Political parties of the Faroe Islands

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The Faroe Islands have a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.

There are two major ideological cleavages in Faroese politics. In addition to the left-right spectrum, parties are also divided between those that want to maintain the Faroes' place within the Danish Realm ('unionists') and those that want Faroese independence ('separatists').

The current government is formed by a coalition between the two major centre-right parties, the Union Party and the People's Party, and the small, centrist Centre Party and Self-Government Party.

Political parties with elected representation at a national level

There are currently seven parties represented in the Løgting. The two largest parties – each with eight seats – represent centre-right unionism and centre-right separatism, while the next two – each with six seats – represent centre-left unionism and left-wing separatism. There are also three minor parties in the Løgting.

Party MPs Ideology Leader Notes
width=5px style="background-color: Template:Union Party (Faroe Islands)/meta/color" | Union Party
8 1 Centre-rightconservative liberal and Nordic agrarian. In favour of union with Denmark. Kaj Leo Johannesen Also rendered as the Unionist Party
style="background-color: Template:People's Party (Faroe Islands)/meta/color" | People's Party
8 0 Centre-rightliberal conservative. In favour of independence. Jørgen Niclasen
style="background-color: Template:Social Democratic Party (Faroe Islands)/meta/color" | Social Democratic Party
6 1 Centre-leftsocial democratic. In favour of union with Denmark. Aksel V. Johannesen Also rendered as the Equality Party
width=5px style="background-color: Template:Republic (Faroe Islands)/meta/color" | Republic
6 0 Left-wingdemocratic socialist. In favour of independence. Høgni Hoydal Also rendered as the Party for People's Government
2 0 Centre-rightclassical liberal. In favour of independence. Poul Michelsen
style="background-color: Template:Centre Party (Faroe Islands)/meta/color" | Centre Party
2 0 CentreChristian democratic and agrarian. Jenis av Rana
style="background-color: Template:Self-Government Party (Faroe Islands)/meta/color" | Self-Government Party
1 0 Centresocial liberal. In favour of union with Denmark. Kári P. Højgaard Also rendered as the Home Rule Party or Independence Party

Other Minor Parties without Representation

Student Party (Miðnámsflokkurin, leader Bergur Johannesen)

Defunct parties

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