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Sr 15 (fl)

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Title: Sr 15 (fl)  
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Subject: U.S. Route 92, Florida State Road 11, Florida State Road 13, Florida State Road 115
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Sr 15 (fl)

"FL 15" redirects here. For the congressional district, see Florida's 15th congressional district.

State Road 15
;">Route information
Maintained by FDOT
;">Major junctions
South end: Template:Jct/extra SR 80 / SR 880 in Belle Glade
North end: Hilliard
;">Highway system

State Road 15 (commonly SR 15) is part of the Florida State Road System. It runs from SR 80/SR 880 at Belle Glade north along the east shore of Lake Okeechobee to Okeechobee. Then it runs north to SR 500 (US 192) at Holopaw, and northwest along SR 500 to Ashton (east of St. Cloud), where it ends.

County Road 15 in Osceola County and Orange County connects to the beginning of the next section, at SR 528 (the Bee Line Expressway) east of Orlando International Airport. From there, SR 15 travels north on Narcoossee Road, west on Hoffner Road, north on Conway Road through Conway, west on Lake Underhill Road, and west on South Street (northbound) and Anderson Street (southbound) on both sides of SR 408 (the east–west Expressway) to downtown Orlando. It then travels north on Mills Avenue and continues all the way to downtown Jacksonville. From there it goes north along Main Street and west on the 20th Street Expressway, and then northwest into Georgia, as Georgia State Route 15.

SR 15 is unsigned, except in four places:

The rest is signed as various U.S. Highways:

SR 15 is locally maintained along Mills Avenue in Orlando from SR 526 (Robinson Street) to SR 50 (Colonial Drive).

Major intersections


Prior to the 1945 renumbering, the route that became SR 15 had the following numbers:

SR 15 was defined in the 1945 renumbering as:

Neither proposed route was built. The alternate route in Seminole County was going to be a bypass of Sanford, but construction of SR 400 (Interstate 4) relegated it to a minor road, and it became CR 15 in the 1980s.

The main route has stayed mostly the same. Here are the places where the route now differs:

  • The south end of SR 15 has stayed the same, but SR 80 has moved to the north, and thus the first three miles (5 km) of SR 15 is also SR 80.
  • SR 15 is now CR 15 in Osceola County and Orange County from SR 500 in Ashton to SR 528 east of Orlando International Airport.
  • SR 15 originally went from Conway to Orlando along Conway Road, but then turned west at Curry Ford Road and used Briercliff Drive, Delaney Avenue, and Gore Street to reach SR 527. The part of the old alignment on Curry Ford Road became part of SR 526A when SR 15 was moved.
  • Until around 1975, when the Mills Avenue Extension was built, SR 15 continued west from Mills Avenue along what is now SR 5098, and then went north on SR 527 through downtown Orlando, returning to the current route via SR 50.
  • When the 20th Street Expressway was built in Jacksonville, SR 15 was rerouted onto it; the old route is now SR 139 (and was first given the number SR 15A).

Spur in Jacksonville

County Location Mile Destination Notes
Palm Beach Belle Glade Template:Jct/extra SR 80 (South Main Street) / SR 880 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard) Southern terminus
south end of SR 80 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra SR 717 east (East Canal Street South) South end of SR 717 overlap
Template:Jct/extra SR 717 west (West Canal Street North) North end of SR 717 overlap
Template:Jct/extra US 98 / US 441 / SR 80 east Northern end of SR 80 concurrency
Southern end of US 98-441 concurrency
Pahokee Template:Jct/extra SR 729 north / CR 717 east Western terminus of CR 717
Southern terminus of SR 729
Template:Jct/extra SR 715 south Northern terminus of SR 715
Template:Jct/extra SR 729 south Northern terminus of SR 729
Canal Point Template:Jct/extra SR 700 east SR 700 overlap begins
Martin Port Mayaca Template:Jct/extra SR 76 east Western Terminus of SR 76
Okeechobee Template:Jct/extra SR 78 south Northeastern terminus of SR 78
Okeechobee Template:Jct/extra US 98 / SR 700 north / SR 70 east (Park Street) to SR 710 North end of US 98/SR 700 overlap
Template:Jct/extra CR 68 west (Florida Cracker Trail) South end of CR 68 overlap
Template:Jct/extra CR 68 east (Florida Cracker Trail) North end of CR 68 overlap
Osceola Yeehaw Junction Template:Jct/extra SR 60
Kenansville Template:Jct/extra CR 523
Holopaw Template:Jct/extra US 192 / SR 500 Begin US 192-SR 500 concurrency
Ashton Template:Jct/extra CR 532
St. Cloud Template:Jct/extra US 192 / US 441 / SR 500 / CR 15 End US 192-US 441-SR 500 concurrency
North end of state maintenance
Template:Jct/extra CR 530 South end of CR 530 overlap
Template:Jct/extra CR 530 County extension of SR 530
North end of CR 530 overlap
Orange Orlando Template:Jct/extra SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) Exit 22 (SR 417)
South end of state maintenance
Template:Jct/extra SR 528 (Martin Andersen Beachline Expressway) Exit 13 (SR 528)
Template:Jct/extra SR 551 (Goldenrod Road)
Template:Jct/extra SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard)
Template:Jct/extra SR 552 (Curry Ford Road)
Template:Jct/extra SR 408 (Spessard L. Holland East-West Expressway) / CR 526 (Lake Underhill Road) Exit 13 (SR 408); CR 526 is a County extension of SR 526; Eastbound off-ramp and westbound on-ramp
Template:Jct/extra SR 408 (Spessard L. Holland East-West Expressway) Exit 12B (SR 408); SR 15 becomes frontage roads for SR 408; Eastbound on-ramp and westbound off-ramp
Template:Jct/extra SR 526 (Crystal Lake Drive) End SR 526 overlap
Template:Jct/extra SR 408 (Spessard L. Holland East-West Expressway) Exit 12A (SR 408); Eastbound off-ramp and westbound on-ramp
Template:Jct/extra SR 408 (Spessard L. Holland East-West Expressway) / SR 5098 Exit 11B (SR 408); SR 15 leaves frontage roads; Eastbound on-ramp and westbound off-ramp
Template:Jct/extra SR 526 (East Robinson Street)
Template:Jct/extra US 17 / US 92 / SR 50 (Colonial Drive) / SR 600 Begin US 17-US 92-SR 600 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra SR 438 (East Princeton Street)
Winter Park Template:Jct/extra SR 527 (Orange Avenue)
Template:Jct/extra SR 426 (Fairbanks Avenue)
Template:Jct/extra US 17 Truck / US 92 Truck / SR 423
Maitland Park Avenue
Template:Jct/extra US 17 Truck / US 92 Truck / CR 438A (Lake Avenue)
Template:Jct/extra CR 427 (Maitland Avenue)
Horatio Avenue
Template:Jct/extra SR 414 (Maitland Boulevard)
Seminole Casselberry Template:Jct/extra SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard)
Longwood Template:Jct/extra SR 434 (Sanlando Springs Road)
Template:Jct/extra SR 419 (Sanford-Oviedo Road)
Template:Jct/extra CR 427 (Ronald Reagan Boulevard)
Sanford Template:Jct/extra SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) Exit 50 (SR 417)
Template:Jct/extra SR 46 (25th Street) / CR 46A Begin SR 46 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra CR 415 (13th Street) Connecting spur to SR 415
Template:Jct/extra SR 46 (First Street) End SR 46 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra I-4 / SR 400 Exit 104 (I-4)
Volusia Template:Jct/extra SR 472
DeLand Template:Jct/extra SR 15A
Template:Jct/extra SR 44
Template:Jct/extra US 92 / SR 600 in DeLand End US 92/SR 600 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra SR 11
Template:Jct/extra SR 15A / CR 15A
Barberville Template:Jct/extra SR 40
Seville Template:Jct/extra CR 305
Putnam Satsuma Template:Jct/extra CR 309
San Mateo Template:Jct/extra SR 20 / SR 100 Begin SR 20/SR 100 concurrency
East Palatka Template:Jct/extra SR 207
Palatka Template:Jct/extra SR 20 End SR 20 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra SR 100 End SR 100 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra SR 19 Northern terminus of SR 19
Clay Green Cove Springs Template:Jct/extra SR 16 Begin SR 16 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra SR 16 End SR 16 concurrency
Orange Park Template:Jct/extra SR 224
Duval Jacksonville Template:Jct/extra I-295 / SR 9A Exit 10 (I-295)
Template:Jct/extra SR 134 (Timuquana Road)
Template:Jct/extra SR 211 (Ortega Boulevard)
Cedar River Bridge
Template:Jct/extra SR 128 (San Juan Avenue)
Template:Jct/extra SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) Northern terminus of SR 21
SR Spur 15 (Roosevelt Boulevard)
Template:Jct/extra SR 129 (McDuff Avenue)
Template:Jct/extra SR 228 Begin SR 228 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra I-10 / SR 8 Exit 361 (I-10), begin I-10 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra I-10 / SR 8 west / I-95 / SR 9 north Exit 362B (I-10); Exit 351B (I-95); SR 15 takes I-95 north from I-10 east
Template:Jct/extra US 90 / SR 10 Access only from I-95 southbound
Template:Jct/extra US 23 / SR 139 Exit 353B (I-95), end I-95 concurrency
Signed as US Alt. 90
Template:Jct/extra SR 13 / SR 211 south (Jefferson Street)
Template:Jct/extra SR 13 / SR 211 north (Broad Street)
Template:Jct/extra US 1 / SR 5 / SR 115 / SR 228 End SR 228 concurrency
Begin US 1-SR 5 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra US 17 / SR 5 / US 1 Alt. / SR 115A (Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway) End US 17-SR 5 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra I-95 Exit 354 (I-95)
Template:Jct/extra US 23 (Kings Road) Begin US 23 concurrency
Template:Jct/extra SR 111 (Edgewood Avenue)
Template:Jct/extra I-295 (Jacksonville Western Beltway) Exit 28 (I-295)
Template:Jct/extra SR 104 (Dunn Avenue)
Nassau Callahan Template:Jct/extra SR 115 (Lem Turner Road) SR 115 northern terminus
Template:Jct/extra US 301 / SR 200 / SR A1A (First Avenue) Begin US 301 concurrency
Hilliard Template:Jct/extra CR 108
Boulogne Template:Jct/extra CR 121 Not part of SR 121
St. Mary's River Florida – Georgia state line; Northern terminus of SR 15
Template:Jct/extra US 1 / US 23 / US 301 continues onto Template:Jct/extra SR 4 / SR 15

State Road 15 Spur
Location: Jacksonville

SR 15 is also a short arterial and freeway connector from the main part of SR 15 (US 17) southwest of downtown Jacksonville northeast to SR 8 (Interstate 10).

The spur is unsigned. Southbound it is signed for US 17, and northbound it is signed for I-10 east.

Major roads intersected


The spur was built as part of the original Jacksonville freeway system. It was originally signed as part of US 17 Alt.


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