Parti Républicain Démocratique et Social

Republican Party for Democracy and Renewal
Parti Républicain Démocratique et Renouvellement
President Sidi Mohamed Ould Mohamed Vall
Founded 1992
Headquarters Nouakchott
Ideology Social Democracy
National affiliation Coalition of the Majority
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Politics of Mauritania
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The Republican Party for Democracy and Renewal (PRDR) (French: Parti Républicain Démocratique et Renouvellement) is a political party in Mauritania. Formerly known as the Democratic and Social Republican Party (PRDS), (Parti Républicain Démocratique et Social), the grouping has changed its identity and adjusted its political stance following the 2005 coup. Formerly supportive of President Maaouya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya and his pro-Israeli stance, the party has since denounced Taya's policies and the mid-2006 Israeli military campaign in Lebanon.

In the parliamentary election held on 19 and 26 October 2001, the then-PRDS won 51.0% of the popular vote and 64 out of 81 seats. The elections were deemed neither free nor fair. Sidi Mohamed Ould Boubacar, one of the bloc's members, was nominated as Prime Minister a few days after the 2005 coup.

The PRDR won seven seats in the November–December 2006 parliamentary election[1] and in the 21 January and 4 February 2007 Senate elections, 3 out of 56 seats.

As of 2008, the PRDR is part of the Mithaq El Wihda coalition and is led by Sidi Mohamed Ould Mohamed Vall.[2]


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