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Republic of China at the 1972 Summer Olympics

Chinese Taipei at the Olympic Games

Flag of the Republic of China
IOC code  TPE
  (ROC used at these Games)
NOC Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
Website (Chinese) (English)
At the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich
Competitors 21 (15 men, 6 women) in 10 sports
Flag bearer Chi Cheng
Medals Gold
Olympic history (summary)
Summer Games
Winter Games

* As the Republic of China

** As Taiwan
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Republic of China (1932–48)

The Republic of China (Taiwan) competed at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich for the last time as the "Republic of China". The ROC would not return to the Olympics until 1984 and under the name "Chinese Taipei" due to objections by the People's Republic of China over the political status of Taiwan. The PRC, amid the height of the Cultural Revolution, boycotted the Olympics due to the Taiwanese participation under the name "Republic of China". 21 competitors, 15 men and 6 women, took part in 41 events in 10 sports.[1]


  • Archery 1
  • Athletics 2
  • Boxing 3
  • Cycling 4
  • Judo 5
  • Sailing 6
  • Shooting 7
  • Swimming 8
  • Weightlifting 9
  • Wrestling 10
  • References 11


In the first modern archery competition at the Olympics, the Republic of China entered only one woman.



Men's 100 metres

  • First Heat — 10.59s
  • Second Heat — 10.82s (→ did not advance)

Men's 200 metres

  • First Heat — 21.55s
  • Second Heat — 21.47s (→ did not advance)

Men's 4 × 100 m relay:

  • Heat — 41.78 s (→ did not advance)

Men's 110 m hurdles:

Men's 400 m hurdles:

Men's Long jump

Men's Triple jump:

Women's 800 m:

Women's 1500 m:

Women's High jump:

  • Wu Yu-Chih - Qualifying round: 0 m (→ did not advance)

Women's Long jump:

  • Lin Chun-Yu - Qualifying round: 5.50 m (→ did not advance)

Women's Pentathlon:

Alternate member



  1. 1/16-Final - defeated Manoochehr Bahmani of Iran (3 - 2)
  2. 1/8-Final - lost to Great Britain


One cyclist represented the Republic of China in 1972.

Individual road race
1000m time trial
  1. Preliminary Round — lost to Sergei Kravtsov of Soviet Union and Taworn Tarwan of Thailand
  2. Preliminary Round, repêchage — Lost to Yoshikazu Cho of Japan and Felix Suarez of Spain



  1. Pool A - lost to Takao Kawaguchi of Japan
  2. Repêchage Pool - defeated Han Sung-Chul of South Korea
  3. Repêchage Pool - lost to Bakhaavaa Buidaa of Mongolia


  1. Pool A - defeated William McGregor of Canada
  2. Pool A - lost to Toyokazu Nomura of Japan
  3. Repêchage Pool - lost to Antal Hetényi of Hungary


  1. Pool A - defeated Raymond Coulibaly of Mali
  2. Pool A - lost to Jean-Paul Coche of France

Light heavyweight:

  1. Pool B - defeated Epigmenio Exiga of Mexico
  2. Pool B - lost to Chiaki Ishii of Brazil

Open Category:

  1. Pool A - lost to Pavle Bajetić of Yugoslavia




Small bore rifle, prone pos.:

Small bore rifle, 3 pos.:

Free rifle:


Women's 100 m freestyle:

Women's 200 m freestyle:

Women's 400 m freestyle:

Women's400 m individual medley:

Women's 100 m breaststroke

Women's 200 m breaststroke

Men's 100 m butterfly:

Men's 200 m butterfly:

Men's 200 m individual medley:

Men's 400 m individual medley:




Freestyle –57 kg:

  1. Round 1 - lost to Nicolae Dumitru of Romania (4 - 0)
  2. Round 2 - lost to Greece (4 - 0)


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