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National Games of the People's Republic of China

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Title: National Games of the People's Republic of China  
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Subject: 11th National Games of the People's Republic of China, All-China Games, Multi-sport event, Beijing, Queensland Pride
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National Games of the People's Republic of China

National Games of the People's Republic of China
Abbreviation National Games of the PRC, All China Games
First event 1959
Occur every 4 years
Purpose Sports for elite athletes in China
National Games of the People's Republic of China
Traditional Chinese 中華人民共和國全國運動會
Simplified Chinese 中华人民共和国全国运动会

The National Games of the People's Republic of China (simplified Chinese: 中华人民共和国全国运动会; traditional Chinese: 中華人民共和國全國運動會; pinyin: Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó Quánguó Yùndònghuì), sometimes known as the All China Games (though not to be confused with the All-China Games), is the premier sports event in China at national level. It is usually held once every four years, most recently in October 2009, when the 11th National Games of the People's Republic of China took place in Shandong. The next games will be held in Liaoning in 2013.

The forerunner of the Games was the Chinese National Games, first held in 1910 during the Qing Dynasty. This ran until 1948 and the competition was relaunched under its current name in 1959, following the formation of the People's Republic of China.[1]


Chinese National Games

Year Edition Date Host city No. of competitors
1910 I Nanking
1914 II Peking
1924 III Wuchang
1930 IV Hangzhou
1933 V Nanking
1935 VI Shanghai
1948 VII Shanghai

National Games of the People's Republic of China

Year Edition Date Host No. of competitors
1959 I 13 September – 3 October Beijing 10,600
1965 II 11–28 September Beijing 5,922 (29)
1975 III 12–28 September Beijing 10,669 (31)
1979 IV 15–30 September Beijing 6,000+
1983 V 18 September – 1 October Shanghai 8,943
1987 VI 20 November – 5 December Guangdong 8,000+
1993 VII 15 August – 19 September Beijing/Sichuan/Qinhuangdao 10,510 (45)
1997 VIII 12–24 October Shanghai
2001 IX 11–25 November Guangdong 8,608 (45)
2005 X 9–23 October Jiangsu 9,986 (46)
2009 XI 16–28 October Shandong 10,991 (46)
2013 XII 31 August - 12 September Liaoning

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