Republic of China local elections, 2001

Republic of China (Taiwan) local elections, 2001

1 December 2001

  First party Second party Third party
Leader Chen Shui-bian Lien Chan Yok Mu-ming
Party Democratic Progressive Kuomintang New Party
Leader since May 20, 2000 March 20, 2000 March 20, 2000

  Democratic Progressive Party
  People First Party
  New Party

The Republic of China Local Elections 2001 (Chinese: 2001年中華民國地方公職人員選舉; pinyin: jiǔshísì nián zhōnghuámínguó dìfāng gōngzhírényuán xuǎnjǔ) is the election in Taiwan on 1 December 2001 to elect mayors of provincial cities, magistrates of counties, members of county and city councils, and heads of townships and county-administered cities.

The elections were not held in the centrally-administered cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung, which the elections individually held in November 2002, which Taipei governed by KMT and Kaohsiung governed by DPP.


Republic of China county magistrates and city mayoral elections, 2001
Province County/ City Winning Candidate Party
Taiwan Province Taipei County Su Tseng-chang Democratic Progressive Party
Keelung City Hsu Tsai-li Kuomintang
Yilan County Liu Shou-ch'eng Democratic Progressive Party
Taoyuan County Eric Chu Kuomintang
Hsinchu County Cheng Yung-chin (鄭永金) Kuomintang
Hsinchu City Lin Junq-tzer Kuomintang
Miaoli County Fu Hsueh-peng (傅學鵬) Independent
Taichung County Huang chung-sheng (黃仲生) Kuomintang
Taichung City Jason Hu Kuomintang
Changhua County Wong Chin-chu Democratic Progressive Party
Nantou County Lin Tsung-nan (林宗男) Democratic Progressive Party
Yunlin County Chang Jung-wei (張榮味) Kuomintang
Chiayi County Chen Ming-wen Democratic Progressive Party
Chiayi City Chen Li-chen (陳麗貞) Independent
Tainan County Su Huan-chih Democratic Progressive Party
Tainan City Hsu Tain-tsair Democratic Progressive Party
Kaohsiung County Yang Chiu-hsing Democratic Progressive Party
Pingtung County Su Chia-chyuan Democratic Progressive Party
Taitung County Hsu Ching-yuan (徐慶元) People First Party
Hualien County Chang Fu-hsin (張福興) Kuomintang
Penghu County Lai Feng-wei (賴峰偉) Kuomintang
Fukien Province Kinmen County Lee Chu-feng New Party
Lienchiang County Chen Hsueh-sheng (陳雪生) People First Party

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