Sister cities of San Francisco, California

This is a list of Sister Cities in the United States state of California arranged alphabetically by city.

This is a subset of List of sister cities in the United States.

China Rizhao, China

Nicaragua Camoapa, Nicaragua
Mexico Zacatecas, Mexico

Belgium Namur, Belgium
Mexico Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico

Austria Abtenau, Austria
Australia Brisbane, Australia

Palestinian territories Jericho, Palestinian Authority

Mexico Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Australia Clunes, Australia

Japan Kitakami, Japan
Japan Okazaki, Japan
Mexico Xalapa, Mexico

Philippines Quezon City, Philippines

Republic of Ireland Bray, Ireland
South Africa Grahamstown, South Africa

Japan Hondo, Japan
Japan Maebaru, Japan

Japan Nirasaki, Japan

Japan Moka, Japan
United Kingdom Bodmin, United Kingdom

Japan Tsushima, Japan
Mexico Loreto, Mexico
Japan Takino, Japan
Japan Anjo, Japan

Mexico Salvatierra, Mexico

Japan Isehara, Japan
China Shangyu, China

Japan Wakami, Japan

Japan Takaishi, Japan

Greece Athens, Greece
New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand
Lebanon Beirut, Lebanon
Germany Berlin, Germany
France Bordeaux, France
South Korea Busan, South Korea
Israel Eilat, Israel
Egypt Giza, Egypt
China Guangzhou, China
Italy Ischia, Italy
Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia
Lithuania Kaunas, Lithuania
Zambia Lusaka, Zambia
Philippines Makati, Philippines
Mexico Mexico City, Mexico
India Mumbai, India
Japan Nagoya, Japan
Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
Brazil Salvador, Brazil
El Salvador San Salvador, El Salvador
Croatia Split, Croatia
Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan
Iran Tehran, Iran
Canada Vancouver, Canada
Armenia Yerevan, Armenia

Japan Miasa, Japan

Mexico Tecate, Mexico
United Kingdom Penzance, England, United Kingdom

Australia Shepparton, Australia

Czech Republic Tábor, Czech Republic
United States Salem, Massachusetts, USA
Mexico Poncitlán, Mexico

Mexico San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Japan Shimonoseki, Japan

Japan Hashimoto, Japan

Mexico Chignahuapan, Mexico
Germany Sehmatal, Germany

Japan Narita, Japan
Canada Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

Philippines Naga City, Philippines
Brazil Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
Philippines Narvacan, Philippines

Mexico Manzanillo, Mexico

Japan Sakaide, Japan
Chile Vina del Mar, Chile

Denmark Aalborg, Denmark (1971)

Egypt Aswan, Egypt
Mexico Gómez Palacio, Mexico

Australia Hawkesbury, Australia
Japan Kashiwa, Japan
Japan Memuro, Japan

Nicaragua Corn Island, Nicaragua
China Changshu, China
Mexico La Piedad, Mexico
Lithuania Šiauliai County, Lithuania
Japan Fujishiro, Japan


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