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Northern Mariana Islands general election, 2014

General elections were held in the Northern Mariana Islands on November 4, 2014. Voters elected the Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General, the Delegate to the US Congress, the Senate, the House of Representatives, mayors, municipal councils and the Board of Education. Additionally, a referendum involving changes to the constitution was held. [1]

Incumbent Republican Governor Eloy Inos was re-elected, facing two independent challengers and one Democratic challenger. The next lieutenant governor was elected on the same ticket, with incumbent Jude Hofschneider not running for re-election. As no candidate got a majority, a runoff was held on November 21.[2]


The previous election was held in 2009 for a 5-year term,[3] in order to move all elections to even years. Covenant Party candidate Benigno Repeki Fitial was re-elected; his running mate Eloy Inos was elected to his first full term as lieutenant governor. Fitial resigned as governor in February 2013 in the face of impeachment hearings.[4] Inos thus became governor. In September 2013, he took steps to merge the Covenant Party with the territorial Republican Party, and ran for re-election as a Republican.[5]

Gubernatorial election

Eloy Inos, the incumbent republican governor was re-elected.[2] He was challenged by the speaker of the house and 2009 candidate, Heinz Sablan Hofschneider, former governor Juan Babauta (both running as independents), and democratic candidate Edward Masga Deleon Guerrero, former ports authority executive director. [6]

Delegate to the US House of Representatives

Incumbent Delegate Gregorio Sablan was re-elected. He caucuses with the Democratic Party, but ran as an Independent. Sablan was challenged by democrat Andrew Salas, a former territorial representative and Commerce Secretary. [2]

Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Legislature

Saipan Senate

Saipan 3rd Senatorial District
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Independent Justo Songao Quitugua 4,542
Republican Arnold I. Palacios 3,774
Republican Oscar Manglona Babauta 3,684
Independent Janet Ulloa Maratita 3,244
Independent Iluminanda Reyes Bermudes 2,172
Democratic Jesus Ilo Taisague 1,345
Independent Stephen Carl Woodruff 798
Write-in candidates
Turnout 19,599

House of Representative

House of Representative - District 1 (Saipan)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Angel Aldan Demapan 1,935
Independent Edwin Kenneth Propst 1,585
Republican Joseph "Leepan" Tenorio Guerrero 1,537
Independent Roman Cepeda Benavente 1,508
Independent Joseph Pinaula Deleon Guerrero 1,424
Independent Antonio Pangelinan Sablan 1,354
Republican Gregorio Muna Sablan, Jr. 1,271
Independent Richard Benavente Seman 1,225
Independent Joseph Arriola Flores 1,202
Independent Mariano Taitano 1,129
Independent Rose Nelly Taman Ada-Hocog 1,025
Independent John Magofna Pialur 1,025
Democratic Frankie Fernando Angel 667
Democratic Vincent Go Cabrera 422
Independent Benjamin Matagolai Cepeda 381
Democratic Calistro Iguel Reyes 372
Democratic Nelson Ayuyu Rios 313
Turnout 18,375
Independent gain from Republican

Attorney General

Attorney General (non-partisan)[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Independent Edward Eladio Manibusan 8,599 64.99%
Independent Michael Evangelista 4,672 31.31%
Total votes 13,231 100%


The general elections included three referendum questions, two of which involved amendments to the constitution. The constitutional amendments were to:

  • amend article XI, section 1 (e) of the constitution to increase the minimum proportion of the national budget spent on primary and secondary education from 15% to 25%.[7]
  • amend article XII, section 4 to redefine "persons of Northern Mariana Islands descent" as being someone who has "some degree of Northern Mariana Chamorro or Northern Mariana Carolinan blood", as opposed to the current requirement of at least 25% bloodline.[1]

The other referendum asked voters whether a Constitutional Convention should be convened to propose amendments to the constitution.[1]


Question For Against Invalid/
Votes % Votes %
Calling a Constitutional Convention 7,859 66.01 4,046 33.99 1,893 13,798 17,986 76.72
Constitutional amendment on education spending 8,082 66.56 4,060 33.44 1,656
Constitutional amendment on the definition of descent 6,177 52.34 5,624 47.66 1,997
Source: CEC


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