kampendonk, Hilde Körber, Carl-Heinz Schroth, Erich Dunskus
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Morituri (1948 film)

Directed by Eugen York
Produced by Artur Brauner
Jelka Naber
Written by Artur Brauner
Gustav Kampendonk
Starring Lotte Koch
Cinematography Werner Krien
Editing by Walter Wischniewsky
Distributed by CCC Film
Release date(s)
Running time 88 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Morituri is a 1948 film produced by the German film production company, CCC Film. It was called Freiwild in Austria.[1] The film was directed by Eugen York and starred Lotte Koch. It features the onscreen debut of German actor Klaus Kinski[2] as a Dutch concentration camp prisoner.[1]

The title comes from the Latin expression Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant. The story was based in part on the life of producer Artur Brauner and tells of the escape of Nazi concentration camp prisoners and how they manage to hide and evade recapture, though faced with constant danger and starvation.[1]

The film premiered on August 28, 1948 at the Venice Film Festival on the Lido di Venezia, Italy. It was screened in Hamburg, Germany a month later and released at the Neues Scala Kino in Berlin on November 16, 1948.[1] The film was a commercial disaster, with audiences hissing and booing. A theater in Hamburg was vandalized, after which other theater owners, fearful of reprisal by Nazi sympathizers, refused to show the film.[3]

Morituri was aired on German television station ZDF on April 7, 1991.[1] In 2009, the film was donated to Yad Vashem along with 20 other Holocaust-related films produced by Artur Brauner.[4][5]


  • Lotte Koch as Lydia
  • Hilde Körber as Irre
  • Winnie Markus as Maria Bronek
  • Catja Görna as Stascha Sokol
  • Josef Sieber as Eddy
  • Walter Richter as Dr. Leon Bronek
  • Carl-Heinz Schroth as Armand
  • Siegmar Schneider as Gerhard Tenborg
  • Peter Marx as Pjotr, Russe
  • Alfred Cogho as Roy, Kanadier
  • Joseph Almas as (as Josef Almas)
  • Ellinor Saul-Gerlach as Lucie, seine Tochter (as Ellinor Saul)
  • Ursula Bergmann as Ruth, seine Tochter
  • Willy Prager as Vater Simon
  • Annemarie Hase as Mutter Simon
  • Karl Vibach as Georg, deutscher Soldat
  • Bob Kleinmann as Janek, 12 Jahre
  • Michael Günther as Wladek, 16 Jahre
  • Erich Dunskus as Sokol, polnischer Bauer
  • David Minster as Der Invalide
  • Franja Kamienietzka as Frau Steppan
  • Klaus Kinski as Dutch prisoner
  • Gabriele Heßmann as Die Schwangere


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