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Osaka Abenobashi Station

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Title: Osaka Abenobashi Station  
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Subject: Osaka Loop Line, Tennōji Station, Hankai Uemachi Line, Abeno-ku, Osaka, Shitennō-ji
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Osaka Abenobashi Station

"Abenobashi" redirects here. For the anime, see Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi.

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Ōsaka Abenobashi Station (大阪阿部野橋駅 Ōsaka-Abenobashi-eki?) is a railway station on the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line in Abeno-ku, Osaka, Japan. The station is also called "Abenobashi Station" (あべの橋駅).

According to the research on November 18, 2008, 175,002 passengers got on and off trains at Ōsaka Abenobashi Station. It was the largest number of passengers getting on and off trains at stations on the Kintetsu Lines.

The west ticket gates of the station were shifted 35 m to the east on March 20, 2009, so that station facilities are entirely within the Kintetsu Abeno department store's "new" (east) building. The "old" (western) portion is set to be demolished to make way for a new high-rise building.[1]

Connecting lines


The station has six bay platforms serving five tracks on the first floor.

Minami-Osaka Line for Fujiidera, Domyoji, Furuichi, Shakudo, Kashiharajingu-mae, Yoshino and Kawachi-Nagano
(1) exit from trains  
1, 2 local trains (6 a.m. - 11:59 p.m.)
(2, 3) exit from trains  
3, 4 mainly semi-express trains
and express trains
(also used for a suburban express train for Kashiharajingu-mae (to be a local train from there for Yoshino) on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
(also used for local trains (the first train - 5:59 a.m., from 0 a.m. - the last train))
(4) exit from trains the opossite side of the second platform from the south
5 express trains and suburban express trains
in the rush hour
(rarely used for semi-express trains)
also exit from trains at Number 6
6 limited express trains also exit from trains at Number 5

Establishments around the station

The skyscraper "Abeno Harukas" is under construction to complete in March 2014. The department store floors pre-opened on June 13, 2013.[2]

Bus stops

transit bus (Abenobashi, Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau)
north side of JR West Tennōji Station
  • Route 12 for Fuse-ekimae via Ōikebashi
  • Route 13 for Subway Imazato via Hayashiji Itchōme
  • Route 30 for Kita-Tatsumi Bus Terminal via Teradacho and Kumata
  • Route 32 for Kita-Tatsumi Bus Terminal via Katsuyama Sanchōme and Ōikebashi
  • Route 68 for Tamatsukuri via Osaka Red Cross Hospital
west side of Tennoji MiO Plaza
  • Route 62, Route 67 for Sumiyoshi Shako-mae
  • Route 63 for Asaka
  • Route 64 for Orionobashi
south side of JR West Tennōji Station (eastbound)
  • Route 1 for Deto Bus Terminal
  • Route 5 for Miyake-naka via Naka-Kuwazu, Kumata and Hirano kuyakusho-mae (Hirano Ward Office)
  • Route 6 for Sunjiyata via Bishōen, Kumata and Imagawa Hatchōme
  • Route 26 for Sunjiyata via Bishōen, Kumata, Kita-Tanabe Station and Higashisumiyoshi kuyakusho-mae (Higashisumiyoshi Ward Office)
north side of Abeno Harukas and Apollo Building (westbound)
  • Route 7 for Sumiyoshigawa-nishi
  • Route 47 for Subway Suminoekoen via Subway Kishinosato (operated on weekdays and Saturdays)
  • Route 48 for Subway Suminoekoen via Bainan Sanchōme
  • Route 52 for Namba via Tsurumibashi Shōtengai
  • Route 80 for Tsurumachi Yonchōme
east side of Tennoji park
transit bus (Abenobashi (Abeno Harukas), Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd.)
north side of Abeno Harukas
transit bus (Tennoji Miyako Hotel, Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd.)
north side of Tennoji Miyako Hotel
  • Abeno-Uehommachi Loop Bus to Osaka Uehommachi
expressway bus (Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd. and others)
Abenobashi Bus Station (north side of Abeno Harukas)
expressway bus (Nankai Bus Co., Ltd.)
Abenobashi Bus Station (north side of Abeno Harukas)
expressway bus (West JR Bus Company, JR Bus Kanto Co., Ltd.)
Tennoji Station (east side of Tennoji Park)
expressway bus (Osaka Bus Co., Ltd.)
Tennoji Station (east side of Tennoji Park)
airport limousine
Abenobashi (Tennoji) (north side of Apollo Building) Osaka Airport Transport Co., Ltd.
for Osaka International Airport
Abenobashi (north side of Abeno Harukas) Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd., Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Uehommachi Route for Kansai International Airport


Stations next to Ōsaka Abenobashi

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