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President of the Moldovan Parliament

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Title: President of the Moldovan Parliament  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Moldovan parliamentary election, July 2009, Alliance for European Integration, Politics of Moldova, Sfatul Țării election, 1917, Vladimir Voronin
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

President of the Moldovan Parliament

President of Parliament of Moldova
Igor Corman

since May 30, 2013
Style His/Her Excellency
Residence Chişinău
Appointer Parliament of Moldova
Term length Four years

Moldovan Democratic Republic

Name From Until
Ion Inculeţ 04.12.1917 09.04.1918
Constantin Stere 09.04.1918 25.11.1918
Pan Halippa 25.11.1918 27.11.1918

Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Name From Until
Grigore Borisov 12.10.1924 01.05.1926
Tihon Konstantinov 01.07.1938 28.06.1940

Moldavian SSR[1]

The Chairmen of the Supreme Soviet of the Moldavian SSR were:
Name From Until
Nikita Salogor 08.02.1941 ?
Semjon Cojuhari 26.03.1951 17.04.1959
Iosif Vartician 17.4.1959 4.3.1963
Andrei Lupan 4.3.1963 ?.4.1967
Sergiu Rădăuţanu 11.4.1967 14.07.1971
Artiom Lazarev 14.7.1971 10.4.1980
Pavel Boţu 10.4.1980 29.3.1985
Mihail Lupaşcu 29.3.1985 12.7.1986
Ion C. Ciobanu 12.07.1986 17.04.1990
Mircea Snegur 27.4.1990 3.9.1990

Speakers of Moldovan Parliament

On June 5, 1990, Moldavian SSR (RSS Moldovenească) changed its name to the SSR Moldova (RSS Moldova). Subsequently it changed its name on May 23, 1991, to Republic of Moldova (Republica Moldova).

Speakers of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova:

Image Name From Until
Alexandru Moşanu 03.09.1990 02.02.1993
Petru Lucinschi 04.02.1993 09.01.1997
Dumitru Moţpan 04.03.1997 23.04.1998
Dumitru Diacov 23.04.1998 20.03.2001
Eugenia Ostapciuc 20.03.2001 24.03.2005
Marian Lupu 24.03.2005 01.04.2009
Ivan Călin (Acting) 05.05.2009 12.05.2009
Vladimir Voronin 12.05.2009 28.08.2009
Mihai Ghimpu 28.08.2009 29.12.2010
Marian Lupu 30.12.2010 25.4 2013
Liliana Palihovici (acting) 25.4 2013 30.5 2013
Igor Corman 30.5 2013 Incumbent


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