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Speed skating at the 1936 Winter Olympics – Men's 5000 metres


Speed skating at the 1936 Winter Olympics – Men's 5000 metres

Speed skating
at the
1936 Winter Olympics
500 m men
1500 m men
5000 m men
10000 m men

The 5000 metres speed skating event was part of the speed skating at the 1936 Winter Olympics programme. The competition was held on Wednesday, February 12, 1936.

Thirty-seven speed skaters from 16 nations competed.


Gold Silver Bronze
 Ivar Ballangrud
Norway (NOR)
 Birger Wasenius
Finland (FIN)
 Antero Ojala
Finland (FIN)


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1936 Winter Olympics.

World Record 8:17.2(*) Ivar Ballangrud Oslo (NOR) January 18, 1936
Olympic Record 8:39.0 Clas Thunberg Chamonix (FRA) January 26, 1924

(*) The record was set on naturally frozen ice.

Nine speed skaters bettered the twelve years old Olympic record. Ivar Ballangrud set a new Olympic record with 8:19.6 seconds.


Place Athlete Time
1  Ivar Ballangrud (NOR) 8:19.6
2  Birger Wasenius (FIN) 8:23.3
3  Antero Ojala (FIN) 8:30.1
4  Jan Langedijk (NED) 8:32.0
5  Max Stiepl (AUT) 8:35.0
6  Ossi Blomqvist (FIN) 8:36.6
7  Charles Mathiesen (NOR) 8:36.9
8  Karl Wazulek (AUT) 8:38.4
9  Michael Staksrud (NOR) 8:38.5
10  Dolf van der Scheer (NED) 8:43.3
11  Robert Petersen (USA) 8:46.5
12  Janusz Kalbarczyk (POL) 8:47.7
13  Roelof Koops (NED) 8:48.5
 Heinz Sames (GER) 8:48.5
15  Eddie Schroeder (USA) 8:49.1
16  Lou Dijkstra (NED) 8:51.5
17  László Hidvéghy (HUN) 8:53.2
18  Alfons Bērziņš (LAT) 8:53.4
19  Wilhelm Löwinger (AUT) 8:53.9
20  Edward Wangberg (NOR) 8:54.7
21  Seien Kin (JPN) 8:55.9
22  Åke Ekman (FIN) 9:00.4
 Aleksander Mitt (EST) 9:00.4
24  Karl Prochaska (AUT) 9:02.6
25  Thomas White (CAN) 9:04.5
26  Axel Johansson (SWE) 9:06.4
27  Yushoku Cho (JPN) 9:08.7
 Seitoku Ri (JPN) 9:08.7
29  Arvīds Lejnieks (LAT) 9:11.9
30  Jānis Andriksons (LAT) 9:15.0
31  Kunio Nando (JPN) 9:20.1
32  Jaroslav Turnovský (TCH) 9:25.8
33  Kenneth Kennedy (AUS) 9:48.9
34  Oldřich Hanč (TCH) 10:03.0
35  James Graeffe (BEL) 10:52.6
 Charles De Ligne (BEL) DNF
 Willy Sandner (GER) DNF


  • Official Olympic Report

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