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Northeast Transportation Company


Northeast Transportation Company

Northeast Transportation Company
(Connecticut Transit Waterbury/Meriden/Wallingford)
CT Transit NovaBus RTS A132 on the Waterbury Green
Headquarters 1717 Thomaston Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut 06704
Locale Connecticut
Service area Waterbury, Naugatuck, Meriden, and Wallingford
Service type Local bus service
Routes Waterbury: 27 (including 6 tripper routes)[1]
Naugatuck: 2[1]
Meriden: 3[2]
Wallingford: 1[3]
Fleet 40[4]
Daily ridership 6,782 (2006 weekday); 3,023 (2006 Saturday) [1]
Operator Northeast Transportation Company, Inc.
Chief executive Barbara Kalosky
Website Official Website

The Northeast Transportation Company (d/b/a CT Transit Waterbury, Meriden, and Wallingford Divisions) provides local service in the cities of Waterbury, Naugatuck, Meriden, and Wallingford[5][6] under contract to Connecticut Transit, with connections in Meriden, Wallingford, and Waterbury to CT Transit New Haven Division local routes, as well as one express route to Hartford. Service in Waterbury (including on the J route to New Haven) is provided seven days a week, and service in Naugatuck, Meriden, and Wallingford (including the C route to New Haven at Kohl's in Wallingford and the AR route to New Britain at Westfield Meriden) operates weekdays, with crosstown service on Saturday.



All routes in Waterbury originate from the Waterbury Green in downtown Waterbury and operate seven days a week unless otherwise indicated.[7]

Route Streets Terminus
11 Willow Street Farmington Avenue
Calumet Street
12 (weekdays only) Hill Street White Street
Cooke Street
13 Cooke Street/Sunnyside Avenue Oakville
Falls Terrace
15 North Main Street Bucks Hill Road
Farmcrest Drive
16 Montoe Road
Chestnut Hill Avenue
18 North Main Street
East Farm Street
Long Hill Road
Berkeley Avenue
20 Wall Street Oak Street
Halohan Avenue
22 East Main Street
Wolcott Street
Sharon Road
Woodtick Road
25 East Main Street
Meriden Road
Meriden Road
East Street
26 (weekdays only) East Main Street Middlefield Avenue
Melrose Avenue
27 East Main Street Meriline Avenue
East Main Street
28 East Main Street
Reidville Drive (weekdays only)
Scott Road (outbound only)
Austin Road
East Main Street
31 (weekdays only) Hamilton Avenue
Prospect Road
East Mountain Golf Course
32 (weekdays only) Sylvan Avenue Pearl Lake Road
Tracy Avenue
33 (weekdays only) Baldwin Street Meadowbrook Drive
Brookview Avenue
35 Bank Street
Congress Street
Highland Avenue
Rosario Drive
36 Hans Avenue
Anna Avenue
40 Highland Avenue Highland Avenue
Wilkenda Avenue
42 West Main Street
Chase Parkway
Middlebury Road (limited service)
Chase Parkway
Lakeside Boulevard East
Yale Avenue
Middlebury Road
Judd's Corner
44 West Main Street
Bunker Hill Avenue
Oakville Avenue and Whitewood Road
45 Watertown Avenue
Main Street
North Street and DeForest Street

Tripper Routes
Unless indicated below, these tripper routes operate on weekdays only.

Route Streets Terminals
T-114 Route 42
Pines Bridge Road
Beacon Falls
Murtha Industrial Park
Ansonia Steel Corporation
(also operates on Saturdays)
Thomaston Avenue Waterville
NET Garage
Seidel Manufacturing
DMV Waterbury Office
T-47 Watertown Avenue
Bunker Hill Avenue
Straits Turnpike
Turnpike Drive
T-49 Watertown Avenue
Buckingham Street
Watertown Industrial Park
Calender Road
T-74 South Main Street
Great Hill Road
New Haven Road
Naugatuck Green
Meyer Supply, Inc.
Naugatuck Industrial Park
Custom Bottle of CT
(also operates on Saturdays)
Meriden Road
Route 322
Knotter Drive
Cheshire Industrial Park


These routes operate weekdays only between 9:20 AM and 4:30 PM within Naugatuck.

Route Streets Terminals
N1 Rubber Avenue
Hoadley Street
Field Street
Church Street
Spring Street
Neuman Street
Rubber Avenue
Spring Street
Seale Factory
N2 New Haven Road Church Street
Maple Street
Bowman Drive
Margaret Circle


In Meriden, three loop routes are operated between 6 AM and 6 PM, weekdays only, with Routes A1 and C running on Saturdays within Meriden. Connections are available at the Meriden Railroad Station weekdays only, with through service on Saturdays.[8]

Route Route Name Serving...
A1 Westfield Meriden Lewis Ave.
Midstate Medical Ctr.
B3 Yale Acres
(formerly A2)
North Wall St.
Sherman Ave.
B4 South Meriden Old Colony Rd.
Hanover Ave.
C5 West Main St. Centennial Plaza
Hubbard Park
C6 East Main St. Research Pkwy.
Midstate East Campus


In Wallingford, a single loop route operates between Wallingford Plaza and eastern Wallingford. The route detail is available in this link.


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All of the above provide CT Transit route service.

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