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NAIA national women's soccer championship

This is a list of NAIA women's soccer champions.[1]

Winners of the NAIA national women's soccer championship

Year Champion Runner-Up Score Site
1984 St. Mary’s (CA) Cardinal Newman (MO) 4-0 Saint Louis, Missouri
1985 Westmont (CA) Puget Sound (WA) 4-2 Tacoma, Washington
1986 St. Mary’s (CA) Berry (GA) 3-0 Wilmington, Ohio
1987 Berry (GA) Erskine (SC) 1-0 Due West, South Carolina
1988 Pacific Lutheran (WA) Hardin-Simmons (TX) 2-0 Abilene, Texas
1989 Pacific Lutheran (WA) Berry (GA) 2-0 Due West, South Carolina
1990 Berry (GA) Pacific Lutheran (WA) 3-1 (2OT) Due West, South Carolina
1991 Pacific Lutheran (WA) Missouri Valley (MO) 4-0 Boca Raton, Florida
1992 Lynn (FL) Pacific Lutheran (WA) 1-0 Tacoma, Washington
1993 Berry (GA) Lynn (FL) 1-0 (SD-OT) Saint Charles, Missouri
1994 Lynn (FL) Park (MO) 3-1 Mount Berry, Georgia
1995 Lynn (FL) Lindenwood (MO) 4-1 Mount Berry, Georgia
1996 Simon Fraser (B.C.) Mobile (AL) 3-2 (SD-5OT) San Antonio, Texas
1997 Mobile (AL) Simon Fraser (B.C.) 2-1 (OT) San Antonio, Texas
1998 Azusa Pacific (CA) Simon Fraser (B.C.) 2-1 Mobile, Alabama
1999 Westmont (CA) Transylvania (KY) 3-0 Miami, Florida
2000 Simon Fraser (B.C.) Lindenwood (MO) 1-0 (SD-5OT) Miami, Florida
2001 Westmont (CA) Oklahoma City 1-0 Saint Charles, Missouri
2002 Westmont (CA) Azusa Pacific (CA) 2-1 Saint Charles, Missouri
2003 Westmont (CA) Lindsey Wilson (KY) 2-1 (SD-7OT) Santa Barbara, California
2004 Lindsey Wilson (KY) Concordia (OR) 2-0 Santa Barbara, California
2005 Martin Methodist (TN) Lee (TN) 1-0 Olathe, Kansas
2006 Lindsey Wilson (KY) Azusa Pacific 2-1 (4OTs) Olathe, Kansas
2007 Martin Methodist (TN) Azusa Pacific (CA) 2-1 Daytona Beach, Florida
2008 Lee (TN) Concordia (OR) 3-0 Daytona Beach, Florida
2009 Lee (TN) Point Loma Nazarene (CA) 2-0 Decatur, Alabama
2010 Lee (TN) Hastings University 3-0 Decatur, Alabama
2011 Lee (TN) Concordia (OR) 3-0 Decatur, Alabama
2012 Lindsey Wilson (KY) Olivet Nazarene (IL) 3-2 Orange Beach, Alabama
2013 Concordia (OR) Westmont (CA) 1-0 Orange Beach, Alabama
2014 Lindsey Wilson (KY) Northwestern Ohio 3-0 Orange Beach, Alabama

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