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Singapore Literature Prize


Singapore Literature Prize

The Singapore Literature Prize (abbreviation: SLP) is a biennial award in Singapore to recognise outstanding published works by Singaporean authors in any of the four official languages: Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil.

The competition is organised by the National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) with the support of the National Arts Council and the National Library Board.

The Award was briefly discontinued in 1999 and 2002 due to economic problems.[1]


For the first time, the award offers 12 top prizes of up to $10,000 each for the best works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry in Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil. In previous years, fiction competed with poetry for one award in each language.

In July 2014, three judges of the English non-fiction category of the prize resigned in protest against the National Library Board's removal and pulping of controversial children's titles. Mr T. Sasitharan, a prominent arts educator; former journalist Romen Bose; and American author and Writer-in-Residence at Yale-NUS College, Robin Hemley were subsequently replaced.[2] The Prize also received flak for perhaps spreading itself too thin, and for naming the non-fiction prizes after a sponsor, the publisher World Scientific.[3]


  • Winner: Amanda Lee Koe - Ministry of Moral Panic
  • Claire Tham - The Inlet
  • O Thiam Chin - Love, or Something Like Love
  • Audrey Chin - As the Heart Bones Break
  • Winner: Mr Lim Hung Chang (Lin Gao) - Weixingxiaoshuo(林高微型小说/林高)
  • Mr Lai Yong Taw - Ding Xiang (丁香/流军)
  • Ms Tham Yew Chin (You Jin) - Jin Se Dai Shu(金色袋鼠/尤今)
  • Mr Lee Xuan Lou - Shuang Cheng Zhi Lian(双城之恋/李选楼)
  • Winner: Mr Yazid bin Hussein - Kumpulan Cerpen (Armageddon)
  • Mr Abdul Manaf bin Abdul Kadir - Suzan
  • Mr Anuar bin Othman - Tenggelamnya Kapal (Prince of Wales)
  • Mr Hassan Hasaa'ree Ali - Selamat Malam (Caesar)
  • Mr Yazid bin Hussein - Cahaya
  • Mr Mohd Pitchay Gani bin Mohd Abdul Aziz - Seking
  • Winner: Mr Mohamed Kassim Shanavas - Moontraavatu Kai
  • Ms Jayanthi Sankar - Muga Puthagamum Sila Agappakkangalum
  • Ms Suriya Rethnna - Naan
  • Ms Noorjehan binte Ahmadsha - Vergal
  • Mr Packinisamy Panneerselvam - Maaya
  • Mrs Krishnamurthi Mathangi - Oru Kodi Dollargal


  • Co-winner: Joshua Ip - Sonnets from the Singlish
  • Co-winner: Yong Shu Hoong - The Viewing Party
  • Grace Chia - Cordelia
  • Theophilus Kwek - The Circle Line
  • Tania De Rozario - Tender Delirium
  • Koh Jee Leong - The Pillow Book
  • Winner: Mr Johar Buang - Pasar Diri
  • Mr Peter Augustine Goh - Genta Cinta
  • Mr Ahmad Md Tahir - Aisberg Kesimpulan
  • Mr Hamed bin Ismail - Suara Dalam
  • Mr Yazid bin Hussein - nota (buat wangsa dan buanaku)
  • Commendation: Mrs Krishnamurthi Mathangi – Malaigalin Parathal
  • Mr Samuel Nepolian Devakumar – Kaanaamal Pona Kavithaikal
  • Mr Chinnadurai Arumugam – Thagam
  • Mr Pichinikkadu Elango – Thoorikai Sirpangal
  • Mr Swaminathan Amirthalingam – Urakkach Cholvaen


  • Co-winner: Lim Siong Guan - The Leader, The Teacher & You
  • Co-winner: Josephine Chia - Kampong Spirit Gotong Royong: Life In Potong Pasir 1955 to 1965
  • M. Ravi - Kampong Boy
  • Hidayah Amin - The Mango Tree
  • Fanny Lai - A Visual Celebration of Giant Pandas
  • Merit: Dr Ho Nai Kiong - The Biography of My Father 何乃强《父亲平藩的一生》
  • Merit: Ms Tham Yew Chin (You Jin) - Even The Heart Soars 尤今《心也飞翔》
  • Dr Ho Nai Kiong - The Death of Kings and Emperors 何乃强《医生读史笔记》
  • Ms Tham Yew Chin (You Jin) - Release Your Happiness 尤今《释放快乐》
  • Merit: Mohamed Latiff Mohamed - Alam Kepenyairan Singapura: Pengamatam dan Penciptaan
  • Winner: Kotti Thirumuruganandam - Singapore Tamil Kavithai Varalaaru (History Of Singapore Tamil Poetry)
  • Chitra Ramesh - Oru Nakarathin Kathai (Story Of A City)
  • R Kalamohan - Sattamum Sambavangalum (Law And Incidents)
  • Mohamed Kassim Shanavas - Ayal Pasi (Foreign Hunger)


English Category
  • Eddie Tay – The Mental Lives of Cities
Chinese Category
Malay Category
  • Merit, Ahmad Ja’affar Bin Munasip – Jago Yang Terlupa Dilupakan
  • Commendation, Peter Augustine Goh Mey Teck – Kerana Setitik Madu
  • Commendation, Rohman Munasip – Secangkir Ceritera
  • Commendation, Yazid Hussein – Dongeng Utopia : Kisah Cek Yah
Tamil Category
  • Ramanathan Vairavan – Kavithai Kuzhanthaikal


English Category
Chinese Category (co-Winners)
  • Wu Yeow Chong (Gabriel Wu) – 半存在 (A Half-Existence)
  • Chia Joo Ming (谢裕民) – M40
Malay Category
  • Johar Buang – Sampai di Singgahsana Cinta
Tamil Category
  • Murugathasan – Sangamam


English category
Chinese category
  • Chia Hwee Pheng (谢惠平)- 希尼尔小说选 (The Collection of Xi Ni Er Mini-Fiction)
  • Yeng Pway Ngon (英培安) - 我与我自己的二三事 (Trivialities About Me and Myself)
Malay category
  • Mohamed Latiff Mohamed - Bila Rama-rama Patah Sayapnya
Tamil category
  • K. Kanagalatha - Naan Kolai Seyum Penkal (The Women I Murder)


English category
  • Cyril Wong - Unmarked Treasure
  • Yong Shu Hoong - Frottage
Chinese category
  • Chia Joo Ming - Chong Gou Nan Yang Yu Xiang (Reconstructing Nanyang)
Malay category
  • Mohamed Latiff Mohamed - Nostalgia Yang Hilang (The End Of Nostalgia)
Tamil category (Merit Prize)
  • Mohamed Iqbal - Vanavargal Mannil Irukkirarkal (Angels Are Here On Earth)


English category
Chinese category
Malay category
  • Mohamed Latiff Mohamed - Bagiku Sepilah Sudah
Tamil category
  • Ma Elankannan - Thondil Meen

2000 (as The Dymocks Singapore Literature Prize)

1998 Fiction

  • Rosemary Lim - Soul Search & Other Stories (published as The Seed from the Tree)
  • Colin Cheong - The Man in the Cupboard

1997 Poetry

  • Paul Tan - Driving into Rain

1996 Fiction

  • Chua Hak Lien - Gone Case
  • Pat Wong - Going Home & Other Stories

1995 Poetry

  • Roger Vaughan Jenkins - From the Belly of the Carp

1994 Fiction

  • Tan Mei Ching - Crossing Distance
  • Stella Kon - Eston
  • David Leo - Wives, Lovers and Other Women
  • Denyse Tessensohn - Feel
  • Andrew Koh - Glass Cathedral



  • Jeffery T.H. Lee - The Sea is Never Full
  • Paul Tan - Curious Road


  • Sim Teow Li - Curios

1992 Fiction

  • Tan Mei Ching - Beyond the Village Gate


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  • Singapore Literature Prize - National Book Development Council of Singapore
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