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Taiwanese municipal elections, 2006


Taiwanese municipal elections, 2006

Republic of China (Taiwan) municipal elections, 2006

9 December 2006

2 Municipal Mayors, 96 Municipal Councilmen
  First party Second party
Leader Ma Ying-jeou Chen Shui-bian
Party Kuomintang Democratic Progressive
Leader since July 27, 2005 May 20, 2000
Seats won 1 (Municipal Mayors)
41 (Municipal Councilmen)
1 (Municipal Mayors)
33 (Municipal Councilmen)
Popular vote 1,070,388 (Municipal Mayors)
828,265 (Municipal Councilmen)
905,286 (Municipal Mayors)
623,091 (Municipal Councilmen)
Percentage 52.11% (Municipal Mayors)
40.77% (Municipal Councilmen)
44.08% (Municipal Mayors)
30.67% (Municipal Councilmen)

The results of the municipal mayoral elections:
      Democratic Progressive Party
      Taiwan Province and Fukien Province, which did not take part in this election.

The Republic of China municipal elections of 2006, or more commonly known as the Taipei and Kaohsiung elections of 2006 (Chinese: 2006年北高選戰), was held on Saturday, December 9, 2006, to elect the municipal mayors and municipal councilmen of the two special-municipalities (Taipei City and Kaohsiung City) administered directly under the central government of the Republic of China.


  • Results for Taipei City 1
    • Taipei Mayoral Elections 1.1
    • Taipei City Councillors Elections 1.2
  • Results for Kaohsiung City 2
    • Kaohsiung City Mayoral Elections 2.1
    • Kaohsiung City Councillors Elections 2.2
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Results for Taipei City

Taipei Mayoral Elections

No Candidate Party Votes %
1 Li Ao 李敖 7,795 0.61%
2 Clara Chou 周玉蔻[1] 3,372 0.26%
3 Frank Hsieh 謝長廷 525,869 40.89%
4 James Soong 宋楚瑜[2] 53,281 4.14%
5 Hau Lung-pin 郝龍斌 692,085 53.81%
6 Ke Tsi-hai 柯賜海 3,687 0.29%

Hau Lung-pin of the opposition party Kuomintang was elected mayor of Taipei, defeating the main opponent, Frank Hsieh of the governing Democratic Progressive Party.

Taipei City Councillors Elections

Party Seats Votes %
Kuomintang 24 555,480 43.65%
Democratic Progressive Party 18 391,674 30.77%
Chinese New Party 4 74,752 5.87%
People First Party 2 88,852 6.98%
Taiwan Solidarity Union 2 65,197 5.12%
Green Party - 5,381 0.42%
Non-Partisan Solidarity Union - 197 0.02%
Chinese People's Party - 416 0.03%
Independent or others 2 90,908 7.14%
Total 52 1,272,857 100%

Results for Kaohsiung City

Kaohsiung City Mayoral Elections

No Candidate Party Votes %
1 Huang Chun-ying 黃俊英 378,303 49.27%
2 Lin Chi-sheng 林志昇 1,746 0.23%
3 Lo Chih-ming 羅志明 6,599 0.86%
4 Lin Ching-yuan 林景元 1,803 0.23%
5 Chen Chu 陳菊 379,417 49.41%

Chen Chu of DPP was elected mayor of Kaohsiung, defeating the major rival, Kuomintang's Huang Chun-ying.

Huang contested the result, claiming that there had been voting irregularities and Chen had violated election law by holding press conferences and rallies well after the lawful time limit, and attacked him during this time period with unconfirmed information. Huang also filed the twin "Annulment of Election Result" and "Annulment of Election" lawsuits with Kaohsiung District Court on the same day Chen was proclaimed Mayor-Elected. Subsequently, the court ordered a complete recount of the votes, starting on March 12, 2007 and completed six days later on March 18. The result of the recount would be used as evidences in the lawsuits.

On June 15 the Kaohsiung District Court reached the decision to annulled the results of the Kaohsiung City Mayor Election, while dismissing the "Annulment of Election" lawsuit. Chen had since filed the appeal to the decision of "Annulment of Election Result",[3] while Huang also filed the appeal to the decision of "Annulment of Election" lawsuit. On November 16, 2007, the High Court overturned the earlier decision and validated Chen's election victory, which was a final decision that could not be further appealed.[4]

Kaohsiung City Councillors Elections

Party Seats Votes %
Kuomintang 17 272,785 35.95%
Democratic Progressive Party 15 231,417 30.49%
Chinese New Party - 233 0.03%
People First Party 4 51,475 6.78%
Taiwan Solidarity Union 1 43,564 5.74%
Taiwan Jianguo Union (台灣建國聯盟) - 6,915 0.91%
Taiwan Defense Alliance - 2,397 0.32%
Independent or others 7 150,125 19.78%
Total 44 758,911 100%

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  1. ^ Despite Chou's expulsion from the Taiwan Solidarity Union on November 9, 2006, the Taiwan Solidarity Union cannot withdraw their recommendation for Chou under Republic of China's Public Officials Election and Recall Law. She would still contest the elections as a TSU candidate. (ETtoday Report)
  2. ^ James Soong is Chairman of the People's First Party at the time of the elections, but entered the elections as an independent.
  3. ^ "Taiwan court annuls Kaohsiung mayor's election victory" June 16, 2007 AFP via Yahoo! News
  4. ^ "DPP mayor stays on top as court overturns ruling". HK Standard. 2007-11-17. Retrieved 2007-11-17. 

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