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Orders of magnitude (luminous flux)

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Title: Orders of magnitude (luminous flux)  
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Subject: Orders of magnitude, Orders of magnitude (illuminance), Orders of magnitude (resistance), Orders of magnitude (entropy), Orders of magnitude (luminance)
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Orders of magnitude (luminous flux)

To help compare different orders of magnitude, the following list describes various lumen, which is measured in lm.

Multiple Value Item
10−2 1 centilumen (clm) 0.025 lm One firefly
101 10 lumen (lm) 12.57 lm One candle[1]
102 1 hectolumen (hlm) 780 lm 60 W incandescent light bulb
875 lm 50 W halogen lamp[2]
900 lm 15 W compact fluorescent lamp[3]
930 lm 75 W incandescent light bulb[3]
103 1 kilolumen (klm) 1000 lm High-power LED[4]
1400 lm 75 W halogen lamp[5]
1550 lm 23 W compact fluorescent lamp[6][7]
2990 lm 200 W incandescent light bulb[3]
104 10 kilolumen (klm) 75 000 lm Edison Commemorative Light Bulb[8]
105 100 kilolumen (klm) 600 000 lm IMAX projector bulb[9]
109 1 gigalumen (Glm) 42.3 billion lm "Luxor Sky Beam" spotlight array[10]
1024 1 yottalumen (Ylm) about 4.6×1024 lm M9V red dwarf star (dimmest class)[11]
1025 10 yottalumen (Ylm) about 3×1025 lm V886 Centauri (white dwarf)
1028 10 thousand yottalumen (Ylm) 3.0768×1028 lm The Sun (assuming { 384.6YW * 80 lm/W} *[12])
1029 100 thousand yottalumen (Ylm) 7.26×1029 lm Sirius[13]
1032 100 million yottalumen (Ylm) 9.5570×1032 lm HD 68273 (a Wolf-Rayet star) [14]
1038 100 trillion yottalumen (Ylm) 1.382×1038 lm Type Ia supernova[15]
1041 100 quadrillion yottalumen (Ylm) 1.26×1041 lm quasar 3C 273
1042 1 quintillion yottalumen (Ylm) ~1042 lm hyperluminous quasar APM 08279+5255[16]

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