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Placerita Canyon State Park

The restored Walker Cabin at Placerita Canyon State Park.

Placerita Canyon State Park is a California State Park in the San Gabriel Mountains, in an unincorporated rural area of Los Angeles County, north of Los Angeles near Santa Clarita, California.


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Cultural History

Placerita Canyon was occupied by the Tataviam Native American people and was part included in the 1842 Mexican land grant was issued for Rancho San Francisco. The park preserves the site of the first documented discovery of gold in California, in 1842, in wild onion roots pulled from under the "Oak of the Golden Dream".[1]

The canyon is home to several movie ranches, all historic and active now: the Monogram Movie Ranch—Melody Ranch and the Disney—Golden Oak Ranch.[2][3][4]

Natural history

Located in the transition zone between the San Gabriel Mountains' California chaparral and woodlands Ecosystem, and the Mojave's Deserts and xeric shrublands Biome in the California Floristic Province, the Placerita Canyon Flora is complex. Placerita Canyon State Park is in the east-west trending Placerita Canyon, containing sandstone formations, seasonal streams and riparian Coast live oak woodlands, along with willows, cottonwoods and native California sycamore trees.[6]

The Park

Placerita Canyon State Park is located at 19152 Placerita Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, California. The Park contains a Nature Center, the Walker Cabin (a restored and furnished cabin of the 1920s), and hiking and nature trails.[1][7]

Placerita Canyon State Park is currently managed by the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation.[1]

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