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National animal

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Title: National animal  
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Subject: Markhor, National symbols of Luxembourg, Wildlife of India, List of mammals of Pakistan, Fauna of Pakistan, Symbols of Romania
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National animal

This is a list of national animals.


Country National animal Pictures
 Åland Islands Red Deer
 Afghanistan Marco Polo Sheep (Unofficial)
Snow Leopard (unofficial) [1]
 Albania Golden Eagle[2][3] (primary national symbol)
 Algeria Fennec Fox
 Angola Magnificent Frigatebird
Sable antelope
 Anguilla Zenaida Dove [4]
 Antigua and Barbuda Fallow Deer (national animal)[5]
Frigate (national bird)[5]
Hawksbill turtle (national sea creature)[5]
 Argentina Rufous Hornero[6]
Andean Condor
 Armenia Eagle
 Australia Kangaroo (national animal)[7]
Emu (national bird)[8]
Koala (unofficial)[9]
 Austria Black Eagle
 Azerbaijan Karabakh Horse
 Bahamas Blue Marlin
 Bahrain White-cheeked Bulbul[10]
 Bangladesh Royal Bengal Tiger (national animal)[11]
Oriental Magpie Robin (national bird)
Hilsa (national fish)
Ganges River Dolphin (national mammal)
 Belarus European Bison
White Stork
 Belgium Lion
 Belize Baird's Tapir[12]
 Bermuda Humpback Whale
 Bhutan Druk
 Bolivia Alpaca
Andean Condor
 Botswana Zebra
 Brazil Macaw
Rufous-bellied Thrush
 Bulgaria Lion
 Cambodia Kouprey[13] 150px
 Canada Beaver[14][15]
Canadian Horse[15]
 Chile Andean Condor
 China Chinese Dragon
Crane, more specifically the Red-crowned Crane 150px
Golden Pheasant (unofficial)
Giant Panda
 Colombia Andean Condor
True parrot
 Democratic Republic of the Congo Okapi
 Costa Rica Clay-colored Thrush
White-tailed Deer
 Ivory Coast African Elephant
 Croatia Marten[16]
 Cuba Tocororo[17][18]
 Cyprus Cypriot Mouflon[19]
 Denmark Mute Swan
 Dominican Republic Palmchat
Ashy-faced Owl
Hispaniolan Amazon
 Timor-Leste Crocodile
 Ecuador Andean Condor
 Egypt Golden Eagle
 El Salvador Turquoise-browed Motmot
 Eritrea Arabian Camel
 Estonia Barn Swallow
 Faroe Islands Eurasian Oystercatcher ("national bird")[20]
 Finland Brown Bear
Whooper Swan (national bird)
European perch (national fish)
 France Gallic Rooster [21]
 Germany Golden Eagle
 Gibraltar Barbary Macaque
 Greece Dolphin
 Ghana Eagle
 Greenland Polar Bear
 Grenada Grenada Dove
 Guatemala Quetzal
 Guernsey Guernsey cow
 Guyana Canje Pheasant
 Haiti Hispaniolan Trogon
 Honduras White-tailed Deer[22]
 Hungary Turul
 Iceland Puffin
 India Royal Bengal Tiger (national animal;[23] adopted in 1972 instead of the asiatic lion)
Indian Peacock (national bird)[24]
Gharial (national reptile)
King Cobra (national icon)
Ganges River Dolphin (national aquatic animal)[25]
Indian Elephant (national heritage animal)[26]
 Indonesia Komodo Dragon (national animal) [27]
Asian arowana (animal of charm)
Javan Hawk-eagle (rare animal)
Garuda (mystical animal)
 Iran Asiatic Lion
Asiatic Cheetah
Persian Leopard
Persian Cat
Mugger crocodile
Persian fallow deer
 Ireland Irish wolfhound
Stag (Red Deer (Cervus elaphus))
Lapwing (national bird)
 Isle of Man Manx
 Israel Israeli Gazelle (national animal)
Hoopoe (national bird)
 Italy Italian Wolf
 Jamaica Doctor-Bird (national bird)[28]
 Japan Green Pheasant
Red-crowned Crane
 Jordan Oryx
 Kenya Lion
African Elephant
 Kiribati Magnificent Frigatebird
 Kuwait Arabian Camel
 Laos Indian Elephant
 Latvia White Wagtail
 Lebanon Striped Hyena
 Lesotho Black Rhinoceros
 Liberia Lion
 Libya Barbary lion
 Lithuania White Stork[29]
 Luxembourg Lion
 Macedonia Lion (in Macedonian heraldry)[30]
Šarplaninec 150px
Ohrid Trout
 Madagascar Ring Tailed Lemur
 Malawi Bar-tailed Trogon
Thomson's Gazelle
 Malaysia Malayan Tiger (national animal)[32]
Rhinoceros Hornbill (national bird)
 Maldives Yellow-fin Tuna
 Malta Blue Rock Thrush
Kelb tal-Fenek (the Pharaoh Hound)
 Mauritius Dodo
 Mexico Golden Eagle (national animal/national bird)
Xoloitzcuintli (national dog)
Grasshopper (national arthropod)
Jaguar (national mammal)
Vaquita (national marine mammal)
Green turtle (national reptile)
 Moldova Aurochs
 Monaco European Hedgehog
European Rabbit
Wood Mouse
 Mongolia Saker falcon (national bird)[33]
White Gyrfalcon (symbol of Genghis' Borjigin clan)
Swan (symbol of Buryats)
Mongolian horse (symbol of freedom)
Gray wolf
 Morocco Barbary lion
 Mozambique African Elephant
 Burma Elephant
Grey Peacock-Pheasant (national bird)
 Namibia Oryx
 Nauru Great Frigatebird
   Nepal Cow[34]
Lophophorus (National Bird)
 Netherlands Lion[35] (heraldic symbol)
Dairy cow (unofficial)
 New Caledonia Kagu
 New Zealand Kiwi[36]
 Nicaragua Turquoise-browed Motmot
 Nigeria Eagle
 North Korea Chollima
 Norway Elk (Called "Moose" in the Americas)
White-throated Dipper (National Bird)
 Pakistan Markhor[37] (national animal)
Chukar[37] (national bird)
Indus River dolphin (national aquatic marine mammal)
Snow Leopard (national heritage animal)
Shaheen Falcon (national symbolic icon)
Mugger Crocodile (national reptile)
Mahasher (national fish)
Bufo stomaticus (national amphibian)
 Palestine Palestine Sunbird
 Panama Harpy Eagle
 Papua New Guinea Dugong (national marine mammal)[38]
Birds of Paradise
 Paraguay Pampas Fox
 Peru Vicuña (national animal)
Andean cock-of-the-rock (national bird)
 Philippines Carabao (national animal)
Philippine Eagle (national bird)[39]
Bangus (national fish)
 Poland Bielik Eagle
White Stork
European Bison
 Portugal Barcelos Cock
Iberian Wolf
 Puerto Rico Coquí
Puerto Rican Amazon
 Qatar Oryx[40]
 Romania Lynx
 Russia Russian Bear
Double-headed Eagle
 Rwanda African Leopard
 Saint Kitts and Nevis Vervet Monkey
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines St Vincent Parrot[41]
 Saudi Arabia Arabian horse
Arabian Wolf
Arabian Red Fox
Arabian Camel
 Seychelles Striped Dolphin
 Singapore Merlion
 Somalia Leopard (national animal)[42]
 South Africa Springbok (national animal)[43]
Blue Crane (national bird)[43]
Galjoen (national fish)[43]
 South Korea Tiger
African Fish Eagle
 Spain Bull
Spanish Imperial Eagle
Iberian Lynx
 Sri Lanka The Royal Lion (national mammal)
Jungle Fowl (national bird) [44]
Troides darsius (national butterfly)
 Swaziland Thomson's Gazelle
 Sweden Lion (Unofficial)
Elk (Unofficial)
Dalecarlian horse (Unofficial)
 Taiwan Formosan Black Bear
Formosan Blue Magpie
 Tanzania Giraffe[45]
 Thailand Thai Elephant
 Togo Hippopotamus
 Trinidad and Tobago Scarlet Ibis
Rufous-vented Chachalaca
 Turkey Grey Wolf [46]
Redwing [46]
Akbash Dog (unofficial)
Turkish Angora (unofficial)
Turkish Van (unofficial)
Double-headed eagle (used by General Directorate of Security)
 Uganda Grey Crowned Crane
 United Arab Emirates Peregrine Falcon
 United Kingdom Lion (England)
European Robin
Red Deer
Mute Swan
Red Fox
Unicorn (Scotland) 150px
Bulldog (Britain)
Welsh Harlequin Duck (Wales)
Red Kite (Wales)
Y Ddraig Goch (Welsh Dragon) (Wales)
 United States Bald Eagle[47][48]
 Uruguay Rufous Hornero
 Venezuela Venezuelan Troupial
 Vietnam Tiger
Water Buffalo
 Zambia African Fish Eagle
 Zimbabwe Sable Antelope

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