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Title: Sonny  
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Subject: Lae Sar, Tuesday Vargas
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Sonny is a common nickname and occasional given name which may refer to:


  • People 1
    • Athletes 1.1
    • Jazz musicians 1.2
    • Other musicians 1.3
    • Other 1.4
  • Fictional characters 2
  • See also 3



  • Charles Sonny Ates (1935-2010), retired American racecar driver
  • Erwin Sonny Bishop (born 1939), American college and professional football player
  • Shin'ichi Sonny Chiba (born 1939), Japanese martial artist and actor
  • Sonny Gray (born 1989), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Sidney Hertzberg (1922-2005), American National Basketball League point guard
  • Ernest Sonny Hutchins (1929-2005), stock car driver
  • Christian Sonny Jurgensen (born 1934), American Hall-of-Fame National Football League quarterback
  • Sonny Liles (1919–2005), American football player
  • Charles Sonny Liston (died 1970), heavyweight world champion boxer
  • Wilfred Sonny Siebert (born 1937), former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Jan Sonny Silooy (born 1963), Dutch former footballer
  • Anderson da Silva (born 1970), known as Sonny Anderson, Brazilian retired footballer
  • Sonny Bill Williams (born 1985), New Zealand former professional rugby league and rugby union player

Jazz musicians

Other musicians

  • Albert "Sonny" Cunha (1879-1933), Hawaiian composer
  • Sonny Black, English singer/songwriter born William Boazman
  • Salvatore Sonny Bono (1935-1998), American singer, record producer and politician
  • Edwin Sonny Chillingworth (1932-1994), slack-key guitar player from Hawaii
  • Sonny Emory (born 1962), freelance touring and studio drummer
  • Sonny James (born 1929), stage name of American country music singer James Hugh Loden
  • Sonny Kay, founder of the record label Gold Standard Laboratories
  • Sonny King (singer) (1922-2006), American lounge singer born Luigi Antonio Schiavone
  • Sonny Landreth, American blues guitar player
  • Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex, American songwriter and electronic music producer
  • Clyde Sonny Sandoval (born 1951), lead singer of rock band P.O.D.
  • Sonny Terry (1911-1986), blind American blues musician born Saunders Terrell
  • Sonny Boy Williamson I a.k.a. John Lee Williamson (1914-1948), blues singer and harmonica player
  • Sonny Boy Williamson II a.k.a. Aleck Ford "Rice" Miller (c.1912-1965), blues singer and harmonica player


  • Ralph Sonny Barger (born 1938), founding member of the original Oakland, California, chapter of the Hells Angels motorcycle club
  • Sonny Flood (born 1989), English actor who plays Josh Ashworth on Hollyoaks
  • John Franzese, Sr. (born 1917), underboss of the Colombo crime family
  • George Sonny Perdue (born 1946), governor of the U.S. state of Georgia
  • Harold G. White, mechanical engineer, aerospace engineer, and applied physicist

Fictional characters

See also

  • Dominic Napolitano (1930-1981), capo in the Bonanno crime family nicknamed "Sonny Black"
  • Sunny
  • Sonni Ali, first king of the Songhai Empire (reigned 1464-1492)
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