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National Football League 1930s All-Decade Team


National Football League 1930s All-Decade Team

This is a list of all NFL players who had outstanding performances throughout the 1930s and have been compiled together into this fantasy group. The team was selected by voters of the Pro Football Hall of Fame retroactively in 1969 to mark the league’s 50th anniversary.

All information can be Referenced at the Hall of Fame website[1]
Position Player College Team(s) Years Hall of Fame Class
Quarterback Clark , Earl “Dutch”Earl “Dutch” Clark Colorado College Portsmouth Spartans/Detroit Lions 1931–32, 1934–38 1963
Herber, ArnieArnie Herber Wisconsin
Regis College
Green Bay Packers 1930–40 1966
New York Giants 1944–45
Isbell, CecilCecil Isbell Purdue Green Bay Packers 1938–42 Not Inducted
Halfback Battles, CliffCliff Battles West Virginia Wesleyan Boston Braves/Boston Redskins/Washington Redskins 1923–37 1968
McNally , Johnny “Blood”Johnny “Blood” McNally Notre Dame
Saint John’s
Milwaukee Badgers 1925–26 1963
Duluth Eskimos 1926–27
Pottsville Maroons 1928
Green Bay Packers 1929–33, 1935–36
Pittsburgh Pirates 1934, 1937–38
Feathers, BeattieBeattie Feathers Tennessee Chicago Bears 1934–37 Not Inducted
Brooklyn Dodgers 1938–39
Green Bay Packers 1940
Leemans , Alphonse “Tuffy”Alphonse “Tuffy” Leemans Oregon
George Washington
New York Giants 1936–43 1978
Strong, KenKen Strong New York Staten Island Stapletons 1929–32 1967
New York Giants 1933–1935, 1939, 1944–47
New York Yanks (AFL) 1936–37
Fullback Hinkle, ClarkeClarke Hinkle Bucknell Green Bay Packers 1932–41 1964
Nagurski, BronkoBronko Nagurski Minnesota Chicago Bears 1930–37, 1943 1963
End Hewitt, BillBill Hewitt Michigan Chicago Bears 1926–36 1971
Philadelphia Eagles 1938–39
Phil-Pitt Steagles 1943
Hutson, DonDon Hutson Alabama Green Bay Packers 1935–45 1963
Millner, WayneWayne Millner Notre Dame Boston/Washington Redskins 1936–41, 1945 1968
Tinsley, GaynellGaynell Tinsley LSU Chicago Cardinals 1937–38, 1940 Not Inducted
Tackle Christensen, GeorgeGeorge Christensen Oregon Portsmouth Spartans/Detroit Lions 1931–38 Not Inducted
Cope, FrankFrank Cope Santa Clara New York Giants 1938–47 Not Inducted
Edwards , Glen “Turk”Glen “Turk” Edwards Washington State Boston Braves/Boston Redskins/Washington Redskins 1932–40 1969
Lee, BillBill Lee Alabama Brooklyn Dodgers 1935–37 Not Inducted
Green Bay Packers 1937–42, 1946
Stydahar, JoeJoe Stydahar West Virginia Chicago Bears 1936–42, 1945–46 1967
Guard Emerson , Grover “Ox”Grover “Ox” Emerson Texas Portsmouth Spartans/Detroit Lions 1931–37 Not Inducted
Brooklyn Dodgers 1938
Fortmann, DanDan Fortmann Colgate Chicago Bears 1936–43 1965
Goldenberg , Charles “Buckets”Charles “Buckets” Goldenberg Wisconsin Green Bay Packers 1933–45 Not Inducted
Letlow, RussRuss Letlow San Francisco Green Bay Packers 1936–42, 1946 Not Inducted
Center Hein, MelMel Hein Washington State New York Giants 1931–45 1963
Svendsen, GeorgeGeorge Svendsen Oregon State
Green Bay Packers 1935–37, 1940–41 Not Inducted


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