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People's Honour Award

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Title: People's Honour Award  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Kiyoshi Atsumi, Sadaharu Oh, Ryūkōka, Sachio Kinugasa, Ichirō Fujiyama, Nippon Columbia, Mitsuko Mori, Asashōryū Akinori
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People's Honour Award

People's Honour Award (国民栄誉賞 Kokumin Eiyoshō?) is one of the commendations bestowed by the Prime Minister of Japan. The award is not restricted to Japanese nationals. The award was created in 1977 by Takeo Fukuda.


People's Honour Award winners
(Prime Minister)
Occupation Reason Other Awards
1 1977 September 5
(Takeo Fukuda)
Sadaharu Oh(37) Professional Baseball Player the world record for home runs(868 home runs)
2 1978 August 4
(Takeo Fukuda)
Masao Koga Composer Accomplishment as a composer 従四位
勲三等Order of the Sacred Treasure
Medal with Purple Ribbon
3 1984 April 19
(Yasuhiro Nakasone)
Kazuo Hasegawa Actor Accomplishment as an actor 勲三等Order of the Sacred Treasure
Medal with Purple Ribbon
4 1984 April 19
(Yasuhiro Nakasone)
Naomi Uemura Adventurer Successful ascent of the highest mountains of the 5 continents
5 1984 October 9
(Yasuhiro Nakasone)
Yasuhiro Yamashita(27) Judoka Accomplishment as a judoka Medal with Purple Ribbon
6 1987 June 22
(Yasuhiro Nakasone)
Sachio Kinugasa(40) Professional Baseball Player world record for consecutive games played
7 1989 July 6
(Sōsuke Uno)
Kazue Kato
(Hibari Misora)
Singer Giving the people hope and dream via songs
8 1989 September 29
(Toshiki Kaifu)
Mitsugu Akimoto
(Chiyonofuji Mitsugu)
Yokozuna Record for wins as a sumo wrestler
9 1992 May 28
(Kiichi Miyazawa)
Takeo Masunaga
(Ichiro Fujiyama)
Singer Giving the people hope and encouragement via songs with beautiful Japanese language 従四位
勲三等Order of the Sacred Treasure
Medal with Purple Ribbon
10 1992 July 28
(Kiichi Miyazawa)
Machiko Hasegawa Manga artist 家庭漫画を通じて戦後の我が国社会に潤いと安らぎを与えた 勲四等宝冠章
Medal with Purple Ribbon
11 1993 February 26
(Kiichi Miyazawa)
Ryōichi Hattori Composer 数多くの歌謡曲を作り国民に希望と潤いを与えた 従四位
勲三等Order of the Sacred Treasure
Medal with Purple Ribbon
12 1996 September 3
(Ryutaro Hashimoto)
Kiyoshi Atsumi Actor 映画「男はつらいよ」シリーズを通じ人情味豊かな演技で広く国民に喜びと潤いを与えた Medal with Purple Ribbon
13 1998 July 7
(Ryutaro Hashimoto)
Tadashi Yoshida Composer 「吉田メロディー」の作曲により国民に夢と希望と潤いを与えた 従四位
Medal with Purple Ribbon
14 1998 October 1
(Keizo Obuchi)
Akira Kurosawa Film Director 数々の不朽の名作によって国民に深い感動を与えるとともに世界の映画史に輝かしい足跡を残した 従三位
Order of Culture
15 2000 October 30
(Yoshiro Mori)
Naoko Takahashi(28) Athlete Athletics at the 2000 Summer Olympics - Women's marathon Gold medal 銀杯一組(菊紋)
16 2009 January 23
(Taro Aso)
Minoru Endo Composer
17 2009 July 1
(Taro Aso)
Mitsuko Mori Actress
18 2009 December 22
(Yukio Hatoyama)
Hisaya Morishige Actor
19 2011 August
(Naoto Kan)
Japan women's national football team National football team winning the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup
20 2012 November 7
(Yoshihiko Noda)
Saori Yoshida Wrestler
21 2013 February 25
(Shinzō Abe)
Taihō Kōki Yokozuna
2013 May 5
(Shinzō Abe)
Shigeo Nagashima(77)
Hideki Matsui(38)
Professional Baseball Player
Professional Baseball Player
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