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Saviors (House)

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Title: Saviors (House)  
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Subject: Georgia on My Mind, Savior, House (TV series), You Can't Always Get What You Want, Lindsey McKeon, Anne Dudek, Eric Foreman, Allison Cameron, List of House characters, House (season 5)
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Saviors (House)

House episode
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 21
Directed by Matthew Penn
Written by Eli Attie
Thomas L. Moran
Original air date April 13, 2009
Guest actors
Season 5 episodes
List of episodes

"Saviors" is the twenty-first episode of the fifth season of House. It aired on April 13, 2009.


Cameron cancels a vacation with Chase, saying she wants to make sure House takes the case of an environmental activist named Doug (Tim Rock) who collapsed at a rally. At first, House suspects that Cameron is trying to take Kutner's job and gets her to do all the initial tests and questions. Chase, on the other hand, suspects (as he always has) that Cameron is in love with House. When he challenges her motives, she says that she has a reason but cannot tell him.

Later, Doug's wife (Lindsey McKeon) arrives, and begins arguing with him, saying she wants him to stop his dangerous exploits and return to his family. He soon experiences chronic hiccups, and his femur (one of the strongest bones) breaks while he is lying in bed, due to administered steroids. The team agrees that all the symptoms point to cancer but they cannot find it, so House proposes full-body irradiation, which could kill him. Taub says he would rather make the cancer worse so they can find its location. House agrees that this is a better idea.

Unable to diagnose the patient, determine Cameron's motives, or work out why Wilson ordered a healthy breakfast in the cafeteria (indicating a new diet), House tells Wilson he's lost his "mojo." Wilson suggests that he's off his game because of Kutner's suicide—an event he could not explain because there was no explanation.

Later, observing Wilson in front of a snack machine, House realizes that he is eating healthy food so House will stop stealing it—and because Wilson wanted to mess with him (i.e., give him a fresh problem to solve and help normalize things). House also diagnoses Doug's illness: The activist contracted sporotrichosis from a bunch of roses he bought his wife as an apology for missing their anniversary for a rally.

After several days of mounting frustration, Chase loses patience and breaks up with Cameron. Later, she finally comes clean, admitting that she found an engagement ring in his sock, and feared he was going to propose as a knee-jerk response to Kutner's death. Now, however, she no longer cares what inspired him to consider proposing, and asks him to consider it again. Chase then asks her to marry him, and she accepts.

As the episode ends, House is playing "Georgia on My Mind" on his piano and harmonica when Amber suddenly appears to him in a hallucination, congratulating him for solving another case and saying, "Looks like you're not losing it after all."

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