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National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Film

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Title: National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Film  
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Subject: Waltz with Bashir, 1974 National Society of Film Critics Awards, 1975 National Society of Film Critics Awards, 1971 National Society of Film Critics Awards, 1966 National Society of Film Critics Awards
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National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Film

The National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Picture is an annual award given by National Society of Film Critics to honor the best film of the year.

In the past 40 years, the Society only agreed with the Schindler's List, 2004 Million Dollar Baby and 2009 The Hurt Locker. Four others have received the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film: Z, Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie), La nuit américaine (Day for Night), and Préparez vos mouchoirs (Get Out Your Handkerchiefs).



Year Winner Director(s)
1966 Blow-Up Michelangelo Antonioni
1967 Persona Ingmar Bergman
1968 Shame (Skammen) Ingmar Bergman
1969 Z Costa-Gavras


Year Winner Director(s)
1970 MASH Robert Altman
1971 Claire's Knee (Le genou de Claire) Éric Rohmer
1972 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie) Luis Buñuel
1973 Day for Night (La nuit américaine) François Truffaut
1974 Scenes from a Marriage (Scener ur ett äktenskap) Ingmar Bergman
1975 Nashville Robert Altman
1976 All the President's Men Alan J. Pakula
1977 Annie Hall Woody Allen
1978 Get Out Your Handkerchiefs (Préparez vos mouchoirs) Bertrand Blier
1979 Breaking Away Peter Yates


Year Winner Director(s)
1980 Melvin and Howard Jonathan Demme
1981 Atlantic City Louis Malle
1982 Tootsie Sydney Pollack
1983 The Night of the Shooting Stars (La notte di San Lorenzo) Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
1984 Stranger Than Paradise Jim Jarmusch
1985 Ran Akira Kurosawa
1986 Blue Velvet David Lynch
1987 The Dead John Huston
1988 The Unbearable Lightness of Being Philip Kaufman
1989 Drugstore Cowboy Gus Van Sant


Year Winner Director(s)
1990 Goodfellas Martin Scorsese
1991 Life Is Sweet Mike Leigh
1992 Unforgiven Clint Eastwood
1993 Schindler's List Steven Spielberg
1994 Pulp Fiction Quentin Tarantino
1995 Babe Chris Noonan
1996 Breaking the Waves Lars von Trier
1997 L.A. Confidential Curtis Hanson
1998 Out of Sight Steven Soderbergh
1999 Being John Malkovich Spike Jonze
Topsy-Turvy Mike Leigh


Year Winner Director(s)
2000 Yi Yi: A One and a Two (Yi yi) Edward Yang
2001 Mulholland Drive David Lynch
2002 The Pianist Roman Polanski
2003 American Splendor Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman
2004 Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwood
2005 Capote Bennett Miller
2006 Pan's Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno) Guillermo del Toro
2007 There Will Be Blood Paul Thomas Anderson
2008 Waltz with Bashir (Vals im Bashir) Ari Folman
2009 The Hurt Locker Kathryn Bigelow


Year Winner Director(s)
2010 The Social Network David Fincher
2011 Melancholia Lars von Trier
2012 Amour Michael Haneke
2013 Inside Llewyn Davis Joel and Ethan Coen

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