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South-East France (European Parliament constituency)

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Title: South-East France (European Parliament constituency)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Jean-Marie Le Pen, List of members of the European Parliament for France, 2004–09, Jean-Luc Bennahmias, Dominique Vlasto, European Parliament constituency, Fédération Régions et Peuples Solidaires, Party of the Corsican Nation
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South-East France (European Parliament constituency)

In European elections, South-East France is a constituency of the European Parliament. It consists of the regions of Corsica, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Rhône-Alpes.


Brackets indicate the number of votes per seat won.


European Election 2009: South-East[1]
List Candidates Votes % ±%
UMP Françoise Grossetête
Damien Abad
Dominique Vlasto
Gaston Franco
Nora Berra
862,556 (172,511.2) 29.34 +11.63
Europe Écologie Michèle Rivasi
François Alfonsi
Malika Benarab-Attou
537,151 (179,050.3) 18.27 +10.27
PS Vincent Peillon
Sylvie Guillaume
426,043 (213,021.5) 14.49 -14.13
FN Jean-Marie Le Pen 249,695 8.49 -3.69
MoDem Jean-Luc Bennahmias 216,630 7.37 -3.81
FG Marie-Christine Vergiat 170,074 6.15
NPA None 127,420 4.33
Libertas None 126,219 4.29
Independent Ecological Alliance None 110,109 3.75
DLR None 58,394 1.99
LO None 24,727 0.84
Résistances None 14,521 0.49
Europe Démocratie Espéranto None 4,286 0.15
Solidarité-Liberté, Justice et Paix None 4,270 0.15
Europe décroissance None 1,110 0.04
Liberal Alternative None 626 0.02
Union des gens None 617 0.02
Alliance Royale None 606 0.02
Communists None 593 0.02
Pour une Europe utile None 354 0.01
La force de la non-violence None 136 0.00
Turnout 3,044,003 39.64


European Election 2004: South-East
List Candidates Votes % ±%
PS Michel Rocard
Marie-Arlette Carlotti
Guy Bono
Martine Roure
791,871 (197,967.75) 28.62
UMP Françoise Grossetête
Ari Vatanen
Dominique Vlasto
490,049 (163,349.67) 17.71
FN Jean-Marie Le Pen
Lydia Schenardi
336,899 (168,449.5) 12.18
UDF Thierry Cornillet
Claire Gibault
326,796 (163,398) 11.81
The Greens Jean-Luc Bennahmias 221,332 8.00
Movement for France Patrick Louis 170,074 6.15
PCF None 140,097 5.06
Far-left None 65,630 2.37
Rally for France None 60,124 2.17
Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Traditions None 49,871 1.80
La France d'en bas None 45,314 1.64
Rassemblement des Contribuables Français None 24,049 0.87
National Republican Movement None 18,437 0.67
Workers' Party None 16,635 0.60
Vivre mieux avec l'Europe None 3,896 0.14
Eŭropo Demokratio Esperanto None 2,528 0.09
Alliance pour la Liberté des Peuples d'Europe None 1,155 0.04
Diversité pour l'Europe None 936 0.03
Alliance Royale None 432 0.02
Parti Fédéraliste None 212 0.01
France Unie None 35 0.00
Pôle des Libertés None 35 0.00
Turnout 2,766,407 40.37


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