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National team appearances in the UEFA European Championship

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Title: National team appearances in the UEFA European Championship  
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Subject: UEFA European Championship, UEFA European Football Championship, UEFA Euro 1980 squads, UEFA Euro 2024, UEFA European Championship mascot
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National team appearances in the UEFA European Championship

This article lists the performances of each of the 28 national teams which have made at least one appearance in the UEFA European Football Championship finals.

Debut of teams

Each successive UEFA European Football Championship has had at least one team appearing for the first time. Teams in parentheses are considered successor teams by FIFA.

Number of appearances by country
Year Debutants Total
1960  Czechoslovakia
 Soviet Union
 SFR Yugoslavia
1964  Denmark
1968  England
1972  Belgium
 West Germany
1976  Netherlands 1
1980  Greece 1
1984  Portugal
1988  Republic of Ireland 1
1992 ( CIS)
( Germany)
2 (+2)
1996  Bulgaria
( Czech Republic)
( Russia)
4 (+2)
2000  Norway
( FR Yugoslavia)
2 (+1)
2004  Latvia 1
2008  Austria
2012  Ukraine 1

Comprehensive team results by tournament

Map of countries' best results
  • 1st – Champions
  • 2nd – Runners-up
  • 3rd – Third place
  • SF – Semi-finals
  • 4th – Fourth place
  • QF – Quarter-finals
  • GS – Group stage
  • Q – Qualified for upcoming tournament
  •  •  – Did not qualify
  •  ×  – Did not enter / Withdrew from the European Championship / Banned
  •    – Hosts

For each tournament, the number of teams in each finals tournament (in brackets) are shown.

Team 1960
 Austria GS 1
 Belgium × 3rd 2nd GS GS 4
 Bulgaria GS GS 2
 Croatia Part of  Yugoslavia QF GS QF GS 4
 Czech Republic3 3rd 1st 3rd 2nd GS SF GS QF 8
 Denmark 4th SF GS 1st GS GS QF GS 8
 England × 3rd GS GS GS SF GS QF QF 8
 France 4th 1st GS SF 1st QF GS QF 8
 Germany1 × × 1st 2nd 1st GS SF 2nd 1st GS GS 2nd SF 11
 Greece × GS 1st GS QF 4
 Hungary 3rd 4th 2
 Republic of Ireland GS GS 2
 Italy × 1st 4th SF GS 2nd GS QF 2nd 8
 Latvia Part of  Soviet Union GS 1
 Netherlands × 3rd GS 1st SF QF SF SF QF GS 9
 Norway GS 1
 Poland GS GS 2
 Portugal SF QF SF 2nd QF SF 6
 Romania GS GS QF GS 4
 Russia2 1st 2nd 4th 2nd 2nd GS GS GS SF GS 10
 Scotland × × GS GS 2
 Serbia4 2nd 2nd 4th GS × [1] × QF 5
 Slovenia Part of  Yugoslavia GS 1
 Spain × 1st GS 2nd GS QF QF GS 1st 1st 9
 Sweden × SF GS QF GS GS 5
 Switzerland GS GS GS 3
 Turkey GS QF SF 3
 Ukraine Part of  Soviet Union GS 1
1 Includes five appearances as West Germany
2 Includes five appearances as the Soviet Union and one as the CIS
3 Includes three appearances as Czechoslovakia
4 Includes five appearances as Yugoslavia

Results of host nations

Year Host nation Finish
1960  France Fourth Place
1964  Spain Champions
1968  Italy Champions
1972  Belgium Third Place
1976  Yugoslavia Fourth Place
1980  Italy Fourth Place
1984  France Champions
1988  West Germany Semi-finalist
1992  Sweden Semi-finalist
1996  England Semi-finalist
2000  Belgium Group Stage
 Netherlands Semi-finalist
2004  Portugal Runners-up
2008  Austria Group Stage
 Switzerland Group Stage
2012  Poland Group Stage
 Ukraine Group Stage
2016  France

Results of defending champions

Year Defending champions Finish
1964  Soviet Union Runners-up
1968  Spain Did Not Qualify
1972  Italy Did Not Qualify
1976  West Germany Runners-up
1980  Czechoslovakia Third Place
1984  West Germany Group Stage
1988  France Did Not Qualify
1992  Netherlands Semi-finalist
1996  Denmark Group Stage
2000  Germany Group Stage
2004  France Quarter-finalist
2008  Greece Group Stage
2012  Spain Champions
2016  Spain


  1. ^ Does not include Euro 1992 qualification and disqualification due to international sanctions
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