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Norway at the 1908 Summer Olympics

Norway at the Olympic Games

Flag of Norway
IOC code  NOR
NOC Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sports
Website (Norwegian)
At the 1908 Summer Olympics in London
Competitors 69 in 7 sports
Flag bearer Oskar Bye
Medals Gold
Olympic history (summary)
Summer Games
Winter Games
Intercalated Games

Norway competed at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London, England. It was the second appearance of the European nation, after having made its Olympic debut in 1900.


  • Medalists 1
  • Results by event 2
    • Athletics 2.1
    • Fencing 2.2
    • Gymnastics 2.3
    • Rowing 2.4
    • Sailing 2.5
    • Shooting 2.6
    • Wrestling 2.7
  • Sources 3


Medal Name Sport Event Date
 Gold Helgerud, AlbertAlbert Helgerud Shooting Men's 300 m free rifle, three positions July 11
 Gold Braathe, JuliusJulius Braathe, Albert Helgerud, Einar Liberg,
Olaf Sæther, Ole Sæther, Gudbrand Skatteboe
Shooting Men's 300 m free rifle, team July 10
 Silver Halse, ArneArne Halse Athletics Men's javelin throw July 17
Arthur Amundsen   Petter Hol   Carl Pedersen
Carl Andersen   Eugen Ingebretsen   Paul Pedersen
Otto Authén   Ole Iversen   Sigvard Sivertsen
Hermann Bohne   Nicolai Kiær   John Skrataas
Trygve Bøyesen   Carl Klæth   Harald Smedvik
Oskar Bye   Thor Larsen   Andreas Strand
Conrad Carlsrud   Rolf Lefdahl   Olaf Syvertsen
Sverre Grøner   Hans Lem   Thomas Thorstensen
Harald Halvorsen   Anders Moen
Harald Hansen   Frithjof Olsen
Gymnastics Men's team July 16
 Silver Gundersen, JacobJacob Gundersen Wrestling Men's freestyle heavyweight July 23
 Bronze Larsen, EdvardEdvard Larsen Athletics Men's triple jump July 25
 Bronze Halse, ArneArne Halse Athletics Men's freestyle javelin July 15
 Bronze Sæther, OleOle Sæther Shooting Men's 300 m free rifle, three positions July 11

Results by event


Norway's best athletics result was Arne Halse's silver medal in the javelin throw.

Event Place Athlete Heats Semifinals Final
Men's 100 metres Heats Oscar Guttormsen 12.0 seconds
2nd, heat 2
Did not advance
John Johansen 11.7 seconds
2nd, heat 5
Men's 200 metres Semi-
Oscar Guttormsen Walkover
1st, heat 14
4th, semifinal 1
Did not advance
Men's 400 metres Heats Oscar Guttormsen Unknown
2nd, heat 5
Did not advance
Men's 1500 metres Semi-
Oscar Larsen None held Unknown
4th, semifinal 8
Did not advance
Nils Dahl Unknown
7th, semifinal 1
Men's 110 metre hurdles Heats Wilhelm Blystad Unknown
2nd, heat 11
Did not advance
Oscar Guttormsen Unknown
2nd, heat 12
Event Place Athlete Height/
Men's high jump 13th Henry Olsen 1.72 metres
Otto Monsen No mark
Men's long jump 21-32 Henry Olsen Unknown
Men's triple jump 3rd Edvard Larsen 14.39 metres
13th Henry Olsen 13.17 metres
14th Oscar Guttormsen 13.16 metres
Men's standing high jump 8th Wilhelm Blystad 1.42 metres
Men's shot put 9-25 Arne Halse Unknown
Men's discus throw 12-42 John Falchenberg Unknown
Men's javelin throw 2nd Arne Halse 50.57 metres
8-16 John Johansen Unknown
Men's freestyle javelin 3rd Arne Halse 49.73 metres
10-33 Conrad Carlsrud Unknown
John Johansen Unknown


Event Place Fencer First
Men's épée First
Hans Bergsland 4-4 (6th in D) Did not advance


Event Place Gymnast Score
Men's all-around Unknown Conrad Carlsrud Unknown
Petter Hol Unknown
Eugen Ingebretsen Unknown
Ole Iversen Unknown
Per Mathias Jespersen Unknown
Carl Klæth Unknown
Frithjof Olsen Unknown
John Skrataas Unknown
Event Place Gymnast Score
Men's team 2nd Carl Albert Andersen, Hermann Bohne, Trygve Bøyesen, Oskar Bye, Conrad Carlsrud, Sverre Grøner, Harald Halvorsen, Harald Hansen, Petter Hol, Eugen Ingebretsen, Ole Iversen, Per Mathias Jespersen, Sigge Johannessen, Nicolai Kiær, Carl Klæth, Thor Larsen, Rolf Lefdahl, Hans Lem, Anders Moen, Frithjof Olsen, Carl Alfred Pedersen, Paul Pedersen, Sigvard Sivertsen, John Skrataas, Harald Smedvik, Andreas Strand, Olaf Syvertsen, Thomas Thorstensen 425


Event Place Rowers First
Men's coxed eights 5th Otto Krogh, Erik Bye, Ambrosius Høyer,
Gustav Hæhre, Emil Irgens, Hannibal Fegth,
Wilhelm Hansen, Annan Knudsen, Ejnar Tønsager
None held Unknown
2nd, quarterfinal 1
Did not advance


Class Place Boat Sailors
8 metre 4th Fram Johan Anker, Einar Hvoslef, Hagbart Steffens,
Magnus Konow, Eilert Falch-Lund


Event Place Shooter Score
Men's 1000 yard free rifle 28th Jørgen Bru 82
40th Georg Erdmann 61
41st Asmund Enger 58
Kolbjørn Kvam 58
47th Mathias Glomnes 26
AC Olivius Skymoen
Men's 300 metre free rifle 1st Albert Helgerud 909
3rd Ole Sæther 883
6th Julius Braathe 851
9th Olaf Sæther 830
13th Georg Erdmann 821
19th Kolbjørn Kvam 777
24th Olivius Skymoen 760
26th Per Olaf Olsen 752
47th Mathias Glomnes 563
Men's team free rifle 1st Albert Helgerud
Ole Sæther
Gudbrand Gudbrandsen Skatteboe
Olaf Sæther
Julius Braathe
Einar Liberg
Men's team military rifle 6th Ole Sæther
Einar Liberg
Gudbrand Gudbrandsen Skatteboe
Albert Helgerud
Mathias Glomnes
Jørgen Bru


Event Place Wrestler Round
of 16
Freestyle heavyweight 2nd Jacob Gundersen Defeated
Lost to
Opponent nation Wins Losses Percent
Great Britain 3 1 .750
Total 3 1 .750


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