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Shooting at the 1956 Summer Olympics – Men's 50 metre rifle, prone


Shooting at the 1956 Summer Olympics – Men's 50 metre rifle, prone

Men's 50 metre rifle, prone
at the Games of the XVI Olympiad
Venue Melbourne, Australia
Date 5 December
Competitors 44 from 25 nations
Gold medal    Canada
Silver medal    Soviet Union
Bronze medal    Canada
Shooting at the
1956 Summer Olympics
25 m rapid fire pistol men
50 metre pistol men
300 metre rifle men
50 m rifle, three positions men
50 m rifle, prone men
100 m running deer men
Trap men

The men's 50 metre rifle, prone was a shooting sports event held as part of the Shooting at the 1956 Summer Olympics programme. It was the eighth appearance of the event. The competition was held on 5 December 1956 at the shooting ranges in Melbourne. 44 shooters from 25 nations competed.[1]


Place Shooter Total
1  Gerald Ouellette (CAN) 600
2  Vasily Borisov (URS) 599
3  Gil Boa (CAN) 598
4  Otakar Hořínek (TCH) 598
5  Iosif Sîrbu (ROU) 598
6  Sándor Krebs (HUN) 598
7  Erling Kongshaug (NOR) 598
8  Severino Moreira (BRA) 597
9  Constantin Antonescu (ROU) 596
10  Don Tolhurst (AUS) 596
11  Rudi Sigl (GER) 596
12  John Sundberg (SWE) 596
13  Anker Hagen (NOR) 596
14  Anders Kvissberg (SWE) 596
15  Vilho Ylönen (FIN) 596
16  Zlatko Mašek (YUG) 595
17  Johannes Human (RSA) 595
18  Uffe Schultz Larsen (DEN) 595
19  Wu Tao-yan (TPE) 595
20  Milton Sobocinski (BRA) 594
21  Oscar Caceres (PER) 594
22  Norman Rule (AUS) 594
23  César Jayme (PHI) 594
24  Yukio Inokuma (JPN) 594
25  Enrique Lucca (VEN) 594
26  Steffen Cranmer (GBR) 593
27  Albert Sigl (GER) 593
28  Luis Coquis (PER) 593
29  Anatoly Bogdanov (URS) 593
30  Robin Lavine (RSA) 593
31  Art Jackson (USA) 593
32  Jorma Taitto (FIN) 592
33  Juan Llabot (VEN) 592
34  Hernando Castelo (PHI) 592
35  Jacques Mazoyer (FRA) 591
36  Verle Wright, Jr. (USA) 590
37  Ole Hviid Jensen (DEN) 590
38  Frederick Hopkinson (GBR) 590
39  Maurice Racca (FRA) 589
40  Roy Congreve (KEN) 587
41  Charles Trotter (KEN) 586
42  Frans Lafortune (BEL) 585
43  Tomokazu Maruyama (JPN) 584
44  Zafar Ahmed Muhammad (PAK) 582


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