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Polish American Congress

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Title: Polish American Congress  
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Polish American Congress

The Polish American Congress (PAC) is a Polish-Americans and Polish-American organizations. Its membership is composed of fraternal, educational, veterans, religious, cultural, social, business, and political organizations, as well as individuals.

As of January 2009, it lists 20 national organizations as members.[1] It is sub-divided into 41 divisions and chapters.[2] Traditionally, the PAC National President has also been the president of the largest Polish American fraternal organization, the Polish National Alliance (PNA).

Formation during World War II

In response to the threat to Poland's freedom caused by [4] American Slav Congress, remained independent.[4]


The Congress elected Karol Rozmarek as the first president of the PAC.[3] He was succeeded in 1968 by Aloysius Mazewski, who served until his death in 1988.[3] Under Mazewski, Leonard F. Walentynowicz served as executive director of the PAC for a number of years.[6] Edward Moskal was elected president in 1988, and he, too, served as president for the remainder of his life.[7][8] Its current president is Frank J. Spula.[9]

Anti-Bigotry Committee

The Anti-Bigotry Committee of the Polish American Congress fights anti-Polish sentiment of all kinds. In particular, the Committee has been involved in fighting against Polish jokes and the use of the term "Polish death camps".

The Committee was formed in early 1980s by the initiative of Michael Preisler, a Polish Catholic survivor of Auschwitz death camp. In the opinion of Preisler, malicious jokes such as Polish jokes must be called "untermenschen" jokes, since they are used to denigrate people.[10]

Notable public cases include protests against the use of Polish jokes by Drew Carey (early 2000s) and Jimmy Kimmel (2013), both joking at the ABC network.[10]


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