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Tarzan the Magnificent

Tarzan the Magnificent
Movie poster
Directed by Robert Day
Produced by Harvey Hayutin
Sy Weintraub
Written by Robert Day
Based on Characters created by 
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Starring Gordon Scott
Jock Mahoney
John Carradine
Betta St. John
Al Mulock
Charles Tingwell
Lionel Jeffries
Music by Ken Jones
Cinematography Edward Scaife
Edited by Bert Rule
Distributed by Solar Films
Paramount Pictures
Release dates
  • 1960 (1960)
Running time 82 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Tarzan the Magnificent is a 1960 British film, the follow-up to Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (1959). It was directed by Robert Day and produced by Sy Weintraub. Gordon Scott makes his last appearance as Tarzan while Jock Mahoney appeared as villain Coy Banton. Mahoney would take over the Tarzan role himself beginning in the next film, Tarzan Goes to India in 1962. This motion picture does not include Jane.


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The Bantons (father, Abel (John Carradine) and four sons, Coy (Jock Mahoney), Ethan (Ron McDonnell), Johnny (Gary Cockrell) and Martin (Al Mulock)) rob a pay office in a settlement, killing some people. Coy Banton is tracked down to their camp and taken away by a policeman, Wyntors (John Sullivan). Taking him back to town, Wyntors is killed as two of the brothers seek to rescue Coy. Tarzan appears and kills Ethan Banton. The other brother escapes. Tarzan decides to take Coy to Kairobi for the $5000 reward so he can give it to Wyntors' widow. However, no one in the town of Mantu (same town as beginning of Tarzan's Greatest Adventure) wants to help him. The boat he is waiting for to take him and his prisoner to Kairobi is ambushed by the Bantons, who send the passengers off and destroy the boat.

Later that night Tarzan meets with the people from the boat and decides on an overland trek to take Coy Banton to Kairobi and agrees to take along, at first, the boat's mate, Tate (Earl Cameron), then reluctantly agrees to take the passengers of the boat: A business man named Ames (Lionel Jeffries) and his wife, Fay (Betta St. John); another man named Conway (Charles Tingwell) and a young woman named Lori (Alexandra Stewart), who all share with Tarzan their own reasons for wanting to go to Kairobi. But Tarzan warns them the trek through the jungles would be hard and dangerous. The presence of so many people to watch out for hinders Tarzan. The Bantons threaten to kill anyone who helps Tarzan. Pausing only to shoot the doctor who has told them what they want to know, the Bantons set out after the party and Coy.

Ames is a boastful windbag whose wife begins to detest him. Seeing this, Coy plays up to her, hoping he might be able to use her later. The party are captured by natives and the leader wants to kill Coy, who killed his brother when the Bantons raided their village. However, the chief's wife is having a difficult childbirth labour, and since Conway (who was a doctor) is able to help her have her baby (a breach birth), the chief agrees to let the party go.

Coy sees his chance and escapes. Thanks to Ames, Tate is shot and later dies. Tarzan again captures Coy and he hides them both in a quicksand pit as the other Bantons search for them. Later, Lori wanders off and is caught by Johnny Banton who attempts to have his way with her. As she screams, Tarzan comes to rescue her and, after a fight, Johnny dies from a shot in the face with his rifle while struggling with Tarzan and falls into a stream. Later, seeing his grave (along with Tate's), Martin Banton has had enough of a father who taught them to steal and murder by age sixteen, and leaves him.

Coy's wiles have paid off and Fay Ames releases him while the others sleep, and they leave camp together. Tarzan goes after them and finds Fay's scarf. Coy left her behind when she was out of breath and a lioness found her. Tarzan eventually comes on Coy and Abel Banton, and in a roving battle, a ricochet from Coy's rifle kills Abel. A prolonged battle on rocks, on sand and underwater follows before Tarzan finally knocks Coy out. The film ends with Tarzan and the remaining three people (Ames, Lori, and Conway) handing Coy over to the Kairobi police on the border and instructs Conway to make sure Wyntor's widow gets the reward money.



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