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Terminus (comics)

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Title: Terminus (comics)  
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Subject: Fantastic Four, Terminus, Aunt May, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Captain Universe, High Evolutionary, Ka-Zar (comics), List of alien races in Marvel Comics, Deviant (comics), Kyle Rayner
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Terminus (comics)

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Template:Comics character list header T-Ray is a villain in the Marvel Comics Universe. The character, created by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuiness, first appeared in Deadpool #1 in January, 1997. Within the context of the stories, T-Ray is an opponent of Deadpool.


Tagak is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. He was created by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan, and first appeared in Daredevil #72 (Jan 1971).

Tagak is a blind extra-dimensional humanoid with a pet leopard. He was summoned to Earth to catch a thief from his home dimension. Daredevil mistook Tagak for the thief, whom he was also trying to find, and subdued Tagak. After Tagak explained his mission to Daredevil, the two teamed up allowing Tagak to capture the thief and return with him to Tagak's World.[1]

Tagak was later one of a number of heroes who applied to become a member of the Defenders. Tagak accompanied these Defender-applicants on a single adventure before they all quit during the "Defenders For a Day" storyline.[2]

Tony Stark listed Tagak's status as undetermined.[3]


Tak is a Marvel Comics villain, a gigantic sumo wrestler of immense strength and surprising speed who serves as a bodyguard for Fu Manchu. Tak first appeared in Special Marvel Edition #15 where he served as the most capable of the guards attempting to keep Shang Chi out of Fu Manchu's Manhattan base. He was defeated by Shang Chi, and later by Shang Chi's ally, Spider-Man.[4]

Hideko Takata

Hideko Takata is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. She was created by John Byrne, and first appeared in Incredible Hulk #317 (Mar. 1986).

Hideko Takata was a member of Bruce Banner's Hulkbusters, a team of highly skilled individuals selected to capture and study the Hulk.[volume & issue needed] Hideko is an expert in geophysics.


Talisman is the name of two distinct characters in the Marvel Universe.

Talisman (Alpha Flight)

Talisman (Contest of Champions)

Talisman is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. He was created by Mark Gruenwald, Bill Mantlo, Steven Grant, and John Romita, Jr., and first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions #1 (June 1982).

He also appeared in issues #2-3 of Contest of Champions (July–August 1982), and in Quasar #23-25 (June–August 1991).

Talisman is an aboriginal hero from Australia. Talisman has various mystical powers, including the ability to enter "Dreamtime" by spinning a magical bullroarer.

He was teleported away by the Grandmaster, along with hundreds of other heroes of Earth, so that the Grandmaster and Death could choose champions from among them. Talisman was chosen for the Grandmaster's team, fighting alongside fellow heroes Captain America, Darkstar, Captain Britain, Wolverine, Defensor, Sasquatch, Daredevil, Peregrine, She-Hulk, Thing, and Blitzkrieg. When the Grandmaster's team won the contest, the heroes were returned to Earth.[5]

Some time later, as Maelstrom attempted to halt the rotation of the Earth, Talisman joined with other mystics in assisting Doctor Strange and Quasar in saving the Earth.[6]

Talisman received an entry in the original Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #11.

  • Talon
  • Tam Anderson
  • Tana Nile
  • Tanarus
  • Tandy, Celia (see Celia Tandy)
  • Tandy, Jerry (see Jerry Tandy)
  • Tangerine


Template:Comics character list header Tantra (Reuben) is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in X-Treme X-Men #20.

Tantra, whose appearance resembles that of an elephant, is one of the many young mutants that have enrolled in the Xavier Institute.[volume & issue needed]

When Sage and Bishop went to the Institute while investigating a murder, Emma Frost had some of her students, including Tantra, tease them. Tantra used his powers to make Bishop kiss a tree. Sage and Bishop overcame the students' manipulations and stopped Tantra and the others from continuing it further.[volume & issue needed]

Tantra lost his mutant powers after the M-Day (powerloss confirmed in New Avengers #18). He was presumably killed in William Stryker's missile attack on the former students.Template:Or

Tantra can cast energy flares that manipulate the libido of other people, causing them to become extremely aroused by anything he chooses, possesses an elephant-like physiology including large ears, stubby fingers, tusks, and a trunk.


Tartarus is a mutant in the Marvel Universe. His first appearance was in X-Men v2, #101.

Tartarus is a member of the race of supermutants known as Neo. He and his sister Elysia encountered Archangel and Charlotte Jones in the opening salvo of the Neo's war against humans & mutants, sparked when the High Evolutionary removed all mutants' powers, causing untold devastation to the hidden Neo community.

Tartarus may have died in the Assault on Genosha by Cassandra Nova's Sentinels.

Tartarus has peak human strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes, project total sensory illusions that create a false reality around his opponent, conforming to their greatest fears and mental picture of hell.

Orwell Taylor

General Orwell Taylor is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. Created by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley, he first appeared in Venom: Lethal Protector #1 (February 1993).

Orwell Taylor and his wife had two sons Hugh and Maxwell (Max). Hugh joined the army, and afterwards he became a guard at the Vault, a prison for super powered criminals. Hugh was murdered by Venom during his escape.[volume & issue needed]

Orwell recruited a number of Hugh's co-workers from the Vault (Sentry, Firearm, Bomblast) as well as Ramshot who was Hugh's best friend from his army days as well as Orwell's youngest son who was given the codename Screech. Orwell outfitted them with altered Guardsman armors designed to exploit Venom's weaknesses of fire and sonics. This team became known as The Jury.[volume & issue needed]

The Jury failed against Venom. Later Orwell devised a way to kidnap Spider-Man. Spider-Man was put on trial for bringing the Venom symbiote to earth. Again the Jury and Orwell met with defeat.[volume & issue needed]

Later Orwell began a business relationship with the criminal organization the Life Foundation who were also enemies of Venom. The Jury became more or less glorified bodyguards for the people in the Life Foundation bunkers. Orwell soon became paranoid that his men were out to usurp his authority. Orwell slowly began to show that his hate and desire for revenge had twisted him and he had no regard left for anyone but himself.[volume & issue needed]

Orwell was a shareholder in the Life Foundation. He and Roland Treece were arrested by federal agents for their part in the Arachnis Project. The Jury parted from Taylor and redefined their modus operandi.[volume & issue needed]

Orwell most often clashed with his son Screech who hated Orwell's methods. He also routinely clashed with Ramshot whose conscience kept interfering with the way Orwell ran the Jury. Orwell's son Maxwell abandoned his Screech identity so he could serve as a defense attorney for the Jury's victims. Jennifer Stewart aka Wysper took his place. Screech apparently has severed all ties with the Jury just like his father. He was not on the team when they were reformed by the U.S. Agent and Edwin Cord.[volume & issue needed]

Tefral the Surveyor

Template:Comics character list header Tefral the Surveyor is a Celestial in the Marvel Universe. The character, created by Jack Kirby, first appeared in The Eternals #7 (January 1977).

Within the context of the stories, Tefral is a Celestial tasked with surveying and mapping the geography of planets. He is present during the Fourth Host to visit Earth.[7][8]


Template:Comics character list header Terminus is an extraterrestrial supervillain in the Marvel Universe.

The character, created by John Byrne, first appeared Fantastic Four #269 (August 1984).

Within the context of the Marvel Comics universe, Terminus is a destroyer of worlds first encountered by Mister Fantastic and She-Hulk while they investigated a powerful beam from outer space. The beam is Terminus claiming the Earth as his. Mister Fantastic defeats him with a device that drives him hundreds of miles into the crust of the planet.[9][10]

The character reappears in a handful of stories over the following years, each with contradictory elements regarding it. "The Terminus Factor" published across five annuals during 1990 clarified Terminus' origin story, casting it as a "planetary virus" that infects a world, co-opting the planet's lifeforms, and "birthing" a new Terminus.

Terminus in other media

The character of Terminus was adapted for the episode "Scavenger Hunt" of the animated series Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes and voiced by Lee Tockar.


Template:Comics character list header Terraxia is a villain in the Marvel Universe. The character, created by Jim Starlin and George Pérez, first appeared in The Infinity Gauntlet #3 in October 1991. Within the context of the stories, Terraxia was created by Thanos using the Infinity Gems. She is uncreated and forgotten in The Infinity Gauntlet #6.


The Terror is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe who debuted in Mystic Comics #5, a publication of Marvel Comics' 1940s predecessor, Timely Comics.

The man who became the Terror was horribly injured in an automobile accident after his car crashed into a tree. Dr. John Storm, a reclusive scientist, found his body. Previously, the doctor had come under attack by a rogue gorilla. During the incident, a formula had spilled into the food belonging to the doctor's dog. The dog consumed some of the food and became a wolf-like monster with a skull-like face and a thirst for blood. The gorilla was swiftly defeated. Storm theorized that the formula gave entities what they needed in times of extreme need, as when humans are able to lift cars off of trapped love ones. He decided to test the formula on the man he had rescued, deciding that he would not mind since the accident had left him with severe amnesia.[volume & issue needed]

The doctor was then attacked by criminals looking to profit from his work. The accident victim transformed into a hideous white-skinned and red-eyed vampire-like creature and slew the criminals. Donning a black cloak, he then set off to fight crime. Among his enemies was a German scientist who planned to use a shrinking fluid on President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.[volume & issue needed]

The character returned briefly in the 1990s, in a storyline of She-Hulk. His real name now revealed to be Laslo Pevely, he had lost his powers and become an old man. He regained them in time to help combat a cosmic menace.[volume & issue needed] He reappeared later in a cameo in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, where he was given a normal skin color.[volume & issue needed]


For Marvel 2099 character, see Rick Jones (comics)#Other versions.

Template:Comics character list header Thanatos is a Greco-Roman deity in the Marvel Universe.

The character, adapted by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, and Rodney Buchemi from Thanatos, first appeared in Incredible Hercules #138 (January 2010). A previous adaptation appeared in the story "What Fools These Gods Shall Be!" by Tom DeFalco and Steve Smallwood in Bizarre Adventures #32 (August 1982). This story was not directly tied to the primary Marvel Universe.

Within the context of the stories, Thanatos is the Olympian God of Death and vizier to Pluto. He acts as the harbinger of death and collects the souls of the departed when Hercules and the Mighty Avengers confront Hera and her minions in New York City.[11]


Thena is the name of two distinct characters in the Marvel Universe.

Thena (Eternals)

Thena (MC2)

Thena is a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. She is a member of the Asgardian race. She exists in MC2, a possible future timeline of the main Marvel continuity and her first appearance was Avengers Next #2 (November 2006).

Thena is the daughter of the Avenger and god of Thunder, Thor. In her first comic book appearance, Thena was attacked in error by heroes Nova and Earth Sentry as soon as she landed on Earth. In a fit of rage she battled the A-Next team to a standstill until stunned by a power-blast from Katherine Power.[volume & issue needed]

Thena joined the team on their mission to rescue Kevin Masterson, not realizing that it was a trap created by Sylene, the daughter of Loki, as a way to use the Avengers' (and other heroes) powers to transform Earth into a newer version of Asgard. Even though both Thena and J2 were used as sacrifices for the spell, they managed to free themselves. Thena (under her father's orders) restores Kevin's powers, allowing him to become Thunderstrike.[volume & issue needed]

As an Asgardian, Thena benefits from superior strength, durability and an extended lifespan when compared with normal humans. Also, as the daughter of the god Thor, Thena has similar powers to control lightning.


Thermo, Dr. Walter Michaels, was a costumed criminal who absorbs energy from other humans on contact, and can use it for superhuman strength, superhuman speed, or for projecting powerful bio-electric blasts. He fought Spider-Man and Paladin in his first appearance. They later teamed up with the Dazzler to defeat him.[12] Thermo later tried to rob the Baxter Building only to be beaten up by Quasar who had an office there.[13] Thermo had the ability to extract anyone's energy by touch to increase his strength and speed. He can also fire powerful bio-electric blasts after extracting one's energy.


Thumbelina is a mutant super villain with the ability to shrink her body while increasing her strength at the same time, best known as a member of the Mutant Liberation Front. She was often picked on by the other members of the team, particularly Wildside and Strobe. Stryfe often kept Thumbelina in the reserves, and only sent her out when he absolutely needed to. Because of her weight, she would get tired very easily, especially when Tempo used her time altering powers to grant the team super speed. However, Thumbelina's powers were useful to the group, as she provided easy access to difficult areas; she also became skilled in using her power for sneak attacks. Her only friend in the Mutant Liberation Front was Dragoness, who was the only member that didn't make fun of her.


The Thunderer (Jerry Carstairs) is a fictional superhero who appeared in comic books published by Timely Comics. Created by writer John Compton and the Golden Age Human Torch's creator, penciler Carl Burgos, the character first appeared in Daring Mystery Comics #7 (covrer-dated April 1941).[14] He made one more appearance in the following issue (July 1941), in a story by writer Irving Werstein and artist Ed Robbins. He then briefly changed his name (but not his costume) to Black Avenger in All-Winners Comics #6 (Timely, Fall 1942).[14] Then, notes indexer Lou Mougin and others at the Grand Comics Database, the character next appears "as the Black Avenger in All-Winners Comics (Marvel, 1942 series) #6. The Thunderer's namesake gimmick of amplifying his voice is absent from this story."[15][16]

Frustrated that the United States did not seem to be dealing with crime or Nazi saboteurs, radio operator Jerry Carstairs created a costume with a built in microphone and went out to fight for justice as the Thunderer.

Alongside a number of other heroes, the Thunderer participated in an air drop on a Nazi stronghold.[17] The Thunderer also attended a reunion of Second World War costumed heroes.[18]

Thunderer is a good hand-to-hand combatant. Due to the construction of his costume, Thunderer is capable of deafening people or leveling buildings with his sonic scream.

Thunderer in other media

The Thunderer appeared in the five-part Spider-Man episode "Six Forgotten Warriors", voiced by Hansford Rowe. In this version, the Thunderer's powers are the result of an attempt at recreating the process that empowered Captain America.

Tiger Claw

Tiger Claw is a Marvel Universe character and an enemy of Shang Chi.

The character was created by Doug Moench and first appeared in Giant Sized Master of Kung Fu vol 1, #4. He is a deadly martial artist who uses poisoned blades on his gauntlets. Originally a minion of Fu Manchu, Tiger Claw eventually become an independent agent.


Topspin (Darren Mitchell) is a fictional mutant in the Marvel Universe. His first appearance was in Thunderbolts #37.

Darren has spent his life with the V-Battalion and is extremely loyal but he also wants to see the world. Darren has assumed the mantle of his parents. Grandson of the original Human Top, those powers skipped a generation, bypassing his father, who had tried using mechanical means to simulate the powers of the Human Top, but eventually decided to serve the V-Battalion in a scientific capacity.[volume & issue needed] Darren has spent his life with the V-Battalion and knows he has sacrificed a lot growing up in such an isolated environment and wants to see the worlds but he loyal to the V-Battalion. Ameiko Sabuki's death greatly affected Darren and he is now unsure if he wants to remain with the V-Battalion.[volume & issue needed]

Darren was considered as a "potential recruit" for the Initiative program, according to Civil War: Battle Damage Report.[volume & issue needed]


Torrent (Kendell Logan) is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. She is daughter of Wolverine and Storm, and was featured in What If...? #114, where Storm marries Wolverine and bears a daughter named Kendell alongside Storm.[19] She lives on Earth-9811.

Torrent has white hair like her mother, her skin is also black like her mother's skin. She has the ability to manipulate weather and she also has the ability to fly which resembles the abilities of her mother Storm. She also has some of her father's abilities.

Torrent also has been seen in the X-Men animated series season four episode "One Man's Worth", showing her relationship with Wolverine.


Torso, also known as Sister Death, is a member of the Sisters of Sin. A member of the Sisters of Sin, Torso was a young disciple of the Red Skull. Her physical age was accelerated into an adult, calling herself Sister Death because of her superhuman strength and endurance. She and her Sisters attacked Captain America but were defeated, and eventually restored to her natural age.[volume & issue needed] However, soon after, she returned alongside the Sisters of Sin, this time as a younger adult. She and her sisters were once again defeated by Captain America.[volume & issue needed] Torso has superhuman strength and endurance, and is well-trained in battle. However, because her mental age is that of a child, she is often easily defeated. She first appeared in Captain America #294-296 (June-August 1984), and was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Paul Neary.


Troll is the name of two distinct characters in the Marvel Universe.

Troll (Thunderbolts)

Troll (Gunna Sijurvald) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. The character first appeared in Thunderbolts #145 (August 2010) and was created by writer Jeff Parker and artist Kevin Walker

She has appeared as a regular character in Thunderbolts since issue #157, and has remained with the team since the title transitioned into Dark Avengers beginning with issue #175.

Troll is the offspring of an Asgardian mother and Troll father.[20] She was originally held prisoner in Asgard, until the Siege of Asgard destroyed her jail cell.[20] Apprehended by the Thunderbolts, Troll was placed in a cell on The Raft despite protests by Valkyrie that she should be returned to Asgard.[20] Thor also visited Troll in her jail cell to offer her a place at Asgard, but she rejected his offer telling him that she was not Asgardian.[21]

Recently, Troll was recruited to join their Beta team of the Thunderbolts nicknamed 'The Underbolts'.[22]

Troll has been shown to have superhuman strength, displayed by bending the metal bars on her jail cell and wielding a battle-axe that mortal men find impossible to lift.

Troll (Ghost Rider)


Tuck is the partner of Death's Head from Marvel UK comics. She was created by Dan Abnett and Liam Sharp, and first appeared in Death's Head vol. 2 #3.

Tuck is a Replicated Organic, an artificial human created on a planet called Lionheart. She was illegally created by a "tissue broker", who, fearing the authorities (all higher technology is forbidden), sold her to a brothel. She escaped and eventually joined Death's Head and his group of outlaws, and accompanied him on his complex travels through time and alternate universes.[volume & issue needed]

During an unspecified time she was intentionally infected by a (eventually harmless) strain of the "plague perfection" - a synthetic virus designed to target only replicated humans and cyborgs. The search produced nothing, as there is no cure.[volume & issue needed]

Tuck is a synthetic human, designed to be slightly superior to a normal human in physical abilities. She is skilled in stealth and combat using Medieval weapons. At one point she gains a powerful cosmic artifact called the Sapphire Lotus which boosts her strength and durability to many times greater than normal, and grants her the power to generate large amounts of energy. She later loses all but a small shard of this object, which still boosts her strength fivefold, and increases her athletic abilities and healing rate.


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