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Republic of China legislative election, 2012


Republic of China legislative election, 2012

Republic of China legislative election, 2012

14 January 2012

All 113 seats to the Legislative Yuan
57 seats are needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Ma Ying-jeou Tsai Ing-wen
Party Kuomintang Democratic Progressive
Alliance Pan-Blue Pan-Green
Leader since 17 October 2009 20 May 2008
Last election 81 seats, 53.5% 27 seats, 38.2%
Seats before 72 33
Seats won 64 40
Seat change Decrease8 Increase7
Popular vote 5,863,379 4,556,526
Percentage 44.5% 34.6%

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Huang Kun-huei James Soong Chu-yu
Party Taiwan Solidarity Union People First
Alliance Pan-Green Pan-Blue
Leader since 26 January 2007 31 March 2000
Last election 0 seats, 0% 1 seat, 0.9%
Seats before 0 1
Seats won 3 3
Seat change Increase3 Increase2
Popular vote 1,178,896 722,089
Percentage 8.96% 5.49%


President of the
Legislative Yuan before election

Wang Jin-pyng

Elected President of the
Legislative Yuan

Wang Jin-pyng

The 8th Legislative elections was held on 14 January 2012 in the Republic of China (R.O.C./Taiwan). Voting took place in all Legislative constituencies of the Republic of China to elect Legislators of the Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China. For the first time legislative elections were held simultaneously with the presidential election. This will form the 15th Legislative Yuan session since 1946, when the Constitution of the Republic of China came into effect.


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According to the "Civil Servants Election And Recall Act", subsidies are payable to the political parties who sponsor candidates for Legislative Yuan elections. Article 43 has the following specifications:[1]

Every year the state shall apportion subsidies for campaign to the political parties, and the standard of apportionment shall be determined based on the latest election of members of the Legislative Yuan. If a ratio of vote attained by the political party achieves not less than 5% in the national integrated election and the overseas election of central civil servants, the subsidy for campaign funds shall be granted to the political party by a rate of NT$50 per vote every year.
The Central Election Commission shall work out the amount of the subsidy every fiscal year, and notify the party to prepare the receipt and receive the subsidy from the Central Election Commission within 1 month, till the tenure of the current session of the members of the Legislative Yuan expires.

Election results

Voting took place on 14 January 2012 between 8 am and 4 pm local Taipei time at 14,806 polling stations nationwide.[2]
  KMT (Pan Blue Coalition) 64
  People First Party (Pan Blue Coalition) 3
  Non-Partisan Solidarity Union (Pan Blue Coalition) 2
  Independent (non-aligned) 1
  Taiwan Solidarity Union (Pan Green Coalition) 3
  Democratic Progressive Party (Pan Green Coalition) 40
69 1 43
Pan-Blue coalition I Pan-Green coalition
 Summary of the 14 January 2012 Legislative Yuan election results
Parties (alliances) constituency + Aboriginal Party block Votes % Total
Seats ± Seats ± Before After ±
Kuomintang 48 Decrease13 16 Decrease4 5,863,379 44.55 81 64 Decrease17
People First Party 1 Steady0 2 Increase2 722,089 5.49 1 3 Increase2
Non-Partisan Solidarity Union 2 Decrease1 0 Steady0 148,105 1.12 3 2 Decrease1
New Party 0 Steady0 0 Steady0 195,960 1.49 0 0 Steady0
Pan-Blue coalition 51 Decrease14 18 Decrease2 7,503,517 51.48 85 69 Decrease16
Democratic Progressive Party 27 Increase14 13 Decrease1 4,556,526 34.62 27 40 Increase13
Taiwan Solidarity Union 0 Steady0 3 Increase3 1,178,896 8.96 0 3 Increase3
Pan-Green coalition 27 Increase14 16 Increase2 5,735,422 43.56 27 43 Increase16
Independents 1 Steady0 0 Steady0 2,528 0.02 1 1 Steady0
Total 79 Steady0 34 Steady0 13,241,467 100% 113 113 Steady0
Source: Central Election Commission

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  1. ^ Civil Servants Election And Recall Act, Laws and Regulations Database of the Republic of China. Act last amended 25 May 2011.
  2. ^ CEC finalizes two-in-one poll preparations Taiwan Today. 13 January 2012

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