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Saint-Maurice (provincial electoral district)


Saint-Maurice (provincial electoral district)

electoral district
Provincial electoral district
Legislature National Assembly of Quebec
Luc Trudel
District created 1867
First contested 1867
Last contested 2012
Electors (2012)[1] 36,513
Area (km²)[2] 652.6
Census divisions Shawinigan (part), Les Chenaux (part), Maskinongé (part)
Census subdivisions Shawinigan (part), Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, Saint-Boniface, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc

Saint-Maurice is a provincial electoral district located in the Mauricie region of Quebec, Canada. It includes part of the city of Shawinigan; it does not, however, include the parish municipality of Saint-Maurice (although it borders on it).

It was created for the 1867 election, and an electoral district of that name existed even earlier: see Saint-Maurice (Lower Canada) and Saint-Maurice (Province of Canada).

In the change from the 2001 to the 2011 electoral map, its territory was unchanged.

Members of the Legislative Assembly / National Assembly

  Name Assignments [3] Party Election [4] Popular Vote [5]
     Abraham Lesieur DesaulniersGovernment MLAConservative186767%
     Elzéar GérinGovernment MLAConservative187156%
     Élie LacerteGovernment MLA (until 1878)
Official Opposition MLA (after 1878)
     François-Sévère Lesieur DesaulniersOfficial Opposition MLA (until 1879)
Government MLA (after 1879)
     François-Sévère Lesieur DesaulniersGovernment MLAConservative188154%
     Nérée Le Noblet DuplessisGovernment MLA (until 1887)
Official Opposition MLA (after 1887)
     Nérée Le Noblet DuplessisOfficial Opposition MLA (until 1891)
Government MLA (after 1891)
     Nérée Le Noblet DuplessisGovernment MLAConservative1892unopposed
     Nérée Le Noblet Duplessis [6]Official Opposition MLAConservative1897unopposed
     Louis-Philippe FisetGovernment MLALiberal190053%
     Louis-Philippe FisetGovernment MLALiberal1904unopposed
     Georges-Isidore DelisleGovernment MLALiberal190852%
     Georges-Isidore DelisleGovernment MLALiberal191253%
     Georges-Isidore DelisleGovernment MLALiberal1916unopposed
     Georges-Isidore Delisle [7]Government MLALiberal191960%
     Léonide-Nestor-Arthur RicardGovernment MLALiberal192051%
     Léonide-Nestor-Arthur Ricard [8]Government MLALiberal192359%
     Alphonse-Edgar Guillemette [9]Government MLALiberal192459%
     Joseph-Auguste FrigonGovernment MLALiberal192755%
     Joseph-Auguste Frigon [10]Government MLALiberal193157%
     Marc TrudelOpposition MLAAction libérale nationale193560%

Marc Trudel [11]Government MLA
Deputy Speaker
Union Nationale193665%
     Polydore BeaulacGovernment MLALiberal193947%

Marc TrudelCabinet MemberUnion Nationale194452%

Marc Trudel [12]Cabinet MemberUnion Nationale194853%
     René HamelOfficial Opposition MLALiberal195258%
     René HamelOfficial Opposition MLALiberal195651%
     René HamelCabinet MemberLiberal196053%
     René Hamel [13]Cabinet MemberLiberal196256%
     Jean-Guy Trépanier [14]Government MLALiberal196585%

Philippe DemersGovernment MLAUnion Nationale196647%

Philippe Demers [15]Official Opposition MNAUnion Nationale197037%
     Marcel Bérard [16]Government MNALiberal197334%
bgcolor=""|     Yves DuhaimeCabinet MemberParti Québécois197646%
bgcolor=""|     Yves DuhaimeCabinet MemberParti Québécois198157%
     Yvon LemireGovernment MNALiberal198555%
     Yvon Lemire [17]Government MNALiberal198951%
bgcolor=""|     Claude PinardGovernment MNA
Deputy Speaker (after 1996)
Parti Québécois199447%
bgcolor=""|     Claude PinardGovernment MNA
Deputy Speaker (until 2002)
Parti Québécois199850%
bgcolor=""|     Claude Pinard [18]Official Opposition MNAParti Québécois200335%
     Robert DeschampsOfficial Opposition MNAAction démocratique du Québec200738%
bgcolor=""|     Claude Pinard Official Opposition MNAParti Québécois200841%
bgcolor=""|     Luc Trudel Government MNAParti Québécois201241%

Election results

Quebec general election, 2008
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
bgcolor=""|     Parti québécois Claude Pinard 8,769 41.41
     Liberal Celine Trepanier 8,138 38.43
     Action démocratique (x)Robert Deschamps 3,119 14.73
     Québec solidaire Allison Molesworth 429 2.03
     Independent Yves Demers 276 1.30

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Coordinates: 46°30′22″N 72°44′38″W / 46.506°N 72.744°W / 46.506; -72.744

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