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Speaker of the Victorian Legislative Assembly


Speaker of the Victorian Legislative Assembly

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
Christine Fyffe (Liberal)

since 4 February 2014
Style The Honourable
Appointer Elected by the Victorian Legislative Assembly
Inaugural holder Sir Francis Murphy
Formation 21 November 1856
Deputy Paul Weller (National)
Website /speaker/

The Speaker of the Victorian Legislative Assembly is the presiding officer of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, the lower house of the Parliament of Victoria.

The presiding officer of the upper house of the Parliament of Victoria, the Victorian Legislative Council is the President of the Victorian Legislative Council.

Speakers of the Victorian Legislative Assembly

Member Party Term in Office
Hon Sir Francis Murphy None 21 November 1856 to January 1871
Hon Sir Charles MacMahon None 25 April 1871 to April 1877
Hon Sir Charles Gavan Duffy None 22 May 1877 to 9 February 1880
Hon Sir Charles MacMahon None 11 May to 29 June 1880
Hon Peter Lalor None 22 July 1880 to 29 September 1887
Hon Sir Matthew Henry Davies None 4 October 1887 to April 1892
Hon Sir Thomas Bent None 11 May 1892 to September 1894
Hon Sir Graham Berry None 4 October 1894 to September 1897
Hon Francis Mason None 25 October 1897 to September 1902
Hon Duncan Gillies Liberal 14 October 1902 to 12 September 1903
Hon William Beazley Liberal 16 September 1903 to May 1904
Hon Sir Frank Madden Liberal 29 June 1904 to October 1917
Hon Sir John Mackey Nationalist 29 November 1917 to 6 April 1924
Hon Sir John Bowser Nationalist 30 April 1924 to 5 March 1927
Hon Oswald Snowball Nationalist 6 July 1927 to March 1928
Hon Sir Alexander Peacock Nationalist
United Australia
4 July 1928 to 7 October 1933
Hon Maurice Blackburn Labor 11 October 1933 to 1 August 1934
Hon William Everard United Australia 2 August 1934 to 6 September 1937
Hon Tom Tunnecliffe Labor 19 October 1937 to 15 February 1940
Hon William Slater Labor 1 May 1940 to 20 October 1942
Hon Sir George Knox United Australia,
21 October 1942 to 9 October 1947
Hon Sir Thomas Maltby Liberal 2 December 1947 to 13 April 1950
Hon Sir Archie Michaelis Liberal 20 June 1950 to 31 October 1952
Hon Patrick Sutton Labor 17 December 1952 to 22 April 1955
Hon Sir William McDonald Liberal 15 June 1955 to 19 March 1967
Hon Sir Vernon Christie Liberal 16 May 1967 to 18 June 1973
Hon Sir Kenneth Wheeler Liberal 19 June 1973 to 28 May 1979
Hon Jim Plowman Liberal 29 May 1979 to 26 April 1982
Hon Tom Edmunds Labor 27 April 1982 to 24 October 1988
Hon Dr Ken Coghill Labor 25 October 1988 to 26 October 1992
Hon John Delzoppo Liberal 27 October 1992 to 13 May 1996
Hon Jim Plowman Liberal 14 May 1996 to 2 November 1999
Hon Alex Andrianopoulos Labor 3 November 1999 to 24 February 2003
Hon Judy Maddigan Labor 25 February 2003 to 18 December 2006
Hon Jenny Lindell Labor 19 December 2006 to 20 December 2010
Hon Ken Smith Liberal 21 December 2010 to 4 February 2014
Hon Christine Fyffe Liberal from 4 February 2014



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