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South Atlantic States


South Atlantic States

The South Atlantic United States form one of the nine Census Bureau Divisions within the United States that are recognized by the United States Census Bureau.

The South Atlantic States, U.S. Census Bureau Region 3, Division 5, consisting of the states of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and the District of Columbia.


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This division includes eight states and one district; Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C..[1] This division is also a recognized geographical division used by the United States Geological Survey.[2]:2

Together with the East South Central States (Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee) and the West South Central States (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas), the South Atlantic States constitute the United States Census Bureau's broader Census Bureau Region of the South (the other three regions being the Northeast, Midwest, and West, all of which have two divisions).


As of 2010, the South Atlantic States had a combined population of 61,774,970. The South Atlantic States region covers 292,589 square miles.

States and Federal Districts in the South Atlantic States Region
State 2010 Census Land Area
Delaware 917,072 1,982
Florida 19,552,860 65,755
Georgia 9,992,167 59,425
Maryland 5,928,814 12,407
North Carolina 9,848,060 53,819
South Carolina 4,774,839 32,020
Virginia 8,260,405 42,774
West Virginia 1,854,304 24,230
Washington, D.C. 646,449 177
Top Ten Largest Cities by Population in the South Atlantic States Region
City 2010 Pop.
1 Jacksonville, Florida 842,583
2 Charlotte, North Carolina 792,862
3 Washington, D.C. 646,449
4 Baltimore, Maryland 622,104
5 Virginia Beach, Virginia 448,479
6 Atlanta, Georgia 447,841
7 Raleigh, North Carolina 431,746
8 Miami, Florida 417,650
9 Tampa, Florida 352,957
10 Greensboro, North Carolina 279,639

Politics in the Lower South Atlantic States

Nonpartisan Democratic-Republican Democratic Nullifier Whig Republican Liberal Republican Dixiecrat American Independent
  • Bold denotes election winner.
  • Note: Election results for the Upper South Atlantic States (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.) are included in the table of the Mid-Atlantic states article.
Presidential electoral votes in the Lower South Atlantic States since 1789
Year Florida Georgia North Carolina South Carolina
1789 No election Washington No election Washington
1792 No election Washington Washington Washington
1796 No election Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson
1800 No election Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson
1804 No election Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson
1808 No election Madison Madison Madison
1812 No election Madison Madison Madison
1816 No election Monroe Monroe Monroe
1820 No election Monroe Monroe Monroe
1824 No election Crawford Jackson Jackson
1828 No election Jackson Jackson Jackson
1832 No election Jackson Jackson Floyd
1836 No election White Van Buren Magnum
1840 No election Harrison Harrison Van Buren
1844 No election Polk Clay Polk
1848 Taylor Taylor Taylor Cass
1852 Pierce Pierce Pierce Pierce
1856 Buchanan Buchanan Buchanan Buchanan
1860 Breckinridge Breckinridge Breckinridge Breckinridge
1864 No election No election No election No election
1868 Grant Seymour Grant Grant
1872 Grant Brown Grant Grant
1876 Hayes Tilden Tilden Hayes
1880 Hancock Hancock Hancock Hancock
1884 Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland
1888 Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland
1892 Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland
1896 Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan
1900 Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan
1904 Parker Parker Parker Parker
1908 Bryan Bryan Bryan Bryan
1912 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson
1916 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson
1920 Cox Cox Cox Cox
1924 Davis Davis Davis Davis
1928 Hoover Smith Hoover Smith
1932 Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt
1936 Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt
1940 Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt
1944 Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt
1948 Truman Truman Truman Thurmond
1952 Eisenhower Stevenson Stevenson Stevenson
1956 Eisenhower Stevenson Stevenson Stevenson
1960 Nixon Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy
1964 Johnson Goldwater Johnson Goldwater
1968 Nixon Wallace Nixon Nixon
1972 Nixon Nixon Nixon Nixon
1976 Carter Carter Carter Carter
1980 Reagan Carter Reagan Reagan
1984 Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan
1988 Bush Bush Bush Bush
1992 Bush Clinton Bush Bush
1996 Clinton Dole Dole Dole
2000 Bush Bush Bush Bush
2004 Bush Bush Bush Bush
2008 Obama McCain Obama McCain
2012 Obama Romney Romney Romney
Year Florida Georgia North Carolina South Carolina


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