Poems by J. R. R. Tolkien

This is a list of the writings of English writer and philologist J. R. R. Tolkien.



Unless stated otherwise, the years indicate the date of composition.

  • The Battle of the Eastern Field 1911
  • From the many-willow'd margin of the immemorial Thames 1913
  • The Voyage of Eärendel the Evening Star (The Book of Lost Tales 2 267–269) 1914
  • The Bidding of the Minstrel 1914 (The Book of Lost Tales 2 261f.,269f. )
  • Tinfang Warble 1914 (The Book of Lost Tales 1 107f.)
  • Goblin Feet 1915
  • You and Me / and the Cottage of Lost Play 1915 (The Book of Lost Tales 1 27f.)
  • Kôr 1915, published as The City of the Gods in 1923 (The Book of Lost Tales 1 136)
  • Kortirion among the Trees 1915 (revised in 1937 and in the 1960s, The Trees of Kortirion)
  • Over Old Hills and Far Away 1915
  • A Song of Aryador 1915
  • The Shores of Elfland 1915
  • Habbanan beneath the Stars 1916
  • The Sorrowful City 1916
  • The Song of Eriol 1917 (The Book of Lost Tales 2 298ff.)
  • The Horns of Ulmo 1917
  • The Happy Mariners, published in 1920, composed in 1915
  • The Children of Húrin (begun in 1920 or earlier, continued to 1925) (The Lays of Beleriand)
  • The Clerke's Compleinte 1922
  • Iúmonna Gold Galdre Bewunden 1923
  • The Eadigan Saelidan 1923
  • Why the Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon 1923
  • Enigmata Saxonic - a Nuper Inventa Duo 1923
  • The Cat and the Fiddle: A Nursery-Rhyme Undone and its Scandalous Secret Unlocked 1923
  • An Evening in Tavrobel 1924
  • The Lonely Isle 1924
  • The Princess Ni 1924
  • Light as Leaf on Lindentree 1925
  • The Flight of the Noldoli from Valinor 1925 (The Lays of Beleriand)
  • The Lay of Leithian 1925–1931 (The Lays of Beleriand)
  • The Lay of Eärendel 1920s (The Lays of Beleriand)
  • The Nameless Land 1926
  • Adventures in Unnatural History and Medieval Metres, being the Freaks of Fisiologus 1927:
  • Bagme Bloma
  • Éadig Béo þu!
  • Frenchmen Froth
  • From One to Five
  • I Sat upon a Bench
  • Ides Ælfscýne
  • La Húru
  • Lit and Lang
  • Natura Apis: Morali Ricardi Eremite
  • Ofer Wídne Gársecg
  • The Root of the Boot
  • Ruddoc Hana
  • Syx Mynet
  • The Dragon's Visit 1937
  • Knocking at the Door: Lines induced by sensations when waiting for an answer at the door of an Exalted Academic Person 1937
  • The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun, published in Welsh Review, December 1945
  • Imram (The Death of St. Brendan) 1946 (published in Time and Tide, December 1955, Sauron Defeated 261ff,296ff)
  • Elvish translations of Catholic prayers (ed. Wynne, Smith, Hostetter in Vinyar Tengwar 43, 44, 2002), composed in the 1950s:
  • Ataremma versions (Quenya Pater Noster) versions I-VI
  • Aia María (Quenya Ave Maria) versions I-IV
  • Litany of Loreto in Quenya
  • Ortírielyanna (Quenya Sub tuum praesidium)
  • Alcar i Ataren (Quenya Gloria Patri)
  • Alcar mi tarmenel na Erun (Quenya Gloria in Excelsis Deo)
  • Ae Adar Nín (Sindarin Pater Noster)

Academic and other works

  • 1922 Clarendon Press, 168 pp.
  • 1925 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, co-edited with E.V. Gordon, Oxford University Press, 211 pp.; Revised edition 1967, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 232 pp.
  • 1925 Some Contributions to Middle-English Lexicography, published in The Review of English Studies, volume 1, no. 2, pp. 210–215.
  • 1925 The Devil's Coach Horses, published in The Review of English Studies, volume 1, no. 3, pp. 331–336.
  • 1929 Ancrene Wisse and Hali Meiðhad, published in Essays and Studies by members of the English Association, Oxford, volume 14, pp. 104–126.
  • 1932 The Name 'Nodens', concerning the name Nodens, published in Report on the Excavation of the Prehistoric, Roman, and Post-Roman Site in Lydney Park, Gloucestershire, Oxford, University Press for The Society of Antiquaries.
  • 1932–34 Sigelwara Land parts I and II, in Medium Aevum, Oxford, volume 1, no. 3 (December 1932), pp. 183–196 and volume 3, no. 2 (June 1934), pp. 95–111.
  • 1934 Chaucer as a Philologist: The Reeve's Tale, in Transactions of the Philological Society, London, pp. 1–70 (rediscovery of dialect humour, introducing the Hengwrt manuscript into textual criticism of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales)
  • 1937 Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics, London, Humphrey Milford, 56 pp. (publication of his 1936 lecture on Beowulf criticism)
  • 1939 The Reeve's Tale: version prepared for recitation at the 'summer diversions', Oxford, 14 pp.
  • 1939 On Fairy-Stories (1939 Andrew Lang lecture) - concerning Tolkien's philosophy on fantasy, this lecture was a shortened version of an essay later published in full in 1947.
  • 1944 Sir Orfeo, Oxford, The Academic Copying Office, 18 pp. (an edition of the medieval poem)
  • 1947 On Fairy-Stories (essay - published in Essays presented to Charles Williams, Oxford University Press) - first full publication of an essay concerning Tolkien's philosophy on fantasy, and which had been presented in shortened form as the 1939 Andrew Lang lecture.
  • 1953 Ofermod and Beorhtnoth's Death, two essays published with the poem The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth, Beorhthelm's Son in Essays and Studies by members of the English Association, volume 6.
  • 1953 Middle English "Losenger": Sketch of an etymological and semantic enquiry, published in Essais de philologie moderne: Communications présentées au Congrès International de Philologie Moderne (1951), Les Belles Lettres.
  • 1962 Ancrene Wisse: The English Text of the Ancrene Riwle, Early English Text Society, Oxford University Press.
  • 1963 English and Welsh, in Angles and Britons: O'Donnell Lectures, University of Cardiff Press.
  • 1964 Introduction to Tree and Leaf, with details of the composition and history of Leaf by Niggle and On Fairy-Stories.
  • 1966 Contributions to the Jerusalem Bible (as translator and lexicographer)
  • 1966 Foreword to the Second Edition of The Lord of the Rings, with Tolkien's comments on the varied reaction to his work, his motivation for writing the work, and his opinion of allegory.
  • 1966 Tolkien on Tolkien (autobiographical)

Posthumous publications

For essays and text fragments by Tolkien published posthumously in academic publications and forums, see Tolkien research.

Audio recordings

  • 1967 Poems and Songs of Middle-earth, Caedmon TC 1231
  • 1975 J. R. R. Tolkien Reads and Sings his The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings, Caedmon TC 1477, TC 1478 (based on an August, 1952 recording by George Sayer)

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