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Title: Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Sankt Goar, Oberwesel, Rhineland-Palatinate, List of coats of arms with the Palatine Lion, Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis
Collection: Districts of Rhineland-Palatinate, Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis is a district (Kreis) in the middle of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The neighbouring districts are (from north clockwise) Mayen-Koblenz, Rhein-Lahn, Mainz-Bingen, Bad Kreuznach, Birkenfeld, Bernkastel-Wittlich, Cochem-Zell.


  • History 1
  • Geography 2
  • Partnerships 3
  • Coat of arms 4
  • Towns and municipalities 5
  • References 6


The district was created in 1969, when the districts of St. Goar and Simmern were merged. In 2014 it was expanded with the municipalities Lahr, Mörsdorf and Zilshausen, previously part of Cochem-Zell.


The name of the district already mentions the two main geographic features of the district - the river Rhine which forms the boundary to the north-east and the hills of the Hunsrück cover most of the area of the district.

The Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is located in the district.


In 1962, Simmern began a friendship pact with the French region Bourgogne, which was continued after the merging with the St. Goar. In 1985 a partnership was started with the district Nyaruguru (at that time called the municipality Rwamiko) in Rwanda, as part of the partnership of the Rhineland-Palatinate region with Rwanda. In 1999, a partnership with the Hungarian Zala County began.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms The chequered bar in the top is taken from the coat of arms of the district Simmern, and stands for the Counts of Sponheim, who owned several estates in the district. The imperial eagle to the left was taken from the coat of arms of the St. Goar district, and represents the imperial cities Boppard and Oberwesel. To the right is the lion of the Electorate of the Palatinate.

Towns and municipalities

Verband-free town: Boppard

  1. Badenhard
  2. Beulich
  3. Bickenbach
  4. Birkheim
  5. Dörth
  6. Emmelshausen1,2
  7. Gondershausen
  8. Halsenbach
  9. Hausbay
  10. Hungenroth
  11. Karbach
  12. Kratzenburg
  13. Leiningen
  14. Lingerhahn
  15. Maisborn
  16. Mermuth
  17. Morshausen
  18. Mühlpfad
  19. Ney
  20. Niedert
  21. Norath
  22. Pfalzfeld
  23. Schwall
  24. Thörlingen
  25. Utzenhain
  1. Alterkülz
  2. Bell
  3. Beltheim
  4. Braunshorn
  5. Buch
  6. Dommershausen
  7. Gödenroth
  8. Hasselbach
  9. Hollnich
  10. Kastellaun1,2
  11. Korweiler
  12. Lahr
  13. Mastershausen
  14. Michelbach
  15. Mörsdorf
  16. Roth
  17. Spesenroth
  18. Uhler
  19. Zilshausen
  1. Bärenbach
  2. Belg
  3. Büchenbeuren
  4. Dickenschied
  5. Dill
  6. Dillendorf
  7. Gehlweiler
  8. Gemünden
  9. Hahn
  10. Hecken
  11. Heinzenbach
  12. Henau
  13. Hirschfeld
  14. Kappel
  15. Kirchberg1,2
  16. Kludenbach
  17. Laufersweiler
  18. Lautzenhausen
  19. Lindenschied
  20. Maitzborn
  21. Metzenhausen
  22. Nieder Kostenz
  23. Niedersohren
  24. Niederweiler
  25. Ober Kostenz
  26. Raversbeuren
  27. Reckershausen
  28. Rödelhausen
  29. Rödern
  30. Rohrbach
  31. Schlierschied
  32. Schwarzen
  33. Sohren
  34. Sohrschied
  35. Todenroth
  36. Unzenberg
  37. Wahlenau
  38. Womrath
  39. Woppenroth
  40. Würrich
  1. Argenthal
  2. Benzweiler
  3. Dichtelbach
  4. Ellern
  5. Erbach
  6. Kisselbach
  7. Liebshausen
  8. Mörschbach
  9. Rheinböllen1,2
  10. Riesweiler
  11. Schnorbach
  12. Steinbach
  1. Damscheid
  2. Laudert
  3. Niederburg
  4. Oberwesel1,2
  5. Perscheid
  6. Sankt Goar2
  7. Urbar
  8. Wiebelsheim
  1. Altweidelbach
  2. Belgweiler
  3. Bergenhausen
  4. Biebern
  5. Bubach
  6. Budenbach
  7. Fronhofen
  8. Holzbach
  9. Horn
  10. Keidelheim
  11. Klosterkumbd
  12. Külz
  13. Kümbdchen
  14. Laubach
  15. Mengerschied
  16. Mutterschied
  17. Nannhausen
  18. Neuerkirch
  19. Niederkumbd
  20. Ohlweiler
  21. Oppertshausen
  22. Pleizenhausen
  23. Ravengiersburg
  24. Rayerschied
  25. Reich
  26. Riegenroth
  27. Sargenroth
  28. Schönborn
  29. Simmern1,2
  30. Tiefenbach
  31. Wahlbach
  32. Wüschheim
1seat of the Verbandsgemeinde ;2town


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