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National Register of Historic Places listings in Greene County, Pennsylvania

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Title: National Register of Historic Places listings in Greene County, Pennsylvania  
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Subject: Dorneyville Crossroad Settlement, Kemmerer House, Bethlehem Silk Mill, David Longwell House, Dr. Joseph Maurer House
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National Register of Historic Places listings in Greene County, Pennsylvania

Location of Greene County in Pennsylvania

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Greene County, Pennsylvania.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on National Register of Historic Places in Greene County, Pennsylvania, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a Google map.[1]

There are 44 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 5, 2014.[2]

Current listings

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location Municipality Description
1 Alexander V. Boughner House
Alexander V. Boughner House
March 9, 1995
Junction of 2nd and Minor Streets
2 Bridge in Franklin Township
Bridge in Franklin Township
June 22, 1988
Pennsylvania Route 188 over Ten Mile Creek at Morrisville
Franklin Township
3 Carmichaels Covered Bridge
Carmichaels Covered Bridge
June 22, 1979
Old Town Road and Muddy Creek
4 Colver-Rogers Farmstead
Colver-Rogers Farmstead
November 21, 2003
East of State Route 1011 at Township 159, north of Jefferson
Morgan Township
5 John Corbley Farm
John Corbley Farm
May 3, 1984
North of Garards Fort
Greene Township
6 John Minor Crawford House
John Minor Crawford House
July 27, 1995
State Route 2014 in Glassworks
Monongahela Township
7 William Crawford House
William Crawford House
November 12, 1992
Off the junction of Brown's Ferry Road and Stevenson's Lane, east of Carmichaels
Cumberland Township
8 William Cree House
William Cree House
July 15, 2002
Western side of State Route 1011, 0.1 miles (0.16 km) north of Pennsylvania Route 21
Jefferson Township
9 Horn Davis Overholtzer Bridge
Horn Davis Overholtzer Bridge
June 22, 1979
Southeast of Fairfield
Morgan Township The bridge collapsed in 1994. It extended into Washington County
10 Fisher Site (36GR21)
Fisher Site (36GR21)
November 15, 1982
Off Camp Resort Road along Enlow Fork Wheeling Creek, south of West Finley[5]
Richhill Township
11 Richard T. Foley Site (36GR52)
Richard T. Foley Site (36GR52)
May 10, 1984
Along Job Creek, southwest of Holbrook[6]
Jackson Township
12 Glassworks-Core House
Glassworks-Core House
July 27, 1995
State Route 2014 in Glassworks
Monongahela Township
13 Glassworks-Gabler House
Glassworks-Gabler House
July 27, 1995
State Route 2014 in Glassworks
Monongahela Township Google Earth images show this house was present in 1995, but missing in 2005 and subsequent images; it has been demolished.
14 George West Gordon Farm
August 24, 2000
333 Mary Hoge Road, 0.3 miles (0.48 km) southwest of Gordon Hill
Whiteley Township
15 Greene Academy
Greene Academy
December 12, 1976
314 North Market Street
16 Greene Hills Farm
Greene Hills Farm
April 23, 1973
3.5 miles (5.6 km) east of Waynesburg on Pennsylvania Route 21
Franklin Township
17 Greensboro Historic District
Greensboro Historic District
November 17, 1995
Roughly bounded by County, Second, Walnut, Front and Clear Streets and the Monongahela River
18 Greensboro Public School
Greensboro Public School
March 9, 1995
Junction of Second and Clear Streets
19 Grimes Covered Bridge
Grimes Covered Bridge
June 22, 1979
Off Pennsylvania Route 221 at the crossing of Ruff Creek, north of Waynesburg
Washington Township The bridge was destroyed by a fire in 1992.
20 Hamilton-Ely Farmstead
Hamilton-Ely Farmstead
March 2, 2006
1055 Sugar Run Road
Whiteley Township
21 Hanna Hall
Hanna Hall
April 18, 1979
College Street
22 Charles Grant Heasley House
Charles Grant Heasley House
February 21, 1991
75 Sherman Avenue in the Bonar Addition, east of Waynesburg
Franklin Township
23 Hughes House
Hughes House
December 27, 1972
Hatfield Street, north of Jefferson
Jefferson Township
24 James Jones House
James Jones House
March 9, 1995
Junction of Front and Stone Streets
25 Thomas Kent, Jr., Farm
Thomas Kent, Jr., Farm
August 16, 2000
208 Laurel Run Road, south of Waynesburg
Franklin Township
26 King Covered Bridge
King Covered Bridge
June 22, 1979
South of Kuhntown at the crossing of Hoover Run
Wayne Township
27 Lippincott Covered Bridge
Lippincott Covered Bridge
June 22, 1979
Off Pennsylvania Route 221 at the crossing of Ruff Creek, northeast of Waynesburg
Morgan Township
28 Marion Bridge
Marion Bridge
June 22, 1988
Pennsylvania Route 88 over the Monongahela River
Dunkard Township Demolished November 16, 2009.[7] Extended into Fayette County.
29 Mason and Dixon Survey Terminal Point
Mason and Dixon Survey Terminal Point
June 25, 1973
2.25 miles (3.62 km) northeast of Pentress on Monongalia County Route 39
Perry Township Extends into Monongalia County, West Virginia
30 McClelland-Grimes Farm
McClelland-Grimes Farm
June 28, 2010
844 Craynes Run Rd.
Washington Townships
31 Miller Hall
Miller Hall
April 14, 1978
51 West College Street
32 James Parreco House
James Parreco House
March 9, 1995
Junction of Third and Clear Streets
33 Peters-Graham House
Peters-Graham House
March 9, 1995
Junction of Walnut and Second Streets
34 Neils Red Covered Bridge
Neils Red Covered Bridge
June 22, 1979
East of Garards Fort at the crossing of Whiteley Creek
Greene Township
35 Reppert-Gabler House
Reppert-Gabler House
July 27, 1995
State Route 2014 in Glassworks
Monongahela Township
36 John Rex Farm
John Rex Farm
May 8, 1998
0.5 miles (0.80 km) east of Jefferson on Pennsylvania Route 188
Jefferson Township
37 Rice's Landing Historic District
Rice's Landing Historic District
December 24, 1992
Roughly bounded by the Monongahela River, Water, Second, Bayard, Carmichael, High, Main and Ferry including Pumpkin Run Peak
Rices Landing
38 Scott Covered Bridge
Scott Covered Bridge
June 22, 1979
Covered Bridge Road off Pennsylvania Route 21 at the crossing of Ten Mile Creek, west of Rogersville
Center Township
39 Shriver Covered Bridge
Shriver Covered Bridge
June 22, 1979
South of Rogersville at the crossing of Harqus Creek
Center Township
40 Sugar Grove Petroglyph Site (36GR5)
Sugar Grove Petroglyph Site (36GR5)
March 20, 1986
Off Pennsylvania Route 88, 0.7 miles (1.1 km) northwest of its bridge over Whiteley Creek[8]
Monongahela Township
41 Ernest Thralls House
Ernest Thralls House
May 12, 1999
Pennsylvania Route 218 at Township Routes 353 and 522, south of Spraggs
Wayne Township Demolished ca. 2006 due to mine subsidence.[9]
42 Waynesburg Historic District
Waynesburg Historic District
March 1, 1984
Roughly bounded by 2nd Alley, Cherry Avenue, East and Bowlby Streets
43 White Covered Bridge
White Covered Bridge
June 22, 1979
Roberts Run Road, west of Garards Fort at the crossing of Whiteley Creek
Greene Township
44 Nettie Woods Covered Bridge
Nettie Woods Covered Bridge
June 22, 1979
North of Oak Forest at the crossing of Pursley Creek
Center Township

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  1. ^ The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. For about 1% of NRIS original coordinates, experience has shown that one or both coordinates are typos or otherwise extremely far off; some corrections may have been made. A more subtle problem causes many locations to be off by up to 150 yards, depending on location in the country: most NRIS coordinates were derived from tracing out latitude and longitudes off of USGS topographical quadrant maps created under the North American Datum of 1927, which differs from the current, highly accurate WGS84 GPS system used by most on-line maps. Chicago is about right, but NRIS longitudes in Washington are higher by about 4.5 seconds, and are lower by about 2.0 seconds in Maine. Latitudes differ by about 1.0 second in Florida. Some locations in this table may have been corrected to current GPS standards.
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  3. ^ Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined , differentiate National Historic Landmarks and historic districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.
  4. ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number.
  5. ^ Location derived from this county webpage; the NRIS lists the site as "Address Restricted"
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