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Shiqian County

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Title: Shiqian County  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Administrative Divisions of Tongren, Jiangkou County, Wanshan District, Yuping Dong Autonomous County, Dejiang County
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Shiqian County

Shiqian County (Chinese: 石阡县; pinyin: Shíqiān Xiàn) is a county belonging to Tongren Prefecture, Guizhou Province of China.

Area: 2172 km2.

Population: 370,000 in 2002.

Postal Code: 555100.

The government is located in Tangshan town.

Ethnic groups

The Shiqian County Almanac (1992) lists the following ethnic groups and their respective locations.

  • Dong (pop. 61,259)
  • Miao (pop. 14,257)
  • Tujia (pop. 4,500)
    • Longtang 龙塘镇、Bailong 白龙乡、Huaqiao 花桥乡、Jufeng 聚凤乡
  • Yao (pop. 1,693)
    • Beita township 北塔乡: Leijiatun 雷家屯、Wuchaguan 乌茶关
    • Huaqiao township 花桥乡: Shuiwei village 水尾村
  • Mongol (pop. 2,535)
    • Sunjiaping township 孙家坪乡, Longchuan district 龙川区: Yujiazhai 余家寨、Zhong Yujiazhai 中余家寨、Xia Yujiazhai 下余家寨、Dayanshan 大岩山
    • Longdong township 龙洞乡: Dingjiaba 丁家坝
    • Pingdichang township 坪地场乡: Leishoushan 雷首山
    • Zhongkui township 中魁乡: Hexi Jiangpo 河西姜坡、Daping 大坪
  • Zhuang (pop. 585)
    • Zhongba 中坝区、Zhongkui 中魁乡、Tangshan 汤山镇
  • Buyi (pop. 447)
    • Longtang 龙塘区、Wan'an 万安乡、Tangshan 汤山镇、Juntian 均田乡
  • Qiang (pop. 623)
    • Wan'an 万安乡、Jufeng 聚凤乡、Tangshan 汤山镇、Shanzhuang 山庄镇
  • Hui (pop. 323)
    • Wan'an 万安乡、Zhongkui 中魁乡、Pingshan 坪山乡、Longtang 龙塘镇、Tangshan 汤山镇
  • Manchu (pop. 131)
    • Muzhuang 本庄镇、Tangshan 汤山镇
  • Yi (pop. 368)
    • Datun 大屯乡、Longdong 龙洞乡、Fuyan 扶堰乡、Baisha 白沙乡、Tangshan 汤山镇

External links

  • Official website of Shiqian County Government

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