Moxie Girlz

Moxie Girlz is a line of fashion dolls introduced by MGA Entertainment in 2009. These dolls are targeted at girls ages 6+. The four original 10.6-inch dolls are named Lexa, Bria, Avery, and Sophina, with others named Kellan, Monet, Merin, Ida, and Amberly.

The Moxie dolls are reminiscent of Bratz, having the distinct pop on/off feet and long hair, but with features consisting of large eyes and proportioned noses and mouths fitting to their head-size. Moxie Girls were meant to replace Bratz, given that Mattel sued MGA over the original design.[1] However, Bratz returned to the market in August 2010.[2]


Main Moxie Girlz


Lexa is described to be playful, silly, and creative. She has a knack for the arts: movies, art museums, music, art, slam poetry, and dancing. She has a great sense of humor; she can make her friends laugh even on a bad day. She is also a cheerleader and skateboarder. She dreams of becoming a film director. Lexa believes that life is meant to be fun, regardless of anything.


Bria is described to be curious, inventive, and enthusiastic. She is also very creative, smart, and open-minded, as she likes to explore new things. She believes in inner potential, even though she's a bit talkative. She always carries her sketchpad everywhere she goes; she dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Bria would not rather wait to see what will happen next, as she believes life is exciting.


Avery is described to be strong, determined, and energetic. She is an athlete: she loves skateboarding, biking, snowboarding, skating, basketball, soccer, volleyball and rock climbing. She is also a journalist and loves writing, reading, songwriting and music. Although super busy, she always makes time for her friends. She is also a natural leader. Avery believes that if they just put their heart into it and really go for it, anyone can achieve their goals.


Sophina is described to be warm, thoughtful, and caring. She loves traveling, camping,soccer, and hiking, and then writing stories and songs about her adventures. She also has a photographic memory and takes ballet lessons. She dreams of becoming a famous songwriter. Sophina always thinks about the world around her and believes that everyone can, if they really want to, make a difference.

Other Moxie Girlz


  • Light skin tone
  • Black hair
  • Blue eyes


  • Light Tan skin tone
  • Honey-blond hair
  • Green Eyes


  • Light skin tone
  • Red hair
  • Purple or grey eyes
  • Freckles


  • Deep tan skin tone
  • Black hair
  • Blue Eyes


  • Light skin tone
  • Light brown hair
  • Light brown eyes


  • Strawberry blonde hair
  • Green eyes
  • Light skin tone

The Moxie Teenz

The Moxie teenz girls stand at fourteen inches tall and they tower over most other playline dolls. They feature glass eyes, articulating joints and removable hair for wig styling. The Teenz are a companion line to the Girlz aimed at older girls.

  • Arizona: Dark brown hair, dark blue eyes, and tan skin tone. [3]
  • Bijou: Light brown hair, hazel eyes, and dark skin tone. [4]
  • Tristen: Black hair, purple eyes, and pale skin tone. [5]
  • Melrose: Blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and peach skin tone. [6]
  • Leigh: Red hair, green eyes, and pale skin tone.
  • Gavin: Male, black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin tone.


Basic list of common Moxie products, also shown are the names of the other Moxie Girlz and Teenz.[7][8]

This list may not be complete.

Dolls and plushies

Fall 2009

  • Basics #1: Lexa, Sophina, Avery,
  • Art-titude: Lexa, Sophina, Bria, Avery,
  • Jammaz: Lexa, Sophina, Bria, Avery,
  • Magic Hair: Sophina, Avery
  • Best Friends: 2-in-1 BFF Set (Avery/Sophina)
  • Masquerade Ball: Lexa, Sophina, Avery
  • Holiday: Sophina, Avery, Lexa

Spring 2010

  • More 2 Me: Lexa, Avery
  • After School: Lexa, Avery, Sophina
  • I Am...: Lexa, Sophina, Avery
  • Basics #2: Lexa, Sophina, Avery, Bria
  • Art-titude 2nd Ed: Lexa, Sophina, Avery
  • Art-titude Best Friends: 2-in-1 BFF Pack (Avery/Merin)
  • Jammaz 2nd Ed: Lexa, Avery, Bria, Sophina

Fall 2010

  • Basics #3: Lexa, Sophina, Avery, Bria
  • Art-titude 2nd Ed: Bria, Monet
  • Masquerade Ball: Merin, Bryten, Avery
  • Magic Snow: Kellan, Sophina, Avery, Bria
  • Twins: Sarai and Jaylen
  • Moxie Boyz Magic Snow: Owen, Jaxson
  • Magic Hair Stamp ā€˜Nā€™ Style: Sophina, Avery
  • Head Gamez: Avery, Lexa & Ida heads, Sophina, Monet & Amberly heads
  • Petz: Avery, Lexa, Sophina
  • Best Friends UK Exclusive: 2-in-1 BFF Pack (Avery/Lexa)
  • Teenz Basics #1: Melrose, Tristen, Bijou, Arizona

Spring 2011

  • Summer Swim Magic: Kellan, Sophina, Avery
  • Art-titude 3D: Lexa, Sophina, Avery, Bria
  • Basics #2: Melrose, Tristen, Bijou, Arizona
  • Basics #4: Avery, Sophina, Lexa

Fall 2011

  • Teenz Formal: Melrose, Tristen, Bijou, Leigh, Gavin
  • Horse Riding Club: Avery, Sophina, Monet
  • Ready to Shine: Avery, Lexa, Sophina
  • Me and My Sister: Avery and Neve
  • Magic Glitter Snow: Kellan, Bria, Avery, Sophina
  • Dazzle Dance: Avery, Sophina, Lexa, Bria
  • Fairy Tale: Bryten, Sophina, Jaxson, Lexa
  • 2-pack: Merin and Chance

Spring 2012

  • So Stylish: Avery, Sophina, Monet, Bria
  • Sweet Style: Avery, Lexa, Sophina
  • Ballerina Style: Avery, Sophina
  • Magic Swim Mermaid: Avery, Sophina
  • Glitterin' Style: Avery,

Fall 2012

  • Straight-A Style: Ida, Avery, Sophina, Bria
  • Bubble Bath Surprise: Bria, Avery, Lexa, Sophina and Monet
  • Bendy Braids: Avery, Sophina, Bryten
  • World of Sports: Avery, Bria, Lexa, Sophina

Spring 2013

  • Twinkle Bright Fairies: Avery, Lexa, Sophina
  • Magic Swim Mermaid: Avery, Kellan
  • Sweet Petals: Avery, Lexa, Sophina
  • Poopsy Pets: Avery, Lexa, Kellan
  • Magic Hair Color Studio: Avery, Sophina
  • Teenz In Hollywood: Bijou, Melrose, Arizona, Tristen, and (Introducing Anna)

Fall 2013

  • Rockin Band: Avery, Lexa, Sophina
  • Magic Swim Dolphin: Avery, Sophina
  • Core Pajama Party: Avery, Lexa, Sophina
  • Fashion Surprise: Avery, Sophina, Ida
  • Fashion Snaps: Avery, Lexa, Monet
  • Magic Hair Cotton Candy Style: Avery, Sophina

Summer 2014

  • Fairy Talez: Bijou, Melrose, Arizona, Tristen, and Anna


  • I Am...
  • I Am... DIY

Pawsitive Pals

  • Panda Kieran
  • Monkey Paprika


  • Magic Hair FFM Torso
  • Pillows
    • I Am...


  • Art-titude Air Brush Gallery
  • Magic Snow Cabin
  • House w/ Avery (UK Exclusive)
  • Jammaz House
  • Jammaz Sleepover Kit
  • Carrying Case
  • Art-titude Fashion Design Kit
  • My Moxie Quiz Game


  • Art-titude RC Vehicle
  • Magic Snow RC Cruiser
  • Jammaz Guitar
  • Moxie Girlz Laptop
  • More 2 Me Primp 'N' Perform Microphone
  • More 2 Me Music 2 Makeup Boombox
  • More 2 Me Beauty Phone


External links

  • MGA Entertainment
  • Official site: Moxie Girlz
  • Official site: Moxie Teenz

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