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Shanna McCullough

Shanna McCullough
Born (1960-04-01) April 1, 1960
Other names Shanna McCullogh, Nichole Thomas, Marcia Gray
Ethnicity White
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
No. of adult films 398 plus 133 compilations [1]

Shanna McCullough (born April 1, 1960)[2] is an American pornographic actress.

She grew up in the San Francisco Bay area.[3] At school she was involved with the theatre group, and acted in drama and musicals.[3] She went to college and received a degree in accounting.[3] Then she worked as an electrician for two years, and also as a veterinary technician.[3] After starting to work in porn, she also performed as a dancer in nightclubs.[3] During a break from the business she also worked as a stripper and went back to school to study zoology, with the aim of working in the animal health care field.[3] In 1999 reported that Shanna was operating a website giving members 24 hour access to multiple webcams installed in her home.[4] As of March 2009, the website appears to have ceased operating. In March 2008, she walked the Los Angeles Marathon.[5] Dave Cummings has said Shanna was one of the actresses he most enjoyed working with.[6]

In a 2014 interview with The Rialto Report, McCullough said she picked her stage name as it sounded like her grandmother's last name. She also professed to have had a fairly "normal upbringing" and that she did well in school.[7] In the interview, she clarified how her name "McCullough" is pronounced ("-lough" should be articulated "-low" rather "-off"). She is of English, French, German, Irish and Swiss descent.[7][8]

Selected filmography

  • Tiger's Got Wood (2009)
  • My Secret Life (2006)
  • Girls Who Cum Hard (2003)
  • Space Nuts(2003)
  • Girl show: The art of female masturbation'*Speedway (1999)
  • Candy Stripers 5:The New Generation (1999)
  • Nurse Shanna (1997)
  • Erotic Pool party (1995)
  • Nymphette does Hollywood (1989)
  • My Bare Lady (1989)
  • KTSX 69 (1988)
  • Lust Connection (1988)
  • Prom Girls (1988)
  • WPINK-TV 3 (1986)


  • 1988 AVN Award for Best Actress (Video)Hands Off[9]
  • 1997 AVN Award for Best Supporting Actress (Film) – Bobby Sox[9]
  • 1999 AVN Award for Best Actress (Film) – Looker[9]
  • 2000 AVN Award for Best Supporting Actress (Video) – Double Feature[9]
  • AVN Hall of Fame [5]
  • XRCO Hall of Fame


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